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  1. Weekly Space Hangout: January 15, 2019 – Dr Erin Explains the Universe
  2. Underwater Robot Captures its First Sample 500 Meters Below the Surface of the Ocean
  3. It Takes Two Stars to Make a Gamma Ray Burst
  4. A Second Planet May Have been Found Orbiting Proxima Centauri! And it’s a Super Earth
  5. Beautiful Image of Ice at Mars’ Northern Polar Cap
  6. Another Beautiful Image of Jupiter from Juno During its Latest Flyby. Great Work by G
  7. Scientists Figure Out How to Continuously Watch the Entire Planet With Just 4 Satelli
  8. An Asteroid has been Found that Orbits the Sun Closer than Venus
  9. ESA Recruits Amateur Astronomers Ahead of Hera Asteroid Mission
  10. The Debate Over Cold Dark Matter Warms Up As Astronomers Take Its Temperature
  11. A Mysterious Burst of Gravitational Waves Came From a Region Near Betelgeuse. But The
  12. Crew Dragon Abort Test is Scheduled for Saturday Morning
  13. More Mysterious Space Blobs Have Been Found Near the Center of the Milky Way
  14. SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Nails In-Flight Abort Test! Next Stop, the ISS!
  15. According to NASA, 2019 Was the Second Hottest Year on Record
  16. China’s 500-Meter FAST Radio Telescope is Now Operational
  17. Curiosity Looked up and Saw Phobos During the Daytime
  18. Space Force Uniforms are Perfectly Camouflaged for a Forest Moon
  19. A Twilight Tryst: Venus Meets Neptune in the Dusk Sky
  20. Weekly Space Hangout: January 22, 2019 – Dr. Kenneth Carpenter of HST and WFIRST
  21. Betelgeuse is Continuing to Dim! It’s Down to 1.506 Magnitude
  22. Carnival of Space #647
  23. The Evidence is Leaning More and More Towards an Asteroid Ending the Dinosaurs
  24. Rosetta Saw the Building Blocks of Life on Comet 67P
  25. This is Probably Sandstone Layers on Mars. Absolutely Beautiful
  26. Finally! We get to See a View From Inside Boeing’s Starliner During its First Flight
  27. A Glitch Caused Curiosity to Freeze in Place. But It’s Better Now
  28. OSIRIS-REx Flew 620 Meters Above its Landing Site. Confirms that it’s a Boulder-Strew
  29. Giant Planets Could Form Around Tiny Stars in Just a Few Thousand Years
  30. China Releases New Pictures From the Surface of the Moon
  31. Stalking Starlink’s ‘DarkSat’
  32. The Apollo 1 Fire: Excerpt from “Eight Years to the Moon”
  33. ESA is Going to Test Two Rovers Working Together to Explore the Moon
  34. Carnival of Space #648
  35. The Brightest Supernova Ever Seen was Caused by a White Dwarf Spiraling into a Massiv
  36. A Television Satellite Might be About to Explode
  37. A Cubesat Deployed a De-Orbiting Tether and Now it’s Losing Altitude 24 Times Faster
  38. Weekly Space Hangout: January 29, 2020 – Plumes on Enceladus with Dr. Christopher Gle
  39. Here’s What the Climate Might Look Like on Proxima Centauri B
  40. Okay, this Logo Proves that Space Force Should Have Really Been Called Star Fleet
  41. NASA is Going to Add a Commercial Module to the Space Station
  42. There’s a 1 in 20 Chance That Two Dead Satellites Might Crash Tonight
  43. It Looks Like James Webb’s Launch Date is Going to Slip to July 2021
  44. Astronomers See Space Twist Around A White Dwarf 12,000 Light Years Away
  45. This is the Highest Resolution Image Ever Taken of the Surface of the Sun
  46. CHEOPS Just Opened Its Eyes to Start Studying Known Exoplanets, We Should See the Fir
  47. This is the Spot Where ESA’s Schiaparelli Crashed Into Mars
  48. Destructive Super Solar Storms Hit Us Every 25 Years Or So
  49. Voyager 2 Went Into Fault Protection Mode, But Engineers Brought it Back Online
  50. Carnival of Space #649
  51. NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir Took a Space Selfie, Capturing her Reflection in the Spac
  52. An Upcoming Mission is Going to Assemble and Manufacture a Communications Antenna and
  53. Weekly Space Hangout: February 5, 2020 – “More Things in the Heavens” with Dr. Michae
  54. Good-bye Spitzer. We’ll Miss You But We Won’t Forget You.
  55. 14% of all the Massive Stars in the Universe are Destined to Collide as Black Holes
  56. Neutrinos Have Been Detected With Such High Energy That The Standard Model Can’t Expl
  57. This is What the World Would Look Like if the Oceans Dried Up
  58. Anti-Solar Cells Could Generate Electricity at Night
  59. Here Comes the Next Satellite Constellation. OneWeb Launches 34 Satellites on Thursda
  60. Record-Setting Space Travelers Return to Earth
  61. A Meteor Smashed Into Mars in 2005, Making this Crater
  62. Did Neutrinos Stop The Early Universe From Annihilating Itself?
  63. There Are Winds Blowing On Pluto, Driven by Frozen Nitrogen
  64. SpaceX Has Requested Permission to Fly Starship as Early as March
  65. The ESA’s Solar Orbiter, a Mission That Will Chart the Unexplored Polar Regions of th
  66. SpaceX is Thinking of Spinning Off Starlink and Taking it Public
  67. Astronomers Have Some Serious Concerns About Starlink and Other Satellite Constellati
  68. Mars 2020 Will be The Third Time That NASA Has Tried to Send a Microphone to Mars
  69. Here are the First Pictures from CHEOPS
  70. Carnival of Space #650
  71. Weekly Space Hangout: February 12, 2020 – Mapping Pulsars with Dr. Cole Miller
  72. New Images of the “Golf Ball” Asteroid Pallas
  73. A Rare Fast Radio Burst has been Found that Actually Repeats Every 16 Days
  74. Catch Comet T2 PanSTARRS This Spring
  75. The Pale Blue Dot: Now New and Improved
  76. Mars Was Hit By a Lot of Protoplanets Early in its History, Taking Longer to Form tha
  77. Astronomers Simulated How the Universe Would Look Without Dark Matter
  78. Beautiful Exposed Bedrock and Sand Dunes on Mars
  79. Betelgeuse Is Still Dimming! And We Have the Pictures to Prove It
  80. War of the Worlds: Watch the Moon Occult Mars Tuesday Morning
  81. Carnival of Space #651
  82. There Could be Meteors Traveling at Close to the Speed of Light When They Hit the Atm
  83. A New Technique to Make Lighter Radiation Shielding For Spacecraft: Rust.
  84. ESA is Considering a Mission to Give Advanced Warnings of Solar Storms
  85. Salt Water Might Still be Able to Collect on the Surface of Mars a Few Days a Year
  86. Weekly Space Hangout: February 19, 2020 – John Thornton, CEO of Astrobotic
  87. Both Stars in This Binary System Have Accretion Disks Around Them
  88. SETI Researchers Release Petabytes of Data in the Search For Aliens
  89. Japan Is Sending a Lander to Phobos
  90. How Interferometry Works, and Why it’s so Powerful for Astronomy
  91. Nutrient-Poor and Energy-Starved. How Life Might Survive at the Extremes in the Solar
  92. Dust Devils Have Left Dark Streaks All Over This Martian Crater
  93. Solar Orbiter is Already Starting to Observe the Sun
  94. Who was Aristotle?
  95. A New Kind of Rocket that’s Lightweight and Easier to Construct: a Rotating Detonatin
  96. Comet Y4 Atlas in Outburst: First Good Comet for 2020?
  97. After a Challenging First Year on Mars, InSight Shows Us that Mars is Seismically Act
  98. Carnival of Space #652
  99. Betelgeuse Is Brightening Again
  100. InSight has been Sensing Dust Devils Sweep Past its Landing Site
  101. Detecting Exoplanets Through Their Exoauroras
  102. Weekly Space Hangout: February 26, 2020 – Czarina Salido of Time In Cosmology is ‘Tak
  103. Solar Storms Might Confuse Whale Navigation, and Make Them More Likely to Strand Them
  104. The Life of Katherine Johnson Shows that ‘Hidden Figures’ Are Important to History
  105. Future Astronauts Could Enjoy Fresh Vegetables From an Autonomous Orbital Greenhouse
  106. Look down into a pit on Mars. The caved-in roof of a lava tube could be a good place
  107. Astronomers Discover a Tiny New Temporary Moon for the Earth. Welcome to the Family 2
  108. A Commercial Satellite Just Docked with Another for the First Time, Opening Up a New
  109. Riding the Wave of a Supernova to Go Interstellar
  110. A Picture of Earth’s New Temporary Moon
  111. What is a Generation Ship?
  112. What is the Steady State Hypothesis?
  113. Here’s a New Planetary Nebula for Your Collection: CVMP 1
  114. Another Reminder that Spaceflight is Difficult. Starship Prototype Explodes and Falls
  115. Astronomers Have Recorded the Biggest Explosion Ever Seen in the Universe
  116. Even Though it Was Observing an Asteroid, OSIRIS-REx Accidentally Spotted a Black Hol
  117. Introducing Analog Sky’s 3D-Printed Giant Binoculars
  118. 3 Billion Years Ago, the World Might Have Been a Waterworld, With No Continents At Al
