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  1. NASA Chooses 10 Projects that Will Help it Live Off the Land… on the Moon
  2. Time-Lapse Video Reveals 10 Years of the Sun’s Life Crushed into One Stellar Hour
  3. How Would We Do Surgery in Space?
  4. AI Upscales Apollo Lunar Footage to 60 FPS
  5. 15 Different Ideas for Rovers That Could Explore Venus
  6. More Details On NASA’s VERITAS Mission, Which Could Go to Venus
  7. Instead of Going Straight to Mars, Astronauts Should Make a Slingshot Past Venus Firs
  8. Amazing Images of Comet F3 NEOWISE From Around the World
  9. White dwarfs are a big source of carbon in the Universe
  10. Perseverance Has Been Put Inside its Atlas V Rocket
  11. A Stellar Stream of Stars, Stolen from Another Galaxy
  12. Do the TRAPPIST-1 Planets Have Atmospheres?
  13. Supernovae shockwaves aren’t spherical
  14. Curiosity Is Going To Spend Its Summer Driving Around a Dangerous Sandy Region on Mar
  15. The Moon Might Have Formed a Little Later than Originally Believed
  16. What Shuts Down a Galaxy’s Star Formation?
  17. Astronomers Do the Math to Figure Out Exactly When Johannes Vermeer Painted this, Mor
  18. Mount Everest, Seen from Space!
  19. A Star had a Partial Supernova and Kicked Itself Into a High-Speed Journey Across the
  20. Roman Space Telescope and SOFIA Get Their Funding Restored… Again
  21. A Neptune-class exoplanet has been found with its atmosphere stripped away
  22. James Webb Completes a Comprehensive Systems Test for the First Time
  23. They’re In! The First Images From ESA’s Solar Orbiter
  24. Supercomputer Simulation Shows a Supernova 300 Days After it Explodes
  25. A Black Hole Popping Out of a Traversable Wormhole Should Give Off a Very Specific Si
  26. Review: Unistellar’s New eVscope
  27. A ring of high-energy particles surrounding a black hole suddenly disappeared
  28. Organic Matter Could Have Delivered Earth’s Water
  29. It Looks Like There are Still Active Volcanoes on Venus
  30. Astronomers are Starting to Find Planets in Much Longer Orbits. Cooler, More Habitabl
  31. SpaceX Finally Catches Both Halves of a Falcon 9 Fairing
  32. Wow! An Actual Picture of Multiple Planets Orbiting a Sunlike Star
  33. Dust Seen Streaming Out of Namibia Into the Atlantic Ocean
  34. Beyond the Fermi Paradox III: What is the Great Filter?
  35. 800 Million Years Ago, it Was Raining Asteroids on the Earth and Moon
  36. The Moon is an Ideal Spot for a Gravitational Wave Observatory
  37. What Cracked the Earth’s Outer Shell and Started its Plate Tectonics?
  38. The Moons of Uranus Are Fascinating Enough On Their Own That We Should Send a Flagshi
  39. Radishes Can Likely Grow in Lunar Regolith
  40. Astronauts Come Back to Earth on August 2nd, Completing the Full Crew Dragon Test
  41. Hubble Shows Saturn in the Middle of its Summer
  42. Take a Flight Through the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Universe Ever Made
  43. Gamma-Ray Telescopes Can Measure the Diameters of Other Stars
  44. According to Globular Clusters, the Universe is 13.35 Billion Years Old
  45. This is What an Air-Breathing Electric Thruster’s Intake Would Look Like
  46. Saturn-sized Planet Found in the Habitable Zone of Another Star. The First Planet Com
  47. Here’s the New Space Force Logo
  48. Russia Just Tested an Anti-Satellite Weapon
  49. There Might Be an Entire Orbit, Filled with Asteroids that Came from Outside the Sola
  50. Thanks to Cosmic Radiation, There Could be Life on Mars, Just a Couple of Meters Unde
  51. A Group of Meteorites All Came From a Destroyed Planetesimal With a Magnetic Core
  52. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” IV: What is the Rare Earth Hypothesis?
