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  1. Matter - Antimatter Imbalance and Questions About the Universe
  2. Dark Galaxies
  3. Supernova minimum mass
  4. X-ray and skyglow
  5. hello iv just got in to astonmy and i live in barrow-in-furnes uk i looked out about
  6. Sun-Earth Distance: Inaccurate?
  7. End of the universe?
  8. Stuck on Gravity!!
  9. [why do the circumpolar stars seem to be revolving from earth?]
  10. What keeps us in reality
  11. Is space discrete ?
  12. Approaching and entering a galaxy
  13. Soviet and Apollo
  14. Asteroids made out of the Earth, Moon and Theia?
  15. Saturn IVb TLI Acceleration?
  16. The Speed of Light, Acceleration and Alpha Centauri. And one more about a Black Hole
  17. collapse of the wave function
  18. [Can water exists on mercury]
  19. What happens to the positrons in the Sun?
  20. Black Body.. ?
  21. AGN SEDs (the spectral energy distribution of active galactic nuclei)?
  22. Angle where Milky Way is brightest
  23. question about the apollo program [lost tapes]
  24. Emission spectral lines
  25. Big Bang + Distant Galaxies
  26. how disastrous would this be?
  27. Pioneer force.
  28. Specific Question Regarding the ISS
  29. Question regarding expansion of the universe.
  30. Solar Eclipse safe viewing.
  31. messenger's landing
  32. Quantitative spectral analysis and sunlight
  33. Do photons experience Time?
  34. Destroying a Black Hole with Anti-Matter?
  35. So sound cant travel in space ?
  36. Saturn's Rings
  37. Question regarding current references on Solar System Astronomy?
  38. Betelgeuse supernova any day now? Or is it a hoax?
  39. [The origin of the Universe]
  40. Are we 100% certain that the asteroid Apophis is no threat to Earth?
  41. BHs and asymetric ang. momentum change
  42. how much mass does the earth gain on any given day?
  43. Wind on Venus, Earth and Mars Question
  44. problem with length contraction
  45. How many times has the moon spun around the Earth?
  46. Gas giant close encounters and moons
  47. Some questions about habitable worlds
  48. Ironies in Science?
  49. why does 'magnetism' not obey the inverse square law? what about the weak and strong
  50. Jumping in lower/higher gravity?
  51. Why is Mars red?
  52. I don't understand Photons... Help?
  53. Faster than the speed of light
  54. How White holes could exist
  55. Why does the moons orbit increase?
  56. How is Titan able to retain its atmosphere?
  57. Why is the Universe Full of Suns?
  58. Searching for Earliest Images of the Horsehead Nebula
  59. The Acceleration Due To Gravity Inside The Nucleus
  60. help explaining shock waves in PN abell 35
  61. Geomagnetically Induced Currents
  62. technical terms.