  119. Carnival of Space #653
  120. NASA is Planning to Build a Lunar Rover With a 1-Meter Drill to Search for Water Ice
  121. Magnetic Fields Around Mars InSight are 10x Stronger than Scientists Expected
  122. Phew, Earth-Watching DSCOVR is Operational Again
  123. During A Lunar Eclipse, It’s A Chance To See Earth As An Exoplanet
  124. Weekly Space Hangout: March 4, 2020 – Did RIT Scientists Find A Baby Giant Planet?
  125. The Disk of the Milky Way is Warped Because it Already Collided With Another Galaxy
  126. Two White Dwarfs Merged Together Into a Single “Ultramassive” White Dwarf
  127. Are Low Density “Cotton Candy” Exoplanets Actually Just Regular Planets With Rings?
  128. The First Artemis Launch has Been Delayed Until Mid-to-Late 2021
  129. Curiosity’s Mars Panorama, Captured in 1.8 Billion Pixels
  130. WFIRST Passes an Important Milestone, it’s Time to Begin Development and Testing
  131. Beyond Robotic Arms. Canada Funds Technology for Space Exploration
  132. Comparing Mountains on the Moon to the Earth’s Peaks
  133. Japan Suspends its Funding for the 30-Meter Telescope
  134. XMM Newton Catches a Tiny Flare Star in Action
  135. The Chemicals That Make Up Exploding Stars Could Help Explain Away Dark Energy
  136. Mars 2020’s New Name is… “Perseverance”
  137. Curiosity Finds Organic Molecules That Could Have Been Produced by Life on Mars
  138. Artwork Inspired by Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
  139. Every Part of Blue Origin’s New Glenn Rocket is Gigantic, Including its Nose Cone
  140. Europe’s Mission to Jupiter’s Moons Just Got its First Instrument
  141. OSIRIS-REx did its Closest Flyover Yet, just 250 Meters Above its Sample Site
  142. SpaceX Launches its Last Dragon 1 Mission to the ISS
  143. Asteroid Bennu is Getting Some Official Names for its Surface Features
  144. Weekly Space Hangout: March 11, 2020 – Dr. Jon Willis talks Galaxy Cluster XLSSC 122
  145. Life Could be Common Across the Universe, Just Not in Our Region
  146. These are the Boulders OSIRIS-REx is Going to Use to Navigate Down to the Surface of
  147. It Looks Like Betelgeuse was Dimming Because it was Dusty After All
  148. Seti@home is on Pause. Unfortunately, it’s not Because They’ve Discovered Aliens
  149. Following the Inner Worlds: Mercury and Venus in 2020
  150. Neutron Star Measures Just 22 Kilometers Across
  151. Is the “D-star Hexaquark” the Dark Matter Particle?
  152. 70 Million Years Ago, Days Were 30 Minutes Shorter, According to this Ancient Clam
  153. India’s Chandrayaan 2 is Creating the Highest Resolution Map We Have of the Moon
  154. Gas and Dust Stop Planets From Eating Their Moons
  155. Astronomers Spot Rare Brown Dwarf Pair
  156. Over a Hundred New Large Objects Found in the Kuiper Belt
  157. Slime Mold Grows the Same as the Large Scale Structure of the Universe
  158. Your Umbrella is Insufficient on a Planet Where it Rains Iron
  159. A Star Has Been Found That Pulsates, But Only on One Side
  160. Five Space and Astronomy Activities to do at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  161. Greenland and Antarctica are Losing Their Ice 6 Times Faster than in the 1990s
  162. As Temperatures Increase, Forests are Having More Trouble Soaking up Carbon
  163. Good News! The New Strategy of Using InSight’s Arm to Push the Mole Seems to be Makin
  164. The Intense Heat from the Sun Helps Ice Form on Mercury. Wait… What?
  165. New Study Shows the Earth and Moon are not so Similar After All
  166. Dawn Patrol: Following this Month’s ‘March of the Planets’
  167. NASA tells Boeing to Make 61 Corrective Actions to Starliner Before the Program can C
  168. Weekly Space Hangout: March 18, 2020 – Dr. Meng Jin and Modeling Coronal Mass Ejectio
  169. The Lunar Gateway is no Longer a Required Part of the Artemis Mission to Return to th
  170. Blazar Found Blazing When the Universe was Only a Billion Years Old
  171. Elon Musk says that SpaceX Has no Plans to Spin Off Starlink
  172. This is Foam, Made in Space
  173. Another Incredible Picture of Mars, This Time From a Region Just Outside Valles Marin
  174. NASA Chooses 4 New Astronomy Space Missions for Additional Study
  175. The three-body problem shows us why we can’t accurately calculate the past
  176. How Researchers Produce Sharp Images of a Black Hole
  177. Weekly Space Hangout: March 25, 2020 – Amy Shira Teitel’s Fighting for Space
  178. Apollo 15 Astronaut Al Worden has Passed Away
  179. Following Comet Y1 ATLAS: the ‘Lost Comet’ of Spring
  180. This Powerful Ion Engine Will Be Flying on NASA’s DART Mission to Try and Redirect an
  181. Even More Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Discovered
  182. Highest Resolution Mosaic Image of the Surface of Bennu
  183. The heliosphere looks a lot weirder than we originally thought
  184. How Will Clouds Obscure the View of Exoplanet Surfaces?
  185. Are the Gaps in These Disks Caused by Planets?
  186. How were Supermassive Black Holes Already Forming and Releasing Powerful Jets Shortly
  187. Weekly Space Hangout: April 1, 2020 – Dr. Robert B. Hayes and Radiation Shielding in
  188. This Galaxy is the Very Definition of “Flocculent”
  189. SpaceX Almost Ready to Start Testing its Third Starship Prototype. Let’s Hope it Does
  190. Astronaut Pee Will Help Build Bases on the Moon
  191. This Galaxy Has Only One Spiral Arm
  192. Five Snapshots of how the Earth Looked at Key Points in its History Could Help us Fin
  193. Astronomers Define the “Really Habitable Zone”. Planets Capable of Producing Gin and
  194. Mapping Out the Water on the Moon
  195. New Find Shows Uranus Loses Atmosphere to its Magnetic Field
  196. Stratolaunch Shows Off its New Hypersonic Testing Vehicle
  197. Carnival of Space #657
  198. Want to Buy Flights on Starship? Here’s the New SpaceX Payload User’s Guide, no Price
  199. Because of Coronavirus Lockdowns, Europe is Having the Same Drop in Pollution that we
  200. SpaceX’s Third Starship Prototype Collapsed Last Night
  201. Astronomers are hoping to see the very first stars and galaxies in the Universe
  202. SpaceX Will be Flying Cargo to the Moon
  203. Weekly Space Hangout: April 8, 2020 – Colonel Mike Mullane, Astronaut
  204. Decaying dark matter should be visible here in the Milky Way as a halo around the gal
  205. How the World’s Biggest Radio Telescope Could be Used to Search for Aliens
  206. Astronomers Watched a Star System Die
