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  1. OSIRIS-REx Descended Down to Just 75 Meters Above the Surface of Bennu in a Recent Te
  2. Carnival of Space #660-661
  3. Now This is Progress! Starship Passes its Cryogenic Test and Doesn’t Explode
  4. Weekly Space Hangout: April 29, 2020 – Alcohol in Space with Chris Carberry
  5. Fomalhaut’s Planet Has Gone Missing, But it Might Have Been Something Even More Inter
  6. Can wormholes act like time machines?
  7. How Will Covid-19 affect the Future of Science?
  8. There Might Be Dust Devils On Titan Too
  9. How Do You Weigh The Universe?
  10. China’s First Mars Lander is Going to be Called “Tianwen”
  11. Terrible Luck. The Only Person Ever Killed by a Meteorite – Back in 1888
  12. You’re Looking at Spiral Galaxies, Already Forming When the Universe was Just a Baby
  13. Mars Helicopter gets a Name: Ingenuity
  14. Could The Physical Constants Change? Possibly, But Probably Not
  15. NASA’s Perseverance Rover is Going to Jezero Crater, Which is Looking Better and Bett
  16. Rocky Planets Orbiting White Dwarf Stars Could be the Perfect Places to Search for Li
  17. The Companies Taking NASA Back to the Moon in 2024: Blue Origin, SpaceX and Dynetics
  18. Supermassive Black Hole Orbits an Even More Massive Black Hole, Crashing Through its
  19. When Universities Reopen, Will Students Return?
  20. Want to Mine the Moon? Here’s a Detailed Map of all its Minerals
  21. Worlds With Hydrogen in Their Atmospheres Could Be the Perfect Place to Search for Li
  22. The Sun is less active magnetically than other stars
  23. Astronomers Find a Planet With Three Times the Mass of Jupiter
  24. Weekly Space Hangout: May 6, 2020 – Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars
  25. The Atmosphere On Venus Rotates Faster than the Planet, and Now Astronomers Think The
  26. SpaceX Describes Exactly How They’re Planning to Make Starlink Satellites Less Visibl
  27. Astronomers Can Actually See the Clouds and Weather on Brown Dwarf 6.5 Light-Years Aw
  28. New Photos From LightSail 2
  29. In the far future, the universe will be mostly invisible
  30. Our Review of Stellina: a ‘Smart Telescope’ for 21st Century Astronomy
  31. A Fast Radio Burst Has Been Detected From Inside The Milky Way
  32. More Pictures of Planet-Forming Disks Around Young Stars
  33. When Did Mars Lose its Global Magnetic Field?
  34. Review: Galileo and the Science Deniers by Mario Livio
  35. New Data Show How Phytoplankton Pumps Carbon Out of the Atmosphere at an Enormous Sca
  36. Galaxies Like the Milky Way are the Best for Life
  37. A Cool Idea to Catch Up With an Interstellar Visitor
  38. Space Force is Recruiting, Here’s their New Video
  39. Closest Black Hole Found, Just 1,000 Light-Years From Earth
  40. Newly Reprocessed Images of Europa Make This World Even More Interesting and Mysterio
  41. Lunar Gateway Could be Built With the Falcon Heavy
  42. Spacecraft and Ground Telescopes Work Together to Give us Stunning New Pictures of Ju
  43. One Step Closer to Interstellar Travel. A Successful Microgravity Test of a Graphene
  44. Perseverance Rover is Getting Tucked Into its Launch Fairing
  45. NASA is Going to Try Manufacturing a Telescope Mirror in Space
  46. Better Tires to Drive on Mars
  47. Time Travel Into The Future Is Totally Possible
  48. This “All Terminator” Image of the Moon isn’t Actually Possible to See. But it Sure i
  49. Another Starship Success! Raptor Engine Fires for 4 Seconds and Nothing Explodes
  50. Sediments on Mars, Created By Blowing Wind or Flowing Water
  51. Finally! InSight’s Mole is Making Slow and Steady Progress
  52. Space Force is About to Launch its Mysterious X-37B Spaceplane Again
  53. Astronomers Continue to Analyze Pluto’s Atmosphere
  54. Even More Evidence that Europa has Geysers
  55. China’s New Crew Capsule Just Landed, and so Did Parts of their New Rocket!
  56. James Webb is Fully Stowed Into its Launch Configuration
  57. High Energy Neutrinos Are Coming From Supermassive Black Holes
  58. Was Betelgeuse Formed by Merging Stars?
  59. Earth Life Probably Can’t Spread to Mars Today
  60. Take a Peek Inside a Giant Star Right Before it Dies
  61. If Rockets were Transparent: Video Shows You How Rockets Use up Their Propellant
  62. The Tunguska Explosion Could Have Been Caused By An Asteroid That Still Orbits The Su
  63. TESS is Also Helping Astronomers Study Bizarre Pulsating Stars
  64. This Laser Powered Rover Could Stay in the Shadows on the Moon and Continue to Explor
  65. Space Force Launches its Mysterious X-37B Spaceplane
  66. NASA Unveils the Artemis Accords to Facilitate Exploration and Commercial Activities
  67. Hundreds of New Gravitational Lenses Discovered to Help Study the Distant Universe
  68. Venus Meets Mercury This Weekend in a Fine Dusk Conjunction
  69. 40 Years Ago, Mount St. Helens Blew its Top Off
  70. NASA is Giving the SLS a “Green Run” to Prepare it for Launch in Late 2021
  71. Jupiter is so Big that our Solar System almost had two Suns
  72. Astronomers Are Sure These Are Two Newborn Planets Orbiting a Distant Star
  73. Space Force is Starting to Train its Soldiers to Fight… in Space?
  74. Magnetic north is migrating towards Siberia. Here’s why
  75. Ocean Circulation Might Be the Key to Finding Habitable Exoplanets
  76. OSIRIS-REx Will Collect a Sample from Bennu on October 20th
  77. The SpaceX Starship Could Fly This Summer!
  78. WFIRST Will be Named After Nancy Grace Roman, NASA’s First Chief Astronomer
  79. Maybe a Fleet of Tiny Spacecraft Could Help Detect a Primordial Black Hole Planet 9
  80. U.S. Space Force is Looking a Place to Put its Headquarters
  81. This is an Actual Image of a Planet-Forming Disc in a Distant Star System
  82. The Coast of Antarctica is Starting to Turn Green
  83. NASA and SpaceX Gearing Up For Historic Crew Dragon Launch This Week
  84. Tiny Cardboard Aircraft Could Fly in the Skies of Mars
  85. Spot SpaceX’s Crew Dragon After Wednesday’s Historic Launch
  86. How Will we Receive Signals From Interstellar Probes, Like Starshot?
  87. This Dwarf Galaxy is all by Itself
  88. A Massive Rotating Disc Discovered in the Early Universe
  89. The Solar System Might Not Exist if There Wasn’t a Huge Galactic Collision with the M
  90. What Are Some Clues to the Climates of Exoplanets?
  91. Extremely Hot Exoplanets Can Have Extreme Weather, Like Clouds of Aluminum Oxide and
  92. At cosmic distances, even the speed of light is really slow
  93. This Rocket Engine’s Thrust Chamber was 3D-printed and Only has Three Parts
  94. On Mars, mud flows like lava
  95. Powerful Telescope Confirms There’s an Earth-Sized World Orbiting Proxima Centauri
  96. How to Make the Food and Water Mars-Bound Astronauts Will Need for Their Mission
  97. A New Kind of Supernova Explosion has been Discovered: Fast Blue Optical Transients
  98. Due to Weather Delay, NASA & SpaceX Push Historic Launch to Saturday
  99. Mars Doesn’t Have Much of a Magnetosphere, But Here’s a Map
  100. Maybe the Elusive Planet 9 Doesn’t Exist After All
  101. SN4, We Hardly Knew You. Another Starship Prototype Lost!
  102. NASA and SpaceX Make History with Successful Crew Dragon Launch!
  103. Rare “Ring Galaxy” Seen in the Early Universe
  104. Huge Stars Can Destroy Nearby Planetary Disks
  105. Black Hole Seen Blasting Out Jets at Close to the Speed of Light
  106. How to See This Friday’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