  63. Would a four launch Gemini moon mission have been possible?
  64. Some Questions About Quantum Physics...
  65. Does a planetary ring always settle at the equator?
  66. Can Dark Energy Break the Speed of Light Barrier?
  67. Star generations
  68. Failed Binary Solar Systems
  69. Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy
  70. Are forces affected by gravity?
  71. The Anatomy of a Sun Spot
  72. Why Are Higher Frequency EM Waves...
  73. What does the EFE predict about space-time dilation past the EH?
  74. For a black hole, does the gravitational pull come from the EH or the singularity?
  75. Gravity and entropy
  76. Determining My Distance from a Galaxy
  77. Gravity Waves: Graviton Flux Oscillation or SpaceTime Compression/Rarefication?
  78. Obsessed with Faster than Light Travel
  79. Landing on an asteroid
  80. jrreasons' What Caused the Big Bang
  81. Can anyone tell me what I saw last night? (And it wasn't a UFO!)
  82. Lunar Eclipses/ Eclipse Cycles/ Odd Question
  83. Near-light-speed weaponry: what would it do, what would it look like?
  84. The three planes of our astronomical neighborhood.
  85. Solar System Simulator
  86. Towards a Unified Theory
  87. Reflection of Light
  88. The Gravity of the Universe and Linear "Routes".
  89. a disc free-falling towards a central atrracting mass
  90. Seeing back in time by looking at stars/planet question
  91. What are fields ? i.e Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields..
  92. Time, Observation & Reference Frames?
  93. Could we see in fast-forward?
  94. CMB ripple accuracy news???
  95. Space, Dark Energy and the Vacuum.
  96. Center of Gravity vs Center of Mass
  97. Cultures and legends. Question.
  98. About this section of the forum (for the natives)
  99. Space tourism future
  100. Europa's radiation
  101. Are the phases of Venus alone sufficient to dispose of Ptolomy?
  102. Is there a limit as to how big a rocky planet could be?
  103. A little theory about the expansion of the universe - possible or completely a "NO!"?
  104. A non-static universe
  105. Questions about collision that created the Earth and Moon
  106. Observable universe and causal connection
  107. Does light that has been reflected still travel at the speed of light?
  108. what is Space?
  109. Is there a "Habitable Zone" in the Galaxy?
  110. moon leaving earth's gravity...possible?
  111. More Questions About Open Realism
  112. Question about the Big Bang...
  113. Does anyone know what fell from the sky Friday night, June 18th, in the Bay Area?
  114. Where is the Cons. Ang. Mom of the sun?
  115. Artificial gravity
  116. How does velocity effect extreme redshift?
  117. Direction of setting sun at solstice
  118. How does movement effect gravity?
  119. A Calm Before A Storm? Is the Sun loosing its spots?
  120. Time and the Microwave Background Radiation
  121. Many Worlds question
  122. How do solar sails work? Can they go on any vector?
  123. [Gravity at time of Big bang]
  124. Gravity and the Big Bang
  125. Higgs/gravity question
  126. What is hollow earth?
  127. Energy from colliding supermassive black holes (matter/antimatter)
  128. Direction of spin in our Galaxy
  129. Straight forward question about measurement and true distance
  130. Why does a collision of matter and anti-matter result in a release of pure energy?
  131. Space Trebuchet
  132. Planets rotating retrograde to star
  133. which moon is this?
  134. Why is the Longest Day not at the Solstice?
  135. Focused magnetism?
  136. Unlimited Range of Electromagnetic Force
  137. What is the maximum size a reflector telescope could be built in space?
  138. is the acceleration of expanding universe the same everywhere?
  139. why is our solar system tilted 90 degrees to our galaxy's ecliptic?
  140. Black hole/ neutron star contracting to a bose einstein condensate
  141. Friction of a neutron star being sucked into a black hole
  142. Disappearing full moon ??
  143. Center of Universe
  144. Black holes really just large worm holes?
  145. Something odd [what did I see?]
  146. Constancy of c
  147. Tensors and Time Dilation?
  148. Space Tether
  149. What's the range of EMP from Kappa Ceti-like Superflares?
  150. Question about binary systems, Jovian planets, and comet impacts
  151. How far?
  152. Is it really possible to shoot a projectile into space with a cannon?
  153. Another Big Bang/Black Hole question
  154. Super Astrometry.
  155. A most likely repeat of multiple previous topics. But 2012 fear none-the-less.
  156. spin of venus
  157. Are gravitational and cosmological redshifts easy to distinguish, observationally?
  158. 'Gravitational redshifting' proposed as an explanation of cosmological redshifts?
  159. Can speeds faster than c be detected ?
  160. Type 1a Supernovae
  161. How much could spectroscopy tell us about an exoplanet's atmosphere?
  162. how do i estimate the temperature of atomic hydrogen gas....