  207. WFIRST Will Use Relativity to Find More Exoplanets!
  208. Study Finds Bizarre Exoplanet Orbits Around Binary Stars
  209. Seriously, Life Really Does Get Around. It was Found in Rocks Deep Beneath the Seaflo
  210. New observations show that the Universe might not be expanding at the same rate in al
  211. How Did the TRAPPIST-1 Planets Get Their Water?
  212. Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Appears to Have Broken in Half
  213. NASA’s Plans For a Lunar Base Camp
  214. Trump signs an executive order allowing mining the Moon and asteroids
  215. This is How the ESA and NASA Will be Working Together to Bring Rocks Back From Mars
  216. Carnival of Space #658-659
  217. When Comets Break Up, the Fragments Can Be Devastating If They Hit the Earth
  218. Even More Things That Saved Apollo 13, part 1: The Barbecue Roll
  219. Weekly Space Hangout: April 15, 2020 – Rise of the Space Age Millennials with Laura F
  220. During Mass Extinction Events, Volcanoes Were Releasing About the Same Amount of CO2
  221. Thanks to COVID-19, nothing’s moving, and seismologists can tell
  222. Comet Y4 ATLAS Breaks Up…Enter Comet F8 SWAN
  223. Venice From Space Looks Very Different This Year
  224. Even More Things That Saved Apollo 13: Charging the Batteries
  225. Astronomers Measure the Wind Speed on a Brown Dwarf for the First Time. Spoiler: Insa
  226. Wheels and Helicopter Attached to Perseverance Rover
  227. Light Behaves Really Strangely Around a Black Hole
  228. Astronomers Finally Think They Understand Where Interstellar Object Oumuamua Came Fro
  229. An Earth-Sized World Orbiting in its Star’s Habitable Zone Was Found in Older Kepler
  230. Even More Things That Saved Apollo 13: The Nail-biting Re-entry Sequence
  231. Gravity is tested down to a scale smaller than the thickness of a human hair
  232. Why was there more matter than antimatter in the Universe? Neutrinos might give us th
  233. Anak Krakatau Erupted a Few Days Ago. Here’s What it Looked Like From Space
  234. Betelgeuse Is Bright Again
  235. Astronomers Might Have Imaged a Second Planet Around Nearby Proxima Centauri – and it
  236. Catching the Peak of the 2020 April Lyrids
  237. Rocket Lab was Able to Catch Falling Inert Rocket Stage With a Helicopter, Continuing
  238. An ocean floor bacteria has been found with a totally bizarre metabolism
  239. Astronomers Watch a Nova Go From Start to Finish for the First Time
  240. Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Formed in a Very Cold Environment
  241. Hubble Sees a Galaxy With Spiral Arms, Surrounded by Other Spiral Arms
  242. BepiColombo captured images of Earth during its recent flyby
  243. Crew Dragon Will Be Launching on May 27th
  244. Astronomers Detected a Black Hole Merger With Very Different Mass Objects
  245. Super-Supernova Released Ten Times More Energy than a Regular Supernova
  246. Weekly Space Hangout: April 22, 2020 – Dr. Fred Watson talks Exploding Stars and Invi
  247. Astronomers Find a Six-Planet System Which Orbit in Lockstep With Each Other
  248. This is the Final Picture NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope
  249. A Star is Orbiting the Milky Way’s Black Hole and Moving Exactly How Einstein Predict
  250. Watch Asteroid 1998 OR2 Zip Past Earth This Week