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  1. Mass and Supraluminal
  2. What would an Earthlike planet with the land/ocean ratio opposite of Earth`s be like?
  3. Meteor ?
  4. Photographing Cepheids?
  5. Math question
  6. What would Earth look like if the icecaps melted completely?
  7. Why were pulsars such surprise?
  8. Velocity curve of galaxy rotation
  9. What's the surface gravity of Gliese 581 d?
  10. Peculiar motion and acceleration
  11. Light Speed "illusion"
  12. Lagrange Points question
  13. Distances at c
  14. Putting probes in Venus' Lagrangian points
  15. Why was Olber wrong?
  16. How to calculate the volume of a sphere?
  17. Formation of black holes, impossible?
  18. Dark Stars
  19. Scale height
  20. Moon landing myths
  21. Hypothetical observation of the speed of light
  22. relativity questions and examples
  23. Does the edge of our visible universe radiate?
  24. Magnetic Monopole a certainty?
  25. Making a solar system diagram?
  26. Mars & Venus with water.
  27. Mechanical reasons for TR clock slowing.
  28. Radiation, The Clear Sky Kind, Questions
  29. Did WMAP get it right?
  30. regarding "New "temperate" exoplanet discovered"
  31. Followup on Relativity Questions from UT Story
  32. Is there any Evidence for string theory?
  33. Attaching a digital camera to binoculars
  34. Origin of radiation
  35. quantum gravity
  36. How to convert acceleration/velocity to mass?
  37. Discerning relationships between three forces
  38. Negative Mass and the Schwarzschild radius
  39. Question about Brian Greene's books
  40. The concept and effect of gravitons
  41. dark matter
  42. dark matter and black holes
  43. Moonrise
  44. Questions on new Michelson Morley experiment
  45. what is the max velocity that a star can accelerate another object to?
  46. length contraction on a massive scale.
  47. Questions about Ocean Planets.
  48. have some questions [proof the earth actually spins]
  49. How do they know what color?
  50. Surface topography of Titan?
  51. Four body Trojan stability
  52. Bigbang sequence
  53. Hydrogen atoms in space
  54. How far from melting are the rocks of Venus & Mercury?
  55. The last days of Regor
  56. Could Gliese 710 be Nemesis?
  57. what is the redshift of an object receding at speeds approaching the speed of light?
  58. question [evidence that we orbit the sun?]
  59. FTL and causality
  60. Is this a satellite ?!
  61. Penny for your thoughts. [universe in trough of grav wave?]
  62. Mathematic derivation of the speed of light?
  63. M-forming
  64. mass and electromagnatism in a black hole
  65. The accuracy of observation over vast distances.
  66. I Wanna move Mars and get away with it
  67. Recent Solar System Observations
  68. Horizon Question
  69. Negative Energy and Gravitational Time Dilation
  70. Propulsion method for sublight spacecraft...
  71. The CfA2 Great Wall
  72. Orbit about a black hole
  73. Could dark matter be made up of slow neutrios?
  74. I've been thinking about The Pluto Files on PBS and Pluto's demotion for a month
  75. How much negative mass would it take to rip apart a planet?
  76. Question about entropy at the beginning of universe
  77. Does big rip have an acceleration gradient?
  78. The Fate of Black Holes Over Time
  79. Watching the Moon Spin
  80. Asteroid Impacts and Earths Rotation
  81. How far, when and in what section of the oorb debris are we being surrounded
  82. what would fan out gravitation look like?
  83. New type of energy for a story?
  84. Schwarzschild metric not invariant?
  85. Where is the centre of the Universe?
  86. Is deeper, closer?
  87. Why is information on nuclear batteries (and other space batteries) so limited?
  88. kinematic derivatives: why is acceleration more important than jerk, snap, crackle ?
  89. black hole freeze frames?
  90. How is a BB singularity different from a Black Hole vis Gravity and escape velocity?
  91. The Unobservable Universe
  92. Question about the Inflaton Field
  93. Infinite combinations of atoms
  94. is everything always travelling at c?
  95. Heating up
  96. Could there be anything left of the Big Bang Singularity?
  97. Order --> Disorder ---> Order? (Entropy confusion)
  98. Our Universe existing in a black hole?
  99. 2010 ga6
  100. Water on the moon, what happens?
  101. Pictures in the moon dust
  102. The Great Attractor
  103. Is cosmic drift polar?
  104. A relatively simple question
  105. Possible? Liquid Water in a Gas Giant?
  106. Uncertainty Principle
  107. the size of the universe does not add up to the time its had to expand?
  108. zero degrees longitude
  109. Least metallic nearby galaxies
  110. The effects of a nuclear explosion between two universes
  111. Energy Conservation and the Infinite Universe
  112. Does the equivalence principal apply to redshift?
  113. Inflatable Spacecraft Structure (Transhab style) questions.
  114. Does dark energy destroy black holes?
  115. What is a rindler horizon?
  116. Fate of Smith´s Cloud?
  117. Changes within solar system (I urge you to view)
  118. If earth had a second teeny tiny moon...
  119. Gravity, acceleration and Black Holes
  120. A question about tides
  121. Exploding meteor over southern Wisconsin on 4/14/10 at 10:00 pm cst
  122. CMBR, comoving coordinates, and the Unruh Effect
  123. Pi and the shape of the universe
  124. Mars Magnetic Field?
  125. Question on redshifts in Cruttenden's Binary Sun model
  126. Photon-photon collisions - observed, or not?
  127. expansion
  128. What Happens To Time?
  129. Question: -Sungrazing comet observed by COR1-A on March 12,
  130. Gravitational Energy in general relativity
  131. angular diameter distance
  132. Will the moon fly away?
  133. Is The Many-Worlds Theory Really A Popular Theory?
  134. Solar System Equilibruim For Life
  135. Is gravity present at the quantum levels ?
  136. Could Pluto and Neptune ever collide?
  137. Exceeding Speed of Light?
  138. Energy between silver balls?
  139. where and when does dark matter and dark energy come from
  140. Infinite Space; Infinite Time
  141. Relativity Questions - Dimensional issues
  142. Titan's interior?
  143. Gravity, acceleration 2 Black Holes
  144. What would happen if the Earth cracked in Half...?
  145. Spitzer, Chandra, Hubble.... JWST
  146. speed of sound
  147. Past Present and Future: How does one thing lead to another?
  148. Helium balloons on re-entry to earths atmosphere.
  149. Big Rope
  150. simple physics question can acceleration create equality in tidal forces?
  151. Quasars
  152. Equatorial Launch vs Conventional (Temperate Zone) Launch.
  153. Can universal expansion produce hawking radiation?
  154. Universes Future (Answers Wanted)
  155. [Physics behind Universe expansion]
  156. Temperature and axial tilt of the planet
  157. Quick sat overpass question: What did I see?
  158. purpose of first postulate
  159. Galaxies: elliptical reverting to spiral?
  160. Black Holes, and Hoops
  161. An Einsteinian Thought Experiment.
  162. Is the Sun Losing Mass?
  163. Galactic Horizons.
  164. Velocity and gravitational fields
  165. Length contraction, which is it?
  166. Near-light speed and the Earth's biosphere
  167. Binary Orbits in Ecliptic Coordinates
  168. Speed of Light thought experiment
  169. John Herschel's catalogue of galaxies and nebulae
  170. do subatomic particles have 'size'?
  171. Undergraduate astrophysics?
  172. How does the Belt of Venus work?
  173. Giant rockets that never came to be.
  174. The Big Bangs???
  175. "mechanical" experiments with light
  176. blue stars
  177. Life Long, Silly Question
  178. all the worlds nuke bombs went off at the same point on the surface of earth
  179. Are tidal forces linear?
  180. spin off from the "Speed of Light thought experiment" thread
  181. Nightmares
  182. medieval supernova
  183. Libration Points In A Geostationary Orbit
  184. Approaching the speed of light
  185. Direction of Tidal Force?
  186. What if the Earth's rotation speeded up?
  187. The nature or the essence of time
  188. is cosmic expansion perfectly linear or approximately linear
  189. Universe - Why are we in the middle?
  190. Lateral Tidal Forces at a distance
  191. Another Gravity Question. Surface Gravity This Time.
  192. What is energy? and a gravity question related to matter...
  193. pillars of creation
  194. A quick cure-all for Dark Energy?
  195. Interplanetary Space Fight in Binary Systems
  196. Slingshot Spaceflight
  197. Will I or other people see aliens in our lifetime?
  198. Measuring the days of gas giants
  199. Time on moon relative to earth.
  200. Seeing back in time
  201. Maximum Velocity of Gravtional Slingshot?
  202. Better parallax for UGPS 0722-05
  203. question about Martian orbits
  204. Matter-Antimatter
  205. Light escaping stars' gravity
  206. Gas Giants?
  207. Reason for big bang
  208. Question about rotation & flow of liquid(s) on an astronomical body.
  209. Stopping Tonados?
  210. Spontaniuos Symmetry Breaking
  211. Size Is The Limit Of Movment
  212. been around the sun 39 times today
  213. Gravity on a Super Earth
  214. How quantum gravity works if is asumedd the photon is massless?
  215. bosenovas
  216. 99942 Apophis how much damage and how to deal with it
  217. Bright object in WNW sky?
  218. Mass Limit of Satellites Name Again?
  219. Astrodynamics books -- read any?
  220. The Source of Geothermal Energy
  221. FTL and Causality, Part Two, The Movie.
  222. Jupiter Loses a Stripe - And I Thought Military Discipline Was Bad!
  223. Barring "Internal Force Fields" And Novel Materials...
  224. Magnetism vs Gravity.
  225. Random walking photons and blue giants
  226. Writing a very big number
  227. How far can we see into space? and can Brown dwarfs be seen or detected?
  228. RCW120
  229. Black Hole Sun & Earth's cooling off period?
  230. A Full Moon At Sea Question.
  231. Question- Two Atom's in empty space
  232. what is time?
  233. Question- ratio of dark matter/baryonic matter
  234. If space and the universe is expanding, is the matter in it expanding too?
  235. Acceleration
  236. Collegiate Education: Majoring in Astronomy
  237. Lithium planets?
  238. Forces in nature?
  239. Are atoms and sub atomic particles, particles or waves... ?
  240. Unknowably far stars
  241. [Universe Rotation : Red/Blue Shift]
  242. NatGeo's Storm Worlds
  243. In what direction is the center of the universe?
  244. Viewing different Galaxys ?
  245. Local Group supernovae
  246. 3D Map of the Trojans
  247. What's our Hubble Flow Vector?
  248. Question about the surface of last scattering
  249. What would a planetary collision be like?
  250. Is a Liquid Planet Possible?