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  1. A Distant Asteroid Collision Gave Earthly Biodiversity An Ancient Boost
  2. Musk Shares the Latest Progress on the Starship Prototypes
  3. Enceladus Causes Snowfall On Other Moons of Saturn
  4. Hayabusa 2 has one Last Lander it’s Going to Throw at Ryugu
  5. Rosetta Saw Collapsing Cliffs and Other Changes on 67P During its Mission
  6. Venus Could Have Supported Life for Billions of Years
  7. Elliptical Galaxy Messier 110 Has a Surprising Core of Hot Blue Stars
  8. Carnival of Space #630
  9. Planet Mars, From Pole to Pole
  10. Better Than Earth? Are There Superhabitable Worlds In The Milky Way?
  11. SpaceX Starship Gets Some Fins
  12. Messier 92 – the NGC 6341 Globular Cluster
  13. Just How Feasible is a Warp Drive?
  14. Lockheed Wins the Contract to Build Six More Orion Capsules
  15. Weekly Space Hangout: September 25, 2019 – Seth Lockman & Aaron Lockman: The Astronom
  16. This Summer’s Asteroid Near-Miss Helped Greenlight NASA’s NEOCam Mission to Search th
  17. Astronauts Explore Caves on Earth, Learning the Skills They’ll Need for the Moon and
  18. Shape-shifting Robots Like These Could Be Just What We Need to Explore Titan
  19. WFIRST Gets its Coronagraph, to Block the Light of Stars and Reveal Their Planets
  20. Astronomers Have Found a Place With Three Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Around Ea
  21. Mice That Spend a Month in Space Were Able to Reproduce Once They Got Back to Earth
  22. New Technique for Estimating the Mass of a Black Hole
  23. Musk Presents the Orbital Starship Prototype. Flights will Begin in Six Months
  24. Tracking Twilight: ‘Purple Sunset Effect’ Seen Worldwide
  25. Confirmed. Fossils That Formed 3.5 billion Years Ago, Really are Fossils. The Oldest
  26. A Red Dwarf Star Has a Jupiter-Like Planet. So Massive it Shouldn’t Exist, and Yet, T
  27. Carnival of Space #631
  28. What Will It Take To Feed A Million People On Mars?
  29. India’s Crashed Lander is In This Picture, Somewhere
  30. Elon Musk Shows us What’s Inside the Starship
  31. Weekly Space Hangout: October 2, 2019 – Geoff Notkin, President of the National Spac
  32. Nine Astronauts from Four Different Space Agencies are on the International Space Sta
  33. Exoplanet Orbits its Star Every 18 Hours. The Quickest Ever Found
  34. China’s Lander Successfully Grew Some Cotton Plants on the Moon. Fruit Flies and Pota
  35. Is the Milky Way Gaining or Losing Mass?
  36. InSight Has Already Detected 21 Marsquakes
  37. Juno is Afraid to Death of Jupiter’s Shadow. So it Fired its Thruster for Over 10 Hou
  38. Here’s NASA’s New Plan to Get InSight’s Temperature Probe Into Mars
  39. Hayabusa 2 Has Sent its Last Rover to Ryugu
  40. Astronomers Find Cyanide Gas in Interstellar Object 2I/Borisov, but Don’t Panic Like
  41. NASA is Going to Test 25 New Technologies in Upcoming Aircraft, Balloon and Sub-Orbit
  42. The Raw Materials for Amino Acids – Which are the Raw Materials for Life – Were Found
  43. NASA is Working on Electric Airplanes
  44. Carnival of Space #632
  45. Astronomers Find 20 – Yes 20 – New Moons for Saturn
  46. Curiosity Finds A Region of Ancient Dried Mud. It Could Have Been an Oasis Billions o
  47. Power Grids and Satellites Are More at Risk from Extreme Solar Storms Than We Thought
  48. They’ve Got Spacesuits that Fit Now. Christina Koch and Jessica Meir Will Spacewalk o
  49. Weekly Space Hangout: October 7, 2019 – Marina Kounkel talks Stars and How They Form
  50. This is What Moondust Looks Like When You Remove All the Oxygen. A Pile of Metal
  51. Lava Flows on Venus Suggest That the Planet Was Never Warm and Wet
  52. A Satellite Just Launched Whose Job is to Extend the Life of Geosynchronous Satellite
  53. This Dried Up Riverbed Shows that Water Once Flowed on the Surface of Mars
  54. Carnival of Space #633
  55. NASA Has a New, All-Electric Airplane
  56. It Looks Like it’s Working! NASA InSight’s Mole is Making Progress Again Thanks to th
  57. Robotic Spiders to Explore the Moon? Yes, Please!
  58. Planet Sizes Matter for Habitability Too.
  59. NASA Engineer Has A Great Idea for a High-Speed Spacedrive. Too Bad it Violates the L
  60. Weekly Space Hangout: October 16, 2019 – Jeffrey Kargel Talks Climate Change on Earth
  61. Some Quasars Shine With the Light of Over a Trillion Stars
  62. SpaceX Files a Request to Launch Another 30,000 Satellites for Starlink, on Top of th
  63. NASA’s New Lunar Spacesuit is Going to be a Lot More Comfortable for Astronauts
  64. An Army of Tiny Robots Could Assemble Huge Structures in Space
  65. Here’s the Picture We’ve Been Waiting for. Hubble’s Photo of Interstellar Comet 2I/Bo
  66. What Was The First Color In The Universe?
  67. There’s the Curiosity Rover, On the Move, Seen from Space
  68. Success! NASA Confirms the Mole is Working Again.
  69. Comets and Interstellar Objects Could be Exporting Earth Life Out into the Milky Way
  70. The Most Massive Galaxies Spin More Than Twice as Fast as the Milky Way
  71. Messier 93 – the NGC 2447 Open Star Cluster
  72. How Long is a Day on Venus? Astronomers Make Their Best Measurement Yet
  73. Time-lapse Captured from the International Space Station
  74. A NASA Panel Says We Don’t Need to be so Careful About Infecting Other Worlds
  75. Now that Many Countries Have the Ability to Destroy Satellites, the US is Figuring Ou
  76. Did an Ancient Supernova Force Humans to Walk Upright?
  77. James Webb Tests its Sun-Shield. So Far, So Good.
  78. Elon Musk Tweets with Starlink. Services Could be Available Next Year.
  79. Boeing and Airstream Show off Their New Astronaut Transport Vehicle: the Astrovan II
  80. A Private Company in China Plans to Launch Reusable Rockets by 2021
  81. Weekly Space Hangout: October 23, 2019 – Aileen Yingst: Space Geologist
  82. Astronomers See Strontium in the Kilonova Wreckage, Proof that Neutron Star Collision
  83. New Horizons Team Pieces Together the Best Images They Have of Pluto’s Far Side
  84. Skylon’s SABRE Engine Passes a Big Test
  85. Breakthrough Listen and NASA Team Up to Look for Signs of Extra-Terrestrial Intellige
  86. Astronomers See the Wreckage from a Collision Between Exoplanets
  87. InSight’s Heat Probe Has Bounced Back Out Of Its Hole
  88. SpaceX is Sure They’ll be Able to Land Starship on the Moon in 2022
  89. X-37B Lands After 780 Days in Orbit Doing ???
  90. Weekly Space Hangout: October 30, 2019 – Evelyn MacDonald on Finding Earth-Like Plane
  91. NASA is Testing a Rover That Could Search For Water Ice on The Moon
  92. New Telescope Instrument Will Watch the Sky with 5,000 Eyes
  93. Clouds On Jupiter Rising Up Above the Surrounding Atmosphere
  94. This is the Machine Astronauts Trained on to Land on the Moon
  95. Return to the Moon with Blue Origin’s Rockets and Lunar Lander Made Out of LEGO
  96. Mars 2020 Stands Up on its Wheels For The First Time
  97. NASA is Now Considering a Pluto Orbiter Mission
  98. Asteroid Hygiea is Round Enough That it Could Qualify as a Dwarf Planet, the Smallest
  99. The Lowest Mass Black Hole has Been Found, only 3.3 Times the Mass of the Sun
  100. Our Guide to the November 11th, 2019 Transit of Mercury Across the Sun
  101. Carnival of Space #635-636
  102. NASA Has a New Method For Cooling Down Electronics Crammed Together in a Spacecraft
  103. Boeing’s Starliner Performed its Abort Test Today. One Parachute Failed to Deploy
  104. The First Stars Formed Very Quickly
  105. It Seems Impossible, But Somehow This Planet Survived its Star’s Red Giant Phase
  106. New Research Suggests that the Universe is a Sphere and Not Flat After All
  107. Weekly Space Hangout: November 6, 2019 – Tiera & Myron Fletcher, Engineers on NASA’s
  108. What Voyager 2 Learned After Spending a Year in Interstellar Space
  109. NASA is Testing a Coating to Help Astronauts and Their Equipment Shed Dangerous Lunar
  110. This Artificial Leaf Turns Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel
  111. TESS Has Now Captured Almost the Entire Southern Sky. Here’s a Mosaic Made of 15,347
  112. Watch a Simulation of a Galaxy, From the Big Bang Until the Present Day
  113. SpaceX Launches Another 60 Starlink Satellites
  114. November Meteors: Taurids, Leonids and a Surprise Monocerotids Outburst
  115. Carnival of Space #637
  116. Satellites Watched Mercury’s Transit From Space, Confirming That Yes, the Sun Has At
  117. Weekly Space Hangout: November 13, 2019 – Dr. Rory Barnes talks VPLanet
  118. Mars 2020 Rover is Going to a Place on Mars That’s Perfect for Preserving Fossils
  119. What’s the Best Way to Sail From World to World? Electric Sails or Solar Sails?
  120. Molecular Oxygen on Mars is Behaving Unusually Through the Seasons. A Sign of Life?
  121. Apollo 12 Launched 50 Years Ago Today
  122. It’s Time for Hayabusa-2 to Come Home
  123. Tatooines everywhere? Many of the Exoplanets Already Discovered are in Multi-Star Sys
  124. New Horizon’s Flyby Target 2014 MU69 Gets its Official Name: Arrokoth
  125. Two of Neptune’s Moons Dance Around Each Other as they Orbit
  126. Stingray Glider to Explore the Cloudtops of Venus
  127. How Large Can A Planet Be?
  128. Scientists Construct a Global Map of Titan’s Geology
  129. If Astronauts Hibernated on Long Journeys, They’d Need Smaller Spacecraft
  130. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Could Find More of Earth’s Transient Moons
  131. Carnival of Space #638
  132. The Impact Site of China’s Longjiang-2 Spacecraft has Been Found on the Moon
  133. Water Vapor Was Just Found on Europa, More Evidence There’s Liquid Water Beneath All
  134. ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano will be Controlling a Rover From Space
  135. Weekly Space Hangout: November 20, 2019 – Kathryn Bywaters, Research Scientist at th
  136. Conjunction Alert: Jupiter Meets Venus at Dusk
  137. Scientists Search for Ancient Fossils in Australia, Practicing the Techniques They’ll
  138. How Do We Colonize Ceres?
  139. Insects on Mars? Or Another Case of Pareidolia?
  140. Astronomers Finally Find the Neutron Star Leftover from Supernova 1987A
  141. Starship Mk 1 Blows its Top During Testing
  142. A Brand New Island in the Pacific has Survived 5 Years
  143. Hubble Observes the Most Powerful Gamma Ray Burst Ever Detected
  144. Aquatic Rover Drives on the Underside of the Ice in Antarctica
  145. Of the Two Stars in Alpha Centauri, One is Probably More Habitable than the Other
  146. New Satellites Will Tell Us Exactly how Quickly the Oceans are Rising
  147. Using Bacteria to Build a Base on Mars
  148. Astronomers Find a Galaxy Containing Three Supermassive Black Holes at the Center
  149. Here’s a Deepfake of Nixon Giving a Eulogy for the Apollo 11 Astronauts if Their Miss
  150. There Could be Planets Orbiting Around Supermassive Black Holes
  151. Carnival of Space #639
  152. Building Space Telescopes… In Space
  153. A Fifth Fundamental Force Could Really Exist, But We Haven’t Found It Yet
  154. Finally! Scientists Find a Place on Earth with Liquid Water But No Life
  155. Weekly Space Hangout: November 27, 2019 – Dylan O’Donnell, Director of DNA Digital a
  156. NASA Supercomputer Simulates the Weather on Mars
  157. When Martian Storms Really Get Going, they Create Towers of Dust 80 Kilometers High
  158. Astronomers Are About to Detect the Light from the Very First Stars in the Universe
  159. Interstellar Comet Borisov is About to Make its Closest Approach to Earth
  160. There’s Now an Operational Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon
  161. Cancer Seems to Have Trouble Spreading in Microgravity
  162. Messier 94 – the Cat’s Eye Galaxy
  163. Giant Meteor Impacts Might Have Triggered Early Earth’s Plate Tectonics
  164. Carnival of Space #640
  165. Using Balloons to Launch Rockets
  166. Landslides Work Differently on Mars, and Now We Might Know Why
  167. Weekly Space Hangout: December 4, 2019 – Dr. Becky Smethurst’s “Space: 10 Things You
  168. Luca Parmitano Takes the Wheel and Test Drives a Rover From Space.
  169. IKEA’s New Collection is Inspired by the Challenges of Living on Mars
  170. There’s a New Record for the Most Massive Black Hole Ever Seen: 40 Billion Solar Mass
  171. A Microorganism With a Taste for Meteorites Could Help us Understand the Formation of
  172. LIGO Will Squeeze Light To Overcome The Quantum Noise Of Empty Space
  173. Astronauts are Going to Attach a “Robot Hotel” to the Outside of the International Sp
  174. Neptune-Sized Planet Found Orbiting a Dead White Dwarf Star. Here’s the Crazy Part, t
  175. It’s Time to Decide. Where Should OSIRIS-REx Take a Sample from Bennu?