  53. There’s a flash of ultraviolet just as a white dwarf is exploding as a supernova
  54. Perseverance Rover Rumbles Off the Launchpad to Mars
  55. Earth Observation Satellites Could be Flown Much Lower than Current Altitudes and Do
  56. China’s Mars Mission Took This Picture of the Earth and Moon
  57. Supermassive black holes can cloak themselves in a cocoon of dust, making them invisi
  58. There are Natural Starshades Out There, Which Would Help Astronomers Image Exoplanets
  59. This Is Fascinating. An Image of a Galaxy’s Magnetic Field
  60. Ancient Meteorites Can be Found Embedded in Rocks, Like Fossils
  61. Juno Captures Pictures of Ganymede for the First Time
  62. How Loop Quantum Gravity Could Match Anomalies in the CMB with Large Structures in th
  63. SpaceX Just Completed a Static Fire of Starship Prototype SN5. Next Comes the Hop
  64. Perseverance Went Into Safe Mode Shortly After Launch, But it’s Fine
  65. Microbes Were Dormant for Over 100 Million Years, But They Were Able to Spring Back t
  66. The Universe is the Same, Everywhere We Look. Even More than Cosmologists Predicted
  67. Some Stars Could Support as Many as 7 Habitable Planets
  68. There’s One Cloud on Mars That’s Over 1800 km Long
  69. Finally! SpaceX Starship Prototype SN5 Flies Just Over 150 Meters Into the Air
  70. NASA Astronauts are Back on Earth After a Successful Crew Dragon Splashdown
  71. New Solar Model Successfully Predicted Seven of the Sun’s Last Nine Big Flares
  72. Martian Features Were Carved by Glaciers, not Flowing Rivers
  73. A Strange Planet has been Found that’s Smaller than Neptune But 50% More Massive
  74. Antarctica Is the Best Place On Earth for a Telescope, Is Also the Hardest Place to P
  75. Meteors of August: Our Guide to the 2020 Perseids
  76. Beyond the Fermi Paradox V: What is the Aestivation Hypothesis?
  77. This is What the Solar System Really Looks Like
  78. Mira-type variable stars are constantly throwing the key chemicals for life out into
  79. Newly forming star has spiral arms like a tiny galaxy
  80. A Globular Cluster was Completely Dismantled and Turned Into a Ring Around the Milky
  81. Why Can Black Hole Binaries Have Dramatically Different Masses? Multiple Generations
  82. Neutron stars of different masses can make a real mess when they collide
  83. An exoplanet has been found for the first time using radio telescopes
  84. Asteroids Somehow Migrated Past Jupiter During the Solar System’s Early History
  85. A magnetar has been discovered throwing off bizarre blasts of radiation. Is this wher
  86. The Martian Sky Pulses in Ultraviolet Every Night
  87. InSight’s Mole Is In!
  88. Astronomers Think They’ve Found the Neutron Star Remnant From Supernova 1987a
  89. Lava Tubes on the Moon and Mars are Really, Really Big. Big Enough to Fit an Entire P
  90. Hubble Examines Earth’s Reflection as an ‘Exoplanet’ During a Lunar Eclipse
  91. Seeing baby stars at every stage of their formation
  92. SpaceX is Hiring People to Help Build a Resort at the Boca Chica Launch Facility
  93. It’s Starting to Look Like Ceres is an Ocean World, Too
  94. A Huge Ring-Like Structure on Ganymede Might be the Result of an Enormous Impact
  95. Virgin Galactic Wants to Build a Supersonic Jetliner That’ll go Even Faster Than the
  96. Fastest Star Ever Seen is Moving at 8% the Speed of Light
  97. Art Installation that Demonstrates How Dark Matter Bends Light with Gravity
  98. Did Snowball Earth Happen Because of a Sudden Drop in Sunlight?
  99. A Broken Cable Smashed Part of the Arecibo Observatory
  100. What’s Possible When Earth and Space-based Telescopes Work Together?
  101. Perseverance and the Quest to Find Life on Mars
  102. The Last Supernovae
  103. Some Astronomers Think Betelgeuse Dimmed Because it “Sneezed”. And it Might be Gettin
  104. Machine Learning Just Classified Over Half a Million Galaxies
  105. Remembering Don Arabian, the ‘Mad Genius’ Behind NASA’s Apollo Engineering Team
  106. This Distorted Circle is Actually a Galaxy That Looked Very Similar to the Milky Way,
  107. Could a tabletop experiment detect gravitational waves and determine the quantum natu
  108. The Sun Might Have Once Had a Binary Companion Star
  109. First Laser Space Debris Detection Made… in Daylight
  110. NASA’s New Video Shows You What it’s Like Traveling Close to the Speed of Light
  111. Could There Be Life in the Cloudtops of Venus?
  112. Lunar Landings Will Make it Harder to Study the Moon’s Ice Deposits
  113. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” VI: The Berserker Hypothesis
  114. Did Jupiter Push Venus Into a Runaway Greenhouse?
  115. Scientists Recreate the Density of a White Dwarf in the Lab
  116. Completely Harmless Asteroid Almost Certainly Won’t Hit Earth Just Before the US Elec
  117. Everyone Took Pictures of Comet NEOWISE, Including Hubble
  118. We Have the Technology to Retrieve a Sample From an Interstellar Object Like Oumuamua
  119. There’s No Chemical Difference Between Stars With or Without Planets
  120. It Rained So Hard on Ancient Mars that Craters Filled Up and Overflowed
  121. One Theory Beyond the Standard Model Could Allow Wormholes that You Could Actually Fl
  122. There Could Be More Rogue Planets Than Stars in the Milky Way. Here’s How Nancy Grac
  123. Did a supernova cause the Devonian mass extinction event?
  124. Comet NEOWISE Was Spiraling and Spinning as it Passed by Earth
  125. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” VII: The Planetarium Hypothesis
  126. Astronomers find 100 brown dwarfs in our neighborhood
  127. Supernova Wreckage is Still Expanding at Extreme Speeds After 400 Years
  128. SpaceX is Going to Hop Starship Again This Weekend
  129. James Webb is Working Perfectly! On the Ground. Next Trick: Doing it From Space
  130. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” VIII: What is the Zoo Hypothesis?