  107. The Meteor Impact that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs Created a Vast Underground Hydrotherma
  108. Want to Mine Ice on the Moon? Scientists Create a Map for Where to Start
  109. New Simulations Show How Black Holes Grow, Through Mergers and Accretion
  110. Study of 200,000 Galaxies Reveals the Entire Universe Might Have Been Spinning in One
  111. Barred Spiral NGC 3895 Captured by Hubble
  112. What are the Odds of Life Emerging on Another Planet?
  113. About 3.5 Million Years Ago, a Stream of Gas Outside the Milky Way Would Have Lit Up
  114. The dinosaur killing asteroid hit the Earth at the most devastating possible angle
  115. Evidence that Mars Used to Have a Ring
  116. Spying a Rare ‘Ring of Fire’ Around Venus at Inferior Conjunction
  117. Astronomers Find the Source of the Huge Bubbles of Gas Flowing Out of the Milky Way,
  118. A New Test Confirms Dark Energy and the Expansion of the Universe
  119. Hubble Looked as Far Back in Time as it Could, and Still Couldn’t See the First Gener
  120. Finally! Mars InSight’s Mole is Now Underground
  121. Interstellar Oumuamua Was a Dark Hydrogen Iceberg
  122. Supermassive Black Holes Grew by Consuming Gas and Entire Stars
  123. China will begin constructing its space station in 2021
  124. A New Telescope is Ready to Start Searching for Answers to Explain Dark Energy
  125. The Milky Way is surrounded by a huge hot halo of gas
  126. Much of the Lithium Here on Earth Came from Exploding White Dwarf Stars
  127. There are powerful magnetic fields at the core of the Milky Way, driven by the superm
  128. Practical Ideas for Farming on the Moon and Mars
  129. Gamma Rays Detected Coming From the Crab Nebula
  130. At the Heart of the Milky Way, Stars Come Close to Each Other All the Time
  131. Rocks on Bennu are Cracking Because of the Constant Day/Night Cycling
  132. Astronomers Have Found the Star/Exoplanet Combo That’s the Best Twin to the Sun/Earth
  133. Is the Concept of a Habitable Zone Too Wide?
  134. Hubble Photo of Globular Cluster NGC 6441, One of the Most Massive in the Milky Way
  135. It Should Be Easiest to Search for Young Earth-like Planets When They’re Completely C
  136. Neutron Stars Could Have a Layer of Exotic Quark Matter Inside Them
  137. Titan is Drifting Away from Saturn Surprisingly Quickly
  138. Once Starship Prototypes are Done Exploding, we could see an Orbital Launch this Year
  139. Early Life Was Pumping Out Oxygen, But the Earth’s Mantle Was Absorbing it
  140. Ideas for Sustainable Cities and Urban Farming… on Mars?
  141. This is a Binary Star in the Process of Formation
  142. How SpaceX is Changing Starship to be Able to Land on the Moon
  143. A 2nd Planet has been Confirmed for Proxima Centauri
  144. New Horizons is so Far From Earth That the Positions of the Stars Look a Little Diffe
  145. Evidence is Building that the Standard Model of the Expansion of the Universe Needs s
  146. Well. It Looks Like James Webb is Getting Delayed Again, but it Should Still Launch i
  147. Scientists are much better at predicting when the Sun is going to become more active
  148. Hilarious Supercut of Astronauts Falling on the Moon
  149. Space Dust Delivered Water to Vesta, Could it Have Done the Same for Earth?
  150. New Pictures of Phobos, Seen in the Infrared
  151. New Estimate Calculates There Could be 30 Intelligent Civilizations Communicating Acr
  152. Tiny Cubesat Detects an Exoplanet
  153. Spacecraft was able to measure how long neutrons last before they decay
  154. Newborn Exoplanets can be Completely Stripped of Their Atmosphere by Stars
  155. Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 2608, Surrounded by Many Many Other Galaxies
