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  1. What non star, moon or planetary objects can I see with my Meade Model 395?
  2. Advice on buying a telescope please.
  3. Meade 16" Lightbridge questions
  4. ASIGN Observatory II
  5. Focus on focus
  6. Celestron Skymaster 9x63's?
  7. A lens question
  8. New to astronomy, and just bought this
  9. Starting an astronomy club
  10. Capricornid Meteor Shower
  11. My First Telescope and Planet sighting!
  12. Can we see Elenin in a Backyard Telescope?
  13. Insider Tops to Owning a Telescope, Learning the frustrations of owning a telescope
  14. Rusty tripod, solar filter questions
  15. Could Metamaterials Improve Telescope Lenses?
  16. Begginers Point of view Celestron Kit Vs Televue Panoptic
  17. Need help with an Antique Brass Spyglass / Telescope
  18. 2011 Peach State Star Gaze....
  19. Great Basin National Park observing report
  20. Which telescope to keep?
  21. Telescope-style filters for cameras
  22. What planets are transits of moons visible from a backyard telescope?
  23. Planet Observation/Photography Blogs
  24. f/1.5-1.7 planning and accomodations
  25. Observatory Database?
  26. There aint nothing wrong with a little bump and grind... [shape a mirror]
  27. How to polar align my HEQ5 pro mount.
  28. Telescope purchase advice needed!
  29. Teaching Astronomy has its privileges
  30. Please help me find an online star chart
  31. Skywatcher Explorer - 130
  32. Cross shaped shadow near Maurolycus Crater on the moon?
  33. Plenoptic / Light Field Camera?
  34. I need advice on a telescope to Canon lens adapter.
  35. First Telescope, What should I observe
  36. Download astronomical software
  37. brass telescope
  38. iPad astronmy apps?
  39. Strange or weird Observing Experiences ?
  40. What Got You Started In Stargazing?
  41. Equipment :) Large telescope.
  42. Telescope Purchase Advise?
  43. The First Image In Your First Telescope?
  44. The Binocular Photon Machine
  45. A good all around telescope for a light polluted suburb?
  46. Online Planetarium for Beginners
  47. Optics to project into a chamber
  48. Meade or Celestron
  49. Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight
  50. Help Guide me through the Cosmos!
  51. New telescope - out of alignment?
  52. Can Eyepeices from Difference Manufacturers Be Interchanged?
  53. Planetary Positions 2012
  54. Tips for Nebula and Galaxy Viewing
  55. Solar Observation with Safety.
  56. The first Transit of Venus news article that I've seen
  57. Observing Venus during daylight
  58. Visable objects with 5 inch Reflector
  59. Looking for a second scope
  60. Images of Earth
  61. Lunar Halo
  62. Mars tonight (Feb 5 2012)
  63. Duration of the twilights
  64. small telescope
  65. Pixels and the Airy disk
  66. Best CCD camera under US$ 500?
  67. Beginner Big Boy Scope Tips!?
  68. Mistakes.. contribute freely.
  69. Leap Day, 2012, a night to remember
  70. Request: watching the Venus transit in Melbourne
  71. Mars!
  72. Evening Sky for March, 2012
  73. Can a 127 mm matsukov cassegrain telescope be used for deep sky viewing?
  74. Good Viewing conditions
  75. Transit of Venus 2012
  76. Tasmania gets a new 1.3m Telescope & Observatory
  77. Capt. Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring on thinkgeek :)
  78. Does a GPS unit allow a telescope with a computerized goto mount to track to any star
  79. Guides for Equatorial Binocular Viewing
  80. Star Analyzer 100 from Shelyak
  81. Greetings and a request for advice
  82. Range of pupil movement
  83. Sagittarius nova 2012
  84. Telescope Buying
  85. Viewing the sun with binoculars
  86. Opinion on New Telescope
  87. Worldwide Telescope
  88. Uh Oh (or I think I messed up)
  89. Finding Andromeda
  90. celestron omni xlt 150
  91. Advice on using Baader solar safety film to make telescope filters.
  92. Trying to Decide If and What Solar Telescope to Buy
  93. A 8" telscope
  94. The BEST atmospheric seeing in the American Southwest
  95. Using binocular to observe Venus transit?
  96. I want to photograph the transit of Venus and need some help
  97. Questions about a pinhole projectors
  98. So......anyone able to view the Venus transit today?
  99. Powering my Scope
  100. Suggest books to read about solar telescopes
  101. European Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) Gets the Green Light
  102. Telrad Finder
  103. Software to track moving object
  104. Distributed computing for image processing?
  105. Star Diagonal
  106. RGB calibration
  107. About viewing planetary nebulas.
  108. How to capture planet and satellites.
  109. Periodic error of the Meade LXD75 mount
  110. Two questions about viewing with my Nexstar 8SE telescope..
  111. DSLR Camera Modifications for Astrophotgraphy
  112. Dobsonian Attachment
  113. Exposition to capture the ISS
  114. ASIGN Observatory II is back on track!
  115. DMK camera + focal reducer + Orion filter wheel = no focus?
  116. Dark corner in all my photos
  117. Anyone here ever built a telescope?
  118. in the market for a first scope - need advice
  119. Average and median stacking.
  120. Guidescope for SC8?
  121. Triangle
  122. Best mono deep space camera for a SC8 f/10, under US$ 1200?
  123. Newbie needs input please
  124. C CS mount lens for wide field images?
  125. Begginer Astro-photography question, Trouble getting it focused
  126. Dark Skies
  127. CERN Courier Free camera tech. Webinar
  128. A Decent Scope For Lunar and Near- By Planets Observation
  129. Wants to know about Newtonian Reflector, is it easy to make it ?
  130. Good Binocular
  131. Dovetail for Meade SCT 8"
  132. A decent pair
  133. Caesar's Pizza goes stargazing
  134. ASIGN Observatory II guide to the Geminid Meteor shower
  135. CCD adaptor
  136. Advice, please. Wide AFOV eyepieces.
  137. Historical Mars observation
  138. Compact zoom bins for observing the Moon
  139. Exoplanets
  140. Canon EOS for astrophotography
  141. Comet viewing tips
  142. Vixen Polarie Star Tracker Question
  143. porro vs roof 12x50 bins for astronomy
  144. Adapter for using 1.25" filters with Canon camera
  145. What am I doing wrong here?
  146. Canon releases interesting test footage
  147. Viking "sunstone" question
  148. 10" Meade free to an Astronomy Club or similar group
  149. Antique Telescope help
  150. Robotics question
  151. newbie
  152. Looking for a solid pair of binoculars
  153. Eyepiece Madness (beginner)
  154. Anyone else listening to Space Weather Radio?
  155. 1998 Celestron 144 Telescope and accessories
  156. Help processing an ISS video
  157. Cedar Breaks National Monument observing report
  158. Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope Bundle
  159. Replacement parts
  160. Telescope advice for a beginner?
  161. Sungazing near the limb of the Sun
  162. International Observe the Moon Night
  163. go-to mounts, gps?
  164. Looking for go-to telescope for outreach
  165. collimating with out return laser?
  166. Multiple glazing and reflection
  167. Largest Amateur Telescope
  168. Comet binoculars
  169. My telescope plan
  170. Backyard Astronomers' Guide Third Edition
  171. ASIGN Observatory II - The complete construction movie
  172. Venus Crescent
  173. Long Shot: Revive a busted ETX-90?
  174. Please help?????
  175. Celestron Star Pointer alignment problems
  176. 2014 Planet Calendar
  177. New here! Trying to pick out a telescope!
  178. Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 15 April 2014
  179. Info re. classic 60mm Hensoldt-Wetzlar Dialyt c.1948-1969 found in back of closet
  180. Hubble's Legacy in Mirror Figuring
  181. "blue light" source daylight star tracker
  182. Power Sources In The Field
  183. New hot binoviewers
  184. Feb 2014 Comet Updates
  185. Fatal bug in The SkyX First Light Edition
  186. Plastic and paper eclipse viewing glasses - Usage?
  187. Bright green bolide meteor over northern central New Mexico
  188. whats a good telescope for the money?
  189. Need help with barlow lens issue
  190. Your Favorite Observing Conditions?
  191. How Red Was The "Blood Moon"?
  192. What happens if you exceed the maximum useful magnification of your telescope?
  193. Solar Eclipse 29 April Australia
  194. Astrophotography for $1500 - Is it worth it?
  195. Anyone knowledgable in handheld scopes?
  196. Telescope Operation
  197. Return of the rings!
  198. Lunar eclipse
  199. Visual detection of faint sources
  200. basics
  201. Is it possible that I saw M94?
  202. TELRAD over newtonian
  203. Halton Arp's atlas of preculiar galaxies
  204. Observing Palomar Globular Clusters
  205. Equatorial Mount for Coronado
  206. Blood Moon 8 October 2014 - Uranus Bonus
  207. Spectrum and source for non-dazzling light?
  208. Newer LX-200 problem
  209. Bad Eyes?
  210. Planetary Positions 2015
  211. Cheomseongdae in South Korea
  212. newtonian or sct ?
  213. What mount is will be be better purchuse?
  214. Changed Aurora Map Site !
  215. Spotting scope
  216. Aragoscope
  217. How to Build a Radio Telescope?
  218. List of 7,000 Deep Space objects ?
  219. Fungal growths on 1929 10-inch Cooke Triplet astrograph
  220. Laputan and amateur telescopes
  221. Sites/stores for binoculars in Australia
  222. ISO orbital chart for Soyuz/Progress due to reenter Friday
  223. Is a failed motor beyond repair? (Meade ETX-70AT Auto Star)
  224. Build a Microscope
  225. Saw something cool last night...
  226. Neptune Revisited with Rebuilt Eye
  227. M92: Simple Pleasures
  228. Thoughts on this scope?
  229. Building a home observatory
  230. tips on video-astronomy for the newb?
  231. hello and I have a question [Celestron Prodigy 130]
  232. Planet Positions 2016
  233. Metal Mirrors - why not?
  234. Alert! Stolen C-14
  235. My big Dob, autographed by John Dobson himself
  236. Olivon then and now
  237. Both eyes fixed, what a blast!
  238. Solar filter film
  239. Telescope on a chip?
  240. Galileo Telescope
  241. Telescope time on WIYN 0.9-meter at Kitt Peak
  242. Good finder, dorky reticle lighting
  243. Antares B attempt
  244. Can a Telescope Mirror be made of a reflective thin film?
  245. Solar reflector
  246. O III Filter and Notebook Computer
  247. Greenland Ice Cap Submillimeter Observing Site
  248. Filters
  249. ordered a samyang lens
  250. Best Planetarium in Georgia