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  1. How do we know we evolved from the same organism?
  2. Question About Electron / Positron Annihilation
  3. Confused about redshift "z"
  4. Perseids Meteor shower
  5. Where are things now!?
  6. How to calculate day length on a generic planet?
  7. Input wanted on day length & seasons on a fictional planet.
  8. Question About Muon Decay
  9. Distant galaxies and the HST ultra deep field view
  10. NOT tidally locked moons
  11. Movement of sun in galaxy
  12. Sunís siblings
  13. Can anyone tell me what I saw last night?
  14. Are the Lagrange Points worth the trouble?
  15. Pulsar discovery? is this real?
  16. Scaling the Sun
  17. Red Shift
  18. Micro - black hole question
  19. Jupiter and sunspots?
  20. Resurrected Galaxies?
  21. Asymmetry in BH/galaxy jets? Source of propulsion?
  22. Seasons on Titan
  23. SUN!
  24. matter waves and bosons
  25. Galaxy type distribution
  26. Expanding universe over the speed of light?
  27. Einstein Cross
  28. Question: Current models for the creation of our Solar System?
  29. What is the relationship between a theory and model?
  30. Moon's orbit
  31. Calculating angular size
  32. Yet another black hole question.....
  33. For the astronomers and physicists. [picturing the Antenna Galaxy]
  34. Heavy ions in CR - highest observed energies?
  35. Spacecraft equipment
  36. Special relativity - who's really experiencing time dialation?
  37. Multiple eclipsing planets
  38. Using Kepler results to determine Stars true mass.
  39. How visible are the rings of Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune?
  40. Why no antiphotons?
  41. Spinning Universe?
  42. how the anlysis of a meteorite
  43. Dust and Blue Light
  44. Ignorant brit in spain seeks info re fire ball
  45. Alpha Centauri
  46. center of gravity for the planet earth/core of the earth
  47. Star populations by classification
  48. Which is the closest metal rich star likely to posess an earthlike planet?
  49. Is the universe being swallowed up by black holes?
  50. Least metallic gas clouds
  51. Universe's total energy is 0?
  52. Planetary migration (speculation, questions)
  53. Reading by the light of Jupiter
  54. Hitching to the outer solar system
  55. ