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  1. Temperature difference
  2. Andromeda
  3. Relativistic THERMAL Mass
  4. Measuring our Time Dialation
  5. Variation in Neptune's weather
  6. What did I see last night?
  7. Is the Universe Anti-Matter?
  8. The Odds of an Earth-Like World...
  9. Gamma Ray burst story
  10. Anyone know where to find all the Apollo 16 UV pictures?
  11. The Universe is 13.7 billion years old...
  12. Jodrell Bank to close?
  13. galaxy -- mass enclosed as a function of distance.
  14. Can anyone tell me what this pic represents?
  15. Dark energy
  16. Can Whipple shields be scaled up?
  17. Will Earth turn into another Mars?
  18. Why Don’t Black Holes Explode?
  19. News - Apollo astronauts
  20. Apollo flight loop audio files
  21. Age of universe vs distance
  22. Daytime meteor shower
  23. Zeitgeist
  24. What's the highest montains/place on Mercury and another planets/minor planets?
  25. Electronics on space probes
  26. Is gravity faster than light?
  27. Deep space One information needed
  28. The Speed of Gravity as Geometry
  29. How old is mercury?
  30. focus of research
  31. Center of the Universe
  32. What would a Hot Jupiter do to Earth?
  33. Jupiter's Belts and Zones
  34. If the earth orbits the sun at ~30km/s, why is it not breaking apart?
  35. Question for Richard, et. al. (Gravity: Geometric or Generated?)
  36. Would a nuke explode in "space"
  37. Big Bang Question
  38. When does a rocky planet stops increasing it's radius?
  39. Light and the edge of space
  40. Source of dark energy.
  41. Just Wondering...
  42. First day of Spring, Summer, etc.
  43. the astronomy question thread
  44. Gravity question
  45. For the Podcast: Dark Energy = antigravity?
  46. Is there any temperature map of Mercury aviliable?
  47. The Earth
  48. What Did I See This Morning?
  49. Solar reflections as a tool
  50. Apparent diameter of quasars?
  51. Probably a simple question about SRBs
  52. Speed of Light Question
  53. Another "Nukes in space" Question. Anti-matter Vs Neutron Emitters
  54. How was heat shield for Galileo probe tested?
  55. Space solar power/ SSP
  56. It is possible that there is an undiscovered Y class brown dwarf in Oort cloud?
  57. EMP and asteroid impact
  58. Orbital plane of the Earth
  59. Lego Models of Space Telescopes
  60. Is quantum entanglement true?
  61. Are lines of Latitude and Longitude on exactly the same points as 100 years ago?
  62. Moon color and humidity
  63. Curvature and Expansion
  64. Instantaneous gravitational effects?
  65. Silver source?
  66. Pluto & Neptune
  67. Are multiverse theories ATM?
  68. String Theory and Particle Masses
  69. new observer
  70. Boomerang in space
  71. universal expansion
  72. What is the density of the universe?
  73. Are the Pioneers and Voyagers still transmitting?
  74. Shape of space?
  75. Recognising ancient meteorites.
  76. Red Moon?
  77. How can I catch up with you guys(and girls)?
  78. Another Gravity Question
  79. Questions about axions and axinos
  80. I am not quite sure where I live...
  81. Is expansion of universe is a continous process or effect
  82. Not sure how to phrase a title for this question
  83. Where did the stars go?
  84. Hawking radiation & the holographic principle
  85. What would the wind sound like on Mars?
  86. Black holes as cold as Inferno?
  87. Planetary Alignments
  88. Hollow stars and planets
  89. The Fate of the Moon's Atmosphere?
  90. Question about a cool, Unidentifiable [by me] astronomical sighting.
  91. infinite universe question
  92. Theoretical Project to send a probe to every body.
  93. Trying to understanding the need for inflation
  94. Northern Lights
  95. What is Galactic & AGN Cosmic downsizing?
  96. Magnetic field lines and Gauss's law
  97. Big bang theory assumptions
  98. Minimal mass
  99. How Fast Can a MER Camera Move/Pan?
  100. What is the minimum and maximum number of Eclipses in a year?
  101. Light speed problem.
  102. I just saw the ISS...
  103. Number of galaxies and stars in the Universe
  104. Before the big bang, how could the universe be smaller than an atom?
  105. Before the big bang, how could the universe be smaller than an atom?
  106. Light Pollution
  107. Anti-gravity
  108. grandfather paradox
  109. energy's effect
  110. seasons on a moon
  111. supernova's effect on gravity
  112. Help needed for New Science Term
  113. How long does light take from the centre of the Sun to its surface?
  114. Space Junk
  115. Astro Books
  116. Question on orbits?
  117. Another "UFO" Query
  118. Can a helium white dwarf go supernova?
  119. Effects of gravity
  120. The upper limit to a black hole
  121. A question concerning the shape of the universe
  122. Binocular buying questions...
  123. A Mass And Main Sequence Question
  124. Planet X/Nibiru, is it real?
  125. Size of indifference?
  126. Lets go find fossils on Mars!
  127. What actually is the Suns surface?
  128. What did he see? (Shooting star 17th March over Africa)
  129. What Caused the Second Bombardment?
  130. How hard is it to get a career in Astronomy/physics?
  131. Hot poles
  132. Where Am I? Inter-galatic navigation
  133. Could the ATV launch a human?
  134. Nearest suns question
  135. how old is the universe,really?
  136. Big bang "implosion" and light from stars curving.
  137. the substance , water, (H2O) the manifestation of
  138. Ice depth
  139. Aromatic hydrocarbons, and hydrocarbon derivates in space
  140. Questions about young terrestrial planets.
  141. water level rise
  142. Nova?
  143. what will happen when moon go every year far away from earth?
  144. LHC: Astonish me!
  145. getting rid of space junk
  146. Decomposition in space
  147. Space Junk Bomb
  148. Parallel Photons
  149. CERN and the Higgs Boson
  150. Why is Phobos Striated?
  151. Are there some places in the universe where big bang just happened a few seconds ago?
  152. gravity, c, and distance
  153. Perception of objects when in a deep gravitational well
  154. Wave-Particle Duality and Astronomy Cast
  155. Would the gravity of a galaxy be the sum of all the mass in the galaxy?
  156. The Big bang and Creation
  157. Red objects
  158. Sedna, Oort Cloud, and Heliopause
  159. is it possible to completely drain an atom of its energy?
  160. Density core Jupiter.
  161. Latitude
  162. Electric moondust!
  163. I am, I come
  164. More questions indirectly about the exapnsion of the universe
  165. Could the ratio of anti-matter to matter effect the total universal mass / energy
  166. Is space expanding near and into a black hole?
  167. white holes and red shift
  168. Is this C-14 explanation correct?
  169. Novas and Supernovas ??
  170. If galaxies are moving away from one another then why...
  171. I need a simple explanation of Cosmic Background Radiation
  172. Chris, what IS time reversal?
  173. Expanding Space and Quantum events
  174. books
  175. How long would it take to put a man in orbit? Again
  176. The physics of an artifical earth orbit in layman's terms
  177. How much fuel does it take to put the shuttle into space?
  178. The Ant and Rope thing
  179. T Tauri Stars and Core Hydrogen Fusion
  180. Just how dense is dense?
  181. Could Spagettification happen also at the edge of the universe?
  182. what happens to a black hole when it approaches the edge of the universe?
  183. Is a vacuum a force?
  184. The Perpendicular Sun
  185. If we at the big bang ...
  186. Can time be quantized?
  187. ICM question
  188. APOD: can you tell me what these are?
  189. How do galaxies move?
  190. does angular momentum cause redshift?
  191. Can the light bend the space?
  192. Physically what is the Quasars’ Massive Compact Object?
  193. SNs vs GRBs
  194. spinning gravity ship
  195. Altered moment.
  196. Is there any noise in space?
  197. A reference frame question
  198. Inflation Question
  199. What is the wavelength of light as it receeds near the speed of light?
  200. the twin paradox
  201. approaching a black hole
  202. The Anthropic and Theistic Principles
  203. can light from a source moving towards you
  204. 2d CAD suitable for Minkowski diagrams?
  205. biggest explosion in space?
  206. diagrams of particle collisions
  207. What does universal expansion expand?
  208. Solar System Upside Down in Galaxy?
  209. Size of celestial bodies question....
  210. what gives light its velocity?
  211. Ever-increasing expansion theory
  212. Someone has test it?
  213. Does the cosmological constant push ?
  214. Nibaru or Planet X
  215. Size and infinity concerning the Universe
  216. Generating electricity
  217. Quarks to protons
  218. The mass of a photon of light.
  219. Full Moon Visibility
  220. multiverses, branes and diverging probability
  221. galaxy rotation speed and mass distribution
  222. Understanding expansion of the Universe
  223. 1 teaspoon & 4 elephants
  224. uncertainty
  225. Clarification please ( gravity, and the expansion of space )
  226. pi and gravity
  227. Easy DSOs For Beginners?
  228. A very good class on "the big picture".
  229. Secret launches from VandernBerg?
  230. How measure attenuation of astronomical light?
  231. "Edge" of the universe
  232. ISS in orbit around the moon???
  233. question regarding the phoenix lander
  234. Reasons for building large telescopes
  235. What can endanger a civilization that can travel all over the galaxy?
  236. CSM, LM and shuttle
  237. In an infinite universe must even impossible events happen at least once?
  238. Shuttle boosting the ISS
  239. pre 1998 expectations
  240. About LHC and early Universe
  241. a few questions about gravity
  242. Black hole just passing though
  243. Is the expansion of space constant?
  244. Transmission, Reflection, and Diffusion
  245. If the universe was infinite in size wouldnt there be infinite gravity?
  246. Phonons? Shotgun holes in my education...
  247. Inflation: Is our "horizon" the same as our "bubble universe"?
  248. Does a black hole propogate gravity?
  249. How massive of a black hole would it take to stop the visible universe from expanding
  250. Are quasars signifigantly blue shifted?