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  1. Contracoup on other planets
  2. A Mars for a Moon?
  3. Why Gravity is Not Acceleration
  4. Speed of Light Moving Relative to What?
  5. Anti-matter, what is it really?
  6. Astonomers find enormous hole in the universe?
  7. The shape of the universe (prolly a dum question)
  8. Time
  9. Supernova remains detection question
  10. Velikovsky and energy requirements.
  11. Dumb question (asteroid orbits and impacts)
  12. Chicxulub
  13. Opothis Opophos watever...?
  14. Atmospheric sputtering on Callisto et al.
  15. Why not Terraform Earth?
  16. Why does FTL not work?
  17. General Relativity Question
  18. shuttle launch
  19. meteors, their speed
  20. Space Movement Update..
  21. Black holes/evaporation
  22. how many incidence are there in which comet dashed to the sun?
  23. Star system generators
  24. Could life have origionated on Venus
  25. Important Numbers
  26. Moon missions
  27. 1=2. How does this work?
  28. Venus Earth CO2 equivalency
  29. middle school neat ideas NEEDED!!!
  30. SETI and gravitational lensing events
  31. The REAL PROOF that 1 = 2
  32. What is the evidence for dark enegry?
  33. Meteor impact - how big to mirror Hiroshima or Nagasaki?
  34. Maxwell's equations and constant c
  35. time dilation faster or slower?
  36. Avoiding boredom on a trip to Mars
  37. question about "infinity" in math
  38. Why are sun angle and seasons out of sync?
  39. Size of the observable universe?
  40. near light speeds and accelerating in different directions
  41. Tidally Locked Planets?
  42. The Photon pressure of a beam of UV radiation
  43. Hubble constant weirdness
  44. Is Frequency the Atomic Glue holding Atoms together?
  45. Photon model
  46. Question about Christmas
  47. Which Star is that?
  48. Rogue Solar Systems?
  49. Is Dark matter a new form of matter?
  50. How much empty space?
  51. tidelocked planets: Libration creating day/night cycles?
  52. I'm looking for a decent book on archeoastronomy
  53. Tropic of Capricorn
  54. Possible source of Jupiter's heat and Earth's magnetic pole flipping?
  55. Minimum delta v to deorbit
  56. Radioactive NEOs?
  57. Any news about life on Gliese 581c?
  58. Astronomy as a science - how do ideas get communicated?
  59. Sun's evolution
  60. Astonishing question From Nereid : Computers and Special Relativity
  61. A moon orbiting a tidally locked planet
  62. Early Indian thoughts on heliocentrism
  63. viewing 3D images on the PC screen
  64. Why use large telescopes rather than ...?
  65. Electromagnetic Force
  66. Planetary Migration - Is it still happening in our Solar System
  67. Have trouble visually interpreting photos of craters, etc - any suggestions to help?
  68. Peer reviewed article?
  69. Blue aura around the moon.
  70. The big rip vs. black holes
  71. Zero K
  72. What will become of Jupiters spot?
  73. Oxygen in the young Earth's atmosphere
  74. Galaxy movement and Hubble Telescope
  75. The martian caves
  76. Estimates of Water On Europa
  77. Wanted large and accurate galaxy survey data
  78. Creationism and a "rate of star formation" question
  79. Bad astrogation in "Race to mars"?
  80. How Fast to Go From Saturn to Venus in 3 Hours?
  81. Questions about LHC
  82. would the earth's revolution reverse?
  83. Why do astronomers reject 72 km/s redshift quantization /periodicity?
  84. Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing
  85. can it orbit in any direction? or not at all?
  86. Is it Venus?
  87. What is the Formula for pressure as a function of depth, gravity, temperature...
  88. Quasar Questions
  89. Moon Lore
  90. question about sun
  91. Answering creationists
  92. what did I see ?
  93. The singluarity, infinity, and the beginning of the universe
  94. View of Earth during lunar eclipse
  95. Stars = sun
  96. Mars energy source?
  97. Is Plasma the 1st State of Matter in a Vacuum?
  98. What's the closest black hole we know of?
  99. Axiom vs posulate?
  100. How that name was fall "antena galaxy"
  101. Curious sunflare question (video)
  102. How much SN are we?
  103. Graininess of LED light--interference?
  104. What is this Martian Process
  105. Effect of 2 Moons on Earthlike world?
  106. Planetary orbits
  107. Determining crater depth
  108. Would Pluto and Neptune ever crash?
  109. Resources for Engine Speeds?
  110. "Primordial Soup" on Earth - Where's the evidence?
  111. Greenwich Hour Angle
  112. Voyager - Would we notice?
  113. Gliese 581c a "Big Earth"
  114. what would a gyroscope do in space?
  115. Global Warming and Astronomy
  116. light through the Vacuum
  117. What makes all the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction?
  118. would it effect its rate of fall?
  119. Rocketry question: alcohol vs. kerosene
  120. time of freefall
  121. Questions about Standing Waves in General Relativity
  122. There are may be short cuts in respect of the distance between two planetory objects!
  123. Idea for "science fiction"?
  124. What I don't quite get about Black Holes vaporziing thru hawking Radiation
  125. bigbang into what???