  131. Europa’s entire icy shell shifted 70-degrees a few million years ago
  132. A New Non-toxic Propellant is Looking Promising
  133. Hubble’s Photo of the Cygnus Loop is, Of Course, Incredible
  134. The Solar System has been Flying Through the Debris of a Supernova for 33,000 Years
  135. Quasars can twinkle?
  136. Astronomers Thought They’d Found a Red Dwarf That Wasn’t Hostile to its Habitable Zon
  137. Hubble Shows the True Size of Andromeda
  138. Machine Learning Algorithm Scoops up 50 New Exoplanets
  139. Review: Canadarm and Collaboration by Elizabeth Howell
  140. Some Quasars Actually Contain Two Supermassive Black Holes in the Process of Merging
  141. SpaceX’s Starship Prototype Nails Another Hop Test! Bring on Orbital Flights!
  142. Neptune & Triton – August 31 1989.
  143. New Simulation Shows Exactly What Dark Matter Would Look Like If We Could See It
  144. Gravitational waves could show what’s happening inside a star as it’s going supernova
  145. Nancy Roman Telescope’s Primary 2.4-Meter Mirror is Ready
  146. Extraterrestrial Hunters Figure Out a Way to Expand Their Search for Signals by a Fac
  147. Okay, New Idea. Oumuamua is an Interstellar “Dust Bunny”
  148. Astro-Challenge: Adventures in Daytime Astronomy
  149. There are Three Asteroids Hiding in this Animation, See If You Can Find Them
  150. The Strange, Misshapen Orbits of Planet-Forming Disks in a Triple-Star System
  151. Rosetta’s Philae Lander Was Alive on the Surface of 67P for 63 Hours, Trying to Commu
  152. Can you tell the difference between California, Venus, Titan and Mars? Hint: Californ
  153. Behold! The Black Hole Collision Calculator!
  154. Earth’s Oxygen Could be Making the Moon Rust
  155. Could There Be a Form of Life Inside Stars?
  156. Bennu is Constantly Getting Sandblasted by Tiny Meteoroids
  157. Weekly Space Hangout: September 9, 2020 – Dr. Katie Mack Discusses “The End of Everyt
  158. Finally! A Solution to Deal With Sticky Lunar Dust
  159. Jupiter Probably Has 600 Small, Irregular Moons
  160. A Sunspot, Revealed in Incredible Detail by Europe’s Newly Upgraded GREGOR Telescope
  161. China is Building a Floating Spaceport for Rocket Launches
  162. Vera Rubin’s Monster 3200-Megapixel Camera Takes its First Picture (in the Lab)
  163. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” IX: What is the Brief Window Hypothesis?