  156. Pulsars Confirm One of Einstein’s Best Ideas, That Freefall Really Feels Like You’re
  157. Virgin Orbit’s first air-launched rocket launch fails
  158. Book Review: Atlas of Solar Eclipses 2020 to 2045
  159. What Does it Mean to Be a Space Architect?
  160. Why Pulsars Are So Bright
  161. Searching for the End of the Universe’s “Dark Age”
  162. Catch a Solstice ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse Over Africa and Asia This Weeke
  163. ExoMars Sees the Martian Atmosphere Glowing Green
  164. Weekly Space Hangout: June 17, 2020 — Dana Backman, Director of NASA Airborne Astrono
  165. The Navy is Testing Beaming Solar Power in Space
  166. Japanese Dark Matter Detector is Seeing a “Surprising Excess of Events”
  167. NASA Thinks it’s Time to Return to Neptune With its Trident Mission
  168. NASA Thinks it’s Time to Return to Neptune With its Trident Mission
  169. Astronomers Estimate There Are 6 Billion Earth-Like Planets in the Milky Way
  170. Planets With Large Oceans are Probably Common in the Milky Way
  171. There are Features on Titan That Really Look Like Volcanic Craters
  172. Quasars are the Biggest Particle Accelerators in the Universe
  173. A New Search for Evidence of Technological Civilizations in the Milky Way
  174. Antares is a supergiant star that would fill the Solar System beyond Mars, but its at
  175. Comet U6 Lemmon Brightens in July
  176. If You Could See in X-rays, This is What the Universe Would Look Like
  177. A Repeating Fast Radio Burst Has Been Found. It Flares for 4 Days and then Remains Si
  178. Planets Form in Just a Few Hundred Thousand Years
  179. Another Starship Test Ends in an Explosion
  180. There’s no evidence that dark matter interacts with any other force but gravity
  181. Pluto and Other Kuiper Belt Objects Started Out With Water Oceans, and Have Been Slow
  182. Astronomers Just Detected Either the Least Massive Black Hole, or a Strange and Massi
  183. New Hubble Photos of Planetary Nebulae
  184. Amazing View of How Dust Storms Grow on Mars
  185. Calculate the Number of Alien Civilizations in the Milky Way for Yourself.
  186. Curiosity Sees Earth and Venus in the Night Skies on Mars
  187. Last Year’s Total Solar Eclipse on Earth, Seen From the Moon
  188. How an Advanced Civilization Could Exploit a Black Hole for Nearly Limitless Energy
  189. Another Collection of Newly Forming Planetary Systems. This Time from the Gemini Plan
  190. NASA Changes its Mind. It Will be Using Previously Flown Crew Dragons and Falcon 9
  191. Weekly Space Hangout: June 24, 2020 — Elizabeth Howell & Nicholas Booth, The Search f
  192. Do We Now Understand Why the Moon’s Near and Far Sides Look So Dramatically Different
  193. Learning to Live Sustainably on the Red Planet: Habitat Mars
  194. A Simulation of Sunsets on Other Worlds: From Venus to Titan
  195. Canada is Going to be Building Canadarm3 for the Artemis Missions
  196. The Bare Minimum Number of Martian Settlers? 110
  197. Astronaut Drops a Mirror During a Spacewalk. Now There’s Another Piece of Space Junk
  198. More Evidence that Europa’s Oceans Could be Habitable
  199. Deep Down in Ocean Worlds, it’s Difficult to Tell Where the Oceans End and the Rock B
  200. Do Hot Jupiters Form Close in, or Do They Migrate? A Newly-Discovered Planet Might He
  201. A brand new magnetar found, it’s only 240 years old
  202. Comet F3 NEOWISE May Perform in July
  203. Rovers Will be Starting to Make Their Own Decisions About Where to Search for Life
  204. It might just be possible to see a light flash too when black holes merge
  205. Here’s How Perseverance’s Helicopter Sidekick Will Deploy on Mars
  206. Complete and Total Mayhem in a Distant Galaxy Collision
  207. This Weekend’s Challenging Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Rounds Out the Summer Season
  208. Weekly Space Hangout: July 1, 2020 — Dr. Andrew Siemion, Director of Berkeley SETI Re
  209. It Was Almost Certainly an Asteroid Impact that Wiped Out the Dinosaurs. In Fact, Vol
  210. Behold! The Martian Menu, Courtesy of Mars City Design!
  211. Take a Flight Over Korolev Crater on Mars
  212. Astronomers Might Have Seen a Star Just Disappear. Turning Straight to a Black Hole W
  213. Help NASA Develop a Better Space Toilet
  214. One of the Best Pictures Ever Taken of ISS from the Ground. You Can Even See the Cana
  215. Breakthrough Listen Releases its one-of-Everything “Exotica” Catalog
  216. Astronomers See Through the Milky Way’s Dust to Track Where Radiation is Coming From
  217. There’s a Black Hole With 34 Billion Times the Mass of the Sun, Eating Roughly a Star
  218. China’s Mars Rover Launches in Late July
  219. NGC 2275: An Absolute Unit of Galactic Flocculence
  220. Betelgeuse Probably Dimmed Because of Enormous Starspots
  221. Amateur Astronomers Find a Brand New Storm on Jupiter
  222. The Moon Might Be More Metal-Rich Than We Thought
  223. The Corona Australis Molecular Cloud. Normally this Looks Like a Dark Blob in the Sky
  224. Electron Rocket’s 13th Launch Failed, Destroying its Satellite Payload
  225. A Tabletop-sized Experiment Could Help in the Search for Dark Matter
  226. Dawn Patrol: Jupiter and Saturn at Opposition 2020
  227. Detecting the Neutrinos From a Supernova That’s About to Explode
  228. What Telescope Will Be Needed to See the First Stars in the Universe? The Ultimately
  229. Although InSight’s Mole is Completely Buried, it Might be Stuck Again
  230. Languages Will Change Significantly on Interstellar Flights
  231. Scientists Have Developed a Way to Make Human Skin More Protected from Space Radiatio
  232. That Strange Gel-Like Material Discovered by China’s Lunar Rover? It’s Just Rock
  233. A Giant Galaxy Seen Lighting Up the Universe Shortly After the Big Bang
  234. New Zealand just got its first International Dark Sky Park
  235. Finally! We’ve got a comet that’s visible to the unaided eye. Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE
  236. Why Lava Tubes Should be Our Top Exploration Priority on Other Worlds
  237. Earth’s Magnetic Field is Changing Surprisingly Quickly
  238. If Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole, We Might Be Able to See Flares When it Consum
  239. Now You Can Build Your Own Curiosity Rover
  240. That’s So Metal. NASA’s Psyche Mission is Now Under Construction
  241. Even If We Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tomorrow, it Would Take Decades for the Earth
  242. NASA has a Pretty Big Checklist for Boeing to Fix on Starliner
  243. NASA and HeroX are Looking to Light Up the Moon!
  244. This Giant Iceberg Has Been Sailing the Southern Seas for Three Years Now
  245. Watch the Incredible Plume of Dust from Africa Cross the Entire Atlantic Ocean
  246. Parker Solar Probe Gives a Unique Perspective on Comet NEOWISE
  247. Will We See a Starship Test This Week?
  248. Astronomers Have Mapped Out an Enormous Structure in the Universe Called the South Po
  249. Stars Like Our Sun Become Lithium Factories as They Die
  250. 1 in 10 Red Giants are Covered in Spots, and They Rotate Surprisingly Quickly