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  1. cattle call: any evidence for strings?
  2. On how many worlds do the sands sing?
  3. Dream Telescope
  4. If Achernar or another egg-shaped star were our Sun then?
  5. orbits and sun's mass
  6. Microgravity question
  7. Conversion between angular coordinate systems
  8. Debunking hypothetical : 40 Days & Nights of Rain
  9. Inspired by seasons around a binary star
  10. Black Holes: mass approaches infinity
  11. Seeking Help: Interest in Being A Planet Hunter
  12. Can the quantum foam be influenced?
  13. Cores of Earth, Uranus and Saturn
  14. Earth's most extreme possible max & min temperatures?
  15. Betelguex is much brighter than usual tonight -maybe?
  16. Images from Space
  17. A few questions about gas giants
  18. Lighting Dark Matter
  19. Question: the Hydrogen cycle
  20. Calling experts: is there design in the Universe?
  21. Why doesn't the ISS suffer catastrophic damage from micro-meteors?
  22. Has anyone seen a white hole?
  23. P r o p e r T i m e
  24. Arctic clothing and a hazmat suit in space
  25. Dark Matter in Black Holes
  26. Weather on a planet with no axial tilt?
  27. Gravitational v Relatavistic Red Shift
  28. Why Jupiter?
  29. How would a black hole end?
  30. Hawking radiation
  31. Universe expansion
  32. newbie question... [photons=t ime?]
  33. Universal Inflation and Age
  34. Hammer Throw in Space?
  35. Artificial Comet Experiment
  36. Question about dark matter formations?
  37. Do photons collide?
  38. pressure and the universe?
  39. Looks of a close planetary nebula?
  40. Dust, and old stars
  41. E = mvsquared - where does this come from?
  42. Does Space End?
  43. Visibility of neew moon
  44. Which trajectory is the speed of light?
  45. Isolated stars in intergalactic space?
  46. i have a query (particle detector capabilities)
  47. Dark Matter and Black holes
  48. How far "up"?
  49. Estes rocket experiments
  50. Equation of time's annual variation
  51. The Expanding Universe and Beyond
  52. Is it Normal? [star dims, brightens]
  53. What are rockets made of?
  54. What is the temperature of space? Is it uniform?
  55. A question about math
  56. Geostationary orbital decay
  57. Lorentz transformations and preservation of tyme
  58. Electrical energy direction.
  59. question re: coronal mass ejections
  60. Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe
  61. Does the Speed of Light ever really change?
  62. What will it take for a Big Crunch to win?
  63. Explain the flatness of "space"
  64. Calculations Assistance Please [comet orbit]
  65. Barely Bound Orbit
  66. Question about dark energy
  67. What did I just see?
  68. Composition of atomic nuclei
  69. Inflating a black hole?
  70. Your suggestion for image slideshow
  71. Solar minimum and beetlegeuse?
  72. Galaxy formation
  73. Black holes - something from nothing?
  74. Milky Way Map?
  75. Centrifuge Forces Equation
  76. Why is the Gravitational Constant so sloppy?
  77. Could space be toroidal?
  78. Determining Red Shift and its Causes
  79. GeoStationary Orbit with an ocean view?
  80. Does light have a gravitational effect?
  81. Would the VASIMR's exhaust glow?
  82. [Another 2012 question]