  164. China’s New Reusable Spaceplane Lands After 2 Days in Space
  165. An Update on the Damage to the Arecibo Observatory
  166. Australian Telescope Just Scanned 10 million Stars For Any Sign of Extraterrestrial S
  167. Small Amounts of Dark Matter are Creating Much Stronger Gravitational Distortions tha
  168. Did Scientists Just Find Signs of Life on Venus?
  169. The SpaceX Starship Could be Making its Biggest Hop Yet Next Month!
  170. A beautiful picture of Saturn’s heavily-cratered moon Mimas, processed by @kevinmgill
  171. Extreme galaxies depend on extreme conditions for their formation
  172. The Milky Way is Already Starting to Digest the Magellanic Clouds, Starting With Thei
  173. Astronomers Have Discovered a 2-km Asteroid Orbiting Closer to the Sun than Venus
  174. NASA Will Pay You to Retrieve Regolith and Rocks from the Moon
  175. Sunrises Across the Solar System
  176. Uranus’ Moons are Surprisingly Similar to Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt
  177. Missions Are Already Being Planned to Figure Out What’s Creating the Biosignature on
  178. Thousands Saw a UFO in New Jersey. It was the Goodyear Blimp
  179. Check Out How Big the Planets and the Moon Will be in Our Sky Over the Next Two Years
  180. Colliding Neutron Stars Don’t Make Enough Gold to Explain What We See in the Universe
  181. Astronomers Measure a 1-billion Tesla Magnetic Field on the Surface of a Neutron Star
  182. Weekly Space Hangout: September 16, 2020 – Dr. Merav Opher Discusses the Shape of the
  183. James Webb Will Look for Signs of Life on Planets Orbiting Dead Stars
  184. James Webb Will Look for Signs of Life on Planets Orbiting Dead Stars
  185. The Space Court Foundation is Now in Session!
  186. Searching for Phosphorus in Other Stars
  187. Design for a Space Habitat With Artificial Gravity That Could Be Grown Larger Over Ti
  188. Artemis Missions Should Bring Ice Home From the Moon Too
  189. How Much Life Would Be Required to Create the Phosphine Signal on Venus?
  190. It Looks Like Firefighters Saved Mt. Wilson Observatory
  191. The Destruction of Dark Matter isn’t Causing Extra Radiation at the Core of the Milky
  192. This is the View You Get Staring out of the Space Station’s Cupola Module
  193. A History of the Magellanic Clouds and How They Got Their Names
  194. If dark matter is a particle, it should get inside red giant stars and change the way
  195. The Surface of Mars Might Have Gotten an Acid Bath, Obscuring Evidence of Past Life
  196. Our Complete Guide to Mars Opposition Season 2020
  197. NASA’s Janus Mission is Going to Visit Two Binary Asteroids
  198. Chitin Could be the Perfect Building Material on Mars
  199. Asteroid Bennu has little pieces of Vesta on it
  200. Chinese Asteroid Mining Robot Due to Launch in November
  201. There Could Be Carbon-Rich Exoplanets Made Of Diamonds
  202. What’s the Best Way to Communicate With an Interstellar Probe When it’s Light-Years A
  203. Solar Cycle 25 has arrived. Here’s what to expect from the Sun in the coming months a
  204. Even Comets Can Have Auroras. Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Does
  205. Weekly Space Hangout: September 23, 2020, Col. Terry Virts (USAF ret.) Tells Us “How