  163. Changes of habitable zone area with age of Sun
  164. Hybrid eclipse frequency
  165. Black hole question
  166. Gravity and Negative Energy
  167. [graviton/anti-graviton ~ inflation]
  168. Bright star about a degree west of Venus
  169. Could interstellar vacuum be considered a blackbody radiator?
  170. Question about Special Relativity
  171. How to land on an asteroid or comet?
  172. Expanding Space and FTL
  173. <Dang> Hollywood.
  174. Solar Wind acceleration question
  175. Composition and structure of Hot and Cold asteroid belts?
  176. Astral Collisions and Near Misses
  177. Star Trek energy shields are feasible?
  178. Dark energy, big bang
  179. Does the Analemma apply to the drift of the planets and stars as it does to the sun's
  180. Ring around the Ovoid
  181. A question about the solar wind.
  182. Stars in Globular Clusters
  183. Dark Matter and Gravitons
  184. G1.9 and the Oort cloud anomaly
  185. Why is dark matter needed?
  186. Deep Space gravity assisted speed gain
  187. Iron planets vs Rocky planets
  188. What if Earth and Moon were same size?
  189. Super Massive Black Hole Question
  190. magnetic field as part of light beam
  191. Radio waves & electromagnetic field questions
  192. Of Black and White
  193. CMBR power spectrum acoustic peaks
  194. stars lighter than the sun
  195. Keeping track of outer space discoveries?
  196. The spin issue
  197. What would an astronomer if they were on a quaser galaxy as it is now
  198. Is Time Running Out?
  199. Writing a story: Plausibility of an unknown asteroid hitting earth?
  200. Followup on Relativity Questions from UT Story.
  201. Nibiru/Planet X - Why do people refuse to let go?
  202. Physics questions. Do we weigh less at night time. And would the moon have a tide
  203. Star 320 Times Bigger Than The Sun Found....
  204. Moving star
  205. Stamped envelope on the moon question
  206. Does dark matter obscure distant galaxies?
  207. How would one generate a starmap for non-human eyes?
  208. Planetary Nebula composition
  209. What happens at ZAMS?
  210. Travel Backward in Time by Exceeding the Speed of Light
  211. From where are those images?
  212. Gravitational effects of neighboring parallel universe objects explain 'Dark Matter'?
  213. Why Haven't They... Or have they?
  214. Question about dust
  215. Orbital precession
  216. does 1999 RQ36 have a Torino number assigned?
  217. Uncertainty principle violation
  218. Does dark matter account mostly for gravity field?
  219. Dark Matter
  220. Help me with the pronunciation of these Martian locations
  221. Lunar rotation rate question.
  222. Cosmological Models with No Big Bang, is this a valid model being considered?
  223. Closed down NASA missions
  224. IF an event horizon doesn't form..?
  225. Seeing A Supernova
  226. The K-T Impact event - How Bright in the Sky??
  227. Need help identifying a solar system body:
  228. Tensors and QCD physics
  229. When is a good time to view the pending Aurora?
  230. General question about Black Holes (BH) and fate of the Universe
  231. Universe's Energy Level
  232. which planets are the closest to see in the sky in our solar system?
  233. Accuracy of a black hole's "inner horizon" and "space falling faster than light"
  234. Could wormholes make anti-matter?
  235. Light mass or no mass ?????
  236. The Direction of our Solar System
  237. Was our universe born inside a black hole?
  238. Gliese 581 exoplanet question
  239. [Photons: Does the energy run out? Or is it infinite?]
  240. Pair Instability Supanova
  241. Six men in a box on a mission to “Mars”
  242. Space-Time Expansion
  243. What is Space-time made of
  244. Why can't we see past the Microwave Background Radition?
  245. Petr Horava's concept of space-time in contrast to GR?
  246. Need clarification on Black Hole Concepts
  247. Vacuum bubbles/False vacuum - Theory vs. reality
  248. A Question regarding a hypothesized exploding super massive black hole.
  249. Is the sun getting hotter, and dimming slowly?
  250. Expansion theory/space-time