  126. Lightspeed Observation
  127. sin(x) * cos(x) - x = y
  128. Desert Planets in sci-fi.
  129. education, math and celestial mechanics
  130. Surplus/Deficit of neutrons in a stellar body?
  131. Effect of the supernova Eta Carinae
  132. plasma in space
  133. Preferred direction
  134. Intersteller probe re-activation?
  135. Why does Mars have oxygen?
  136. Tractors
  137. suppose the moon is a black hole
  138. how fast are we moving through space.
  139. Do celestial objects clump by size and distance?
  140. Planet climates
  141. Follow the Bouncing Ball
  142. What would Unified Theory mean?
  143. What is the real probem (with creationists)?
  144. Wobbly planets/moons
  145. What backlights the Eagle Nebulae
  146. Fun with Static Electricity (or go fly a kite)
  147. White Dwarf Question
  148. frequency of annihilation
  149. If You Could Give Mars an Atmosphere...
  150. I Zwicky 18 (APOD Oct.17)
  151. How the Moon was Created?
  152. Locating objects with binoculars
  153. What is the significance of adiabaticity
  154. Orionid meteor shower
  155. Im a little confused (Mars True Color)
  156. Can an object in space have many axes of rotation?
  157. Solar wind strahl
  158. What is the benefit of Space Exploration?
  159. autostudy of GBR afterglow
  160. which type of ink pen can work properly in zero gravity
  161. Can we see the remains of Apollo lander?
  162. Lines and lines of sight.
  163. A query about redshift examples.
  164. Pressure question
  165. Pressure question
  166. Minimum orbital altitude
  167. I have a question (pulled from "If it turns out BBT is wrong...)
  168. Microwave and Radio Waves
  169. Who makes the hand tools?
  170. Liquid Water and Air Pressure
  171. CNGS Projet
  172. (Slowly Spiralling In) This may be a dumb question...
  173. Alkaid Star/Big Dipper - Brighter than normal? Pulsing?
  174. A trinary system (G/M+A)
  175. Jupiters death
  176. A mechanism for a formation of a extremely dry Gaian planet?
  177. The smallest, most distant object actually imaged?
  178. What would be the mass flux through a 25 km wide pipe?
  179. How do we do it?
  180. What is this (Gianni's question)?
  181. Error message
  182. Unifying the forces
  183. Quasars appear absolutely stationary?
  184. Quick question about the sun.
  185. The universe -- Digital or Analog?
  186. How much do we know about mirrors, photons, and the mechanics of reflection?
  187. Is Universe expansion accelerating to prevent information going all the way around?
  188. Getting to the speed of light.
  189. I hope this make sense.
  190. Are gravitational systems scalable?
  191. Another question about pole shifts
  192. Question about Neil Armstrong/Apollo
  193. Maximum return payload for shuttle
  194. Question on Gravitational Waves
  195. What would happen if comet 17P/Holmes explodes ?
  196. Gamma Ray Bursts
  197. mass of the sun's core.
  198. Nearest Galactic cluster
  199. Light speed
  200. What are the (detailed) mechanisms for cosmic ray production, in SNR?
  201. Do photons accelerate?
  202. Beyond Inflatons
  203. APOD hack?
  204. Did the moon really appear 14% bigger?
  205. your thoughts (alternative universes)
  206. any suggestions (on finding M31)?
  207. What is the latent heat of metallic hydrogen?
  208. Archeoastronomy and planetarium programs
  209. Can someone explain this video?
  210. Mars' core/Earth's core
  211. How much, or does the Moon affect Solid Earth?
  212. Complementarity: Bohr v Einstein
  213. Black holes in galaxies?
  214. Comet Holmes Explosion
  215. Where can I get astronomy posters?
  216. New Spin on How Stars are Born
  217. I have a question (Mercury Perihelion)
  218. Black holes & space
  219. FTL Communication Channels and Other Issues Resulting from Eraser
  220. Galileo's experiment and Equivalence Principle
  221. Could New Horizons see Comet Holmes ?
  222. Any kind of wormhole/hyperspace/handwavium 'gate' impossible?
  223. what is nanoflare hypothesis?
  224. A question about Quantum Field Theory
  225. which of these will be the best figure of the universe
  226. Suppose the Bruce Willis asteroid hit the moon?
  227. A nice stupid question (rolling perfect sphere)
  228. Sol B?
  229. Coast 2 Coast
  230. The Two-slit Experiment With Electrons
  231. Night sky 500 million years ago
  232. Theories on why Saturn's moon Mimas is inactive
  233. So is Neptune's moon Triton tipped over on its side like planet Uranus?
  234. Is Venus' atmosphere getting replenished?
  235. If Ganymede has an internal ocean, what's keeping it liquid?
  236. Size of the Universe
  237. Source of cold for RTGs
  238. If Earth were the only planet
  239. Density/Composition of Martian atmospheric dust?
  240. The Never Ending Spiral
  241. Home planetariums
  242. Is Neptune's moon Triton a captured Kuiper Belt Object?
  243. Is there an underground water/ammonia ocean on Titan?
  244. Moon Impactor Theory (The Big Whack)
  245. Some Questions concerning Gravity...
  246. Galaxies are the accretion discs of black holes.
  247. Special Relativity Question
  248. Parallax question. Two actually...
  249. Light - reflection
  250. Is there a maximum mass/ radius for a rocky planet?