  206. Perseverance Will be Scanning Inside Rocks for Fossils on Mars
  207. Here’s Jupiter from Juno’s Latest Flyby
  208. A New Mass Extinction has been Discovered, Wiping Out Life 233 Million Years Ago, and
  209. The Shadow from M87’s Supermassive Black Hole has Been Observed Wobbling Around the G
  210. Astronauts are Getting a New Toilet Next Week
  211. Hayabusa2’s Mission isn’t Over. It has a New Asteroid Target to Visit: 1998 KY26
  212. See a 360 Degree Juno-Eye View of Jupiter During an Io Eclipse
  213. NASA Releases a New Poster for the Europa Clipper Mission
  214. Gaia has Already Given Us 5 New Insights Into the Milky Way
  215. Time Travel, Without the Pesky Paradoxes
  216. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” X: The Firstborn Hypothesis
  217. NASA’s New Budget for Artemis? $28 Billion
  218. Video Shows a Meteoroid Skipping off Earth’s Atmosphere
  219. The Newest Picture of Jupiter and Europa Captured by Hubble
  220. New Radio Telescope Is Going to Fly to the Far Side of the Moon to Listen to the Sign
  221. Ancient Terrain on Venus Looks Like it Was Formed Through Volcanism
  222. We Might Have a New Mini-Moon Soon
  223. Climate Change is Making the Atmosphere Worse for Astronomy
  224. Just A Couple Of Weeks From Now, OSIRIS-REx Will Grab A Sample From Bennu
  225. Astronomers Find a New Binary Object in the Kuiper Belt
  226. Is There Life Deep Underground on Mars?
  227. Maybe Volcanoes Could Explain the Phosphine in Venus’ Atmosphere
  228. Another Starship Test Tank is Pushed to the Limit and Explodes
  229. A Galaxy has been Found That’s as Bright as a Quasar… But it’s Not a Quasar
  230. Cheops Finds a World That’s Utterly Alien From Anything We Have in the Solar System
  231. Astronomers think they’ve found an exoplanet in a galaxy 23 million light-years away
  232. Testing the Rover That’ll Land on Phobos
  233. Weekly Space Hangout: September 30, 2020, Dr. John Kiss Discusses the Growth of Plant
  234. NASA Has a New Challenge to Bring Frozen Samples of the Moon Back to Earth
  235. A Rogue Earth-Mass Planet Has Been Discovered Freely Floating in the Milky Way Withou
  236. Mars Express Finds Even More Ponds of Water Under the Ground on Mars
  237. A Balloon Mission that Could Try to Confirm Life On Venus
  238. Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” XI: The Transcension Hypothesis
  239. What decides the shape of planetary nebulae? Whatever’s orbiting a star when it dies
  240. A Supernova Exploded Dangerously Close to Earth 2.5 Million Years Ago
  241. Did Pioneer See Phosphine in the Clouds of Venus Decades Ago?
  242. Einstein. Right again
  243. Those are Exoplanets. You’re Looking at Actual Exoplanets 63 Light-Years Away!
  244. What the Astronauts Saw as They Orbited the Moon During Apollo 17
  245. Machine Learning Software is Now Doing the Exhausting Task of Counting Craters On Mar
  246. The Colorful Walls of an Exposed Impact Crater on Mars
  247. Lakes On Titan Will Have Layers, Like Lakes On Earth, But for a Completely Different
  248. The Carina Nebula. Seen With and Without Adaptive Optics
  249. Here’s a Clever Idea, Looking for the Shadows of Trees On Exoplanets to Detect Multic
  250. The Air Leak on the International Space Station is Worse Than Previously Believed