  83. More universes
  84. Nuclear snapshots of our solar system
  85. Hydroxyl on the moon?
  86. Quantum Bio-Computers...
  87. Could Control of Higgs Field be used to change mass?
  88. Something in the sky!
  89. semi-stupid question- fire color
  90. What an Observer Falling Into a Black Hole Sees?
  91. What is this black dot behind the sun?
  92. Star probabilities and closest separations
  93. In Space, nobody can see you wave
  94. One dust storm - two colours - why?
  95. Why not ground water on the moon?
  96. The universe looking like neurons.
  97. function
  98. Is the Universe a Computer?
  99. How to make N2O from N2, O2?
  100. Galileo's Fifth Moon
  101. galaxies in the sloan great wall
  102. venus-sirius
  103. Lagrange points and tertiary mass
  104. Light speed and red shift
  105. Project
  106. Vulpecula, Delphinus,Equuleus,Indus,Microscopium,pavo, sagitta
  107. Primordial Black Holes
  108. Planetary distance question
  109. Just how energetic is Vaccum Energy?
  110. Effect of Earth on Venus/Mars orbits
  111. Maximum Terrestrial Planet
  112. I Have Some Questions About Lasers
  113. I Have Some Questions About Gases
  114. How Useful is a Computer Science Degree for Astronomy?
  115. Good astrophysics text
  116. Flashlight example doesn't work for me--light / shadow for seasons?
  117. Big Bang observability question
  118. The Twins Ununited
  119. Question about light , photons
  120. Trying to get into GRB research and I need some pointers please!
  121. NASA invested in FTL study (or studies)?
  122. Expansion rate: Is this right??
  123. HR Diagram
  124. Is there a simple way to calculate delta v's using TLE's?
  125. Harvest Moon
  126. Light Speed Not Constant?
  127. Whose gravitation?
  128. Star depth on the galactic plane
  129. A question about Quasars and the ideas of Harlton Arp
  130. Is is possible that singularities are fueling "dark enegry" expansion?
  131. Meteorites on Mars
  132. Apollo 11 and LTP
  133. Question about transfer of angular momentum
  134. Planets/Moons spin axis question
  135. Kinetic energy of a wave question
  136. How are gravitational and cosmological redshifts deconvoluted?
  137. What is the highest the Space Shuttle orbiter has ever flown?
  138. Whats happened to the Big bang experiment at CERN?
  139. Orbital Clearing -Defining feature or contingent trait?
  140. Is faster than light travel possible?
  141. Einstein implicitly proves himself and Lorentz wrong
  142. A work book in Tensors
  143. Brightest variable stars - what class is Sirius in?
  144. LCROSS Impact Viewing
  145. Universal Expansion Accellerating
  146. Planetary orbits
  147. Earth in Apollo UV image
  148. Question about throwing an object that is already in orbit
  149. Galaxy Question
  150. Please help me understand "virtual particles"
  151. An old question revisited the Pyramids and Orion's belt
  152. Dark Matter -- question
  153. Initial Size of the Universe
  154. What triggers radioactive nuclei decay?
  155. Galaxy in a box
  156. Singularity before the Big Bang
  157. How long is the present?
  158. Is Dark Energy proportional / correlative with entropy?
  159. Why is the impossibility of FTL such a certainty?
  160. Where does the energy from CMB photons go - energy conservation violation?
  161. Colliding Galaxies
  162. What are they called?
  163. Interstellar travel--what if we just wait?
  164. What causes primodial stars to spin
  165. Trying to understand the need for dark energy
  166. Astronomy Problem Involving Newton's Version of Kepler's Third Law
  167. Higgs particles prevents itself from being made by LHC
  168. Help with a galaxy simulator (Gravity)
  169. Nebulae or nebulas?
  170. light speed and relativity
  171. Double Planet
  172. Asteroid belt
  173. Accelerating Universe / inverse acceleration?
  174. How big is the universe?
  175. Why are the rockets tethered before take-off?
  176. Relativity...
  177. Jupiter - brown dwarf?
  178. How local is the Age of the Universe?
  179. Relationship between axial tilt and precession
  180. Question about orbiting moons
  181. Does space topology create stuff?
  182. Looking for old video of meteor in Mars sky?
  183. HR8799 Question
  184. KAGUYA video of the moon?
  185. Spectral class of gas giants
  186. Seeking recommendations for graphical programming software for Windows
  187. Expanding Universe and the Relation to Galaxies
  188. Creating one's own black hole -- how to?
  189. Anything new on Nemises?
  190. Lack of stars in Apollo pics (Not ATM!)
  191. another 2 slit exp. question
  192. Are Ants Living in a Two-Dimensional World?
  193. Why is Charon not a dwarf planet?
  194. Planet formation
  195. Spacecraft parachutes
  196. What Branch of Astronomy are You Most Interested in?
  197. Relativity of Simultaneity and Clocks
  198. When and how did fundamental particles form?
  199. Questions about the Universe
  200. Radioactivity as a heat source for planets
  201. Why is the Earth's shadow different in these two Moon shots?
  202. How does the CMB map indicate that the Universe(space) would be flat?
  203. Why does NASA hide photos before official release?
  204. Seeking cosmology/QM guru
  205. What's the largest possible chemical rocket?
  206. Servicing James Webb
  207. age of the universe
  208. Einstein's lightening strikes...
  209. Habitat Ring.
  210. I have a question (pulled from "If it turns out BBT is wrong...)
  211. Question about Hawking Radiation
  212. Is 'nothingness' causing our universe to expand?
  213. Accelerating expansion?
  214. Entanglement: a form of communication via probability?
  215. Brown Dwarfs, Rogue Planets and WISE
  216. 180 degrees from our galactic orbit, could we see the mass in our local group?
  217. What if all the stars except the sun died?
  218. Big Bang question (easy to answer)
  219. E=mc2 Question
  220. Parity Foul
  221. Publishing
  222. What happens to the satellite galaxies when the Milky Way & Andromeda collide?
  223. What is the value of the Universe?
  224. The LHC, Higg's Boson and Gravitons
  225. Asteroid Impact Damage
  226. Antimatter probe
  227. New Planned Astrocomb To Close In On Dark Energy
  228. If the moon's orbit is nudged won't we get a huge tidal tsunami?
  229. Martian satellite periods
  230. A rookie question on double slit
  231. Wormholes and Pure Mathematics
  232. If galaxies can collide, can they also split?
  233. Earth-like planet with colder poles/hotter equator
  234. Question re:Lawrence Krauss Lecture - Quantum Fluctuations Create Matter
  235. Help Identifying Object in Photo
  236. Earth's Speed
  237. Higgs Boson and mass
  238. An inacurately measured Universe?
  239. T dilation defined
  240. aether aka gas torus
  241. Had a couple of questions... [terraforming mars]
  242. Galaxy study hints at cracks in dark matter theories
  243. LT Construction Question
  244. Looking Into The Past
  245. What is the gravitational t1me dilation on the surface of a neutron star?
  246. Modifed Gravity versus Dark Energy?
  247. Why does earth's obliquity change?
  248. Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex
  249. Double Star smearing.
  250. Where is the latest information available about number of moons for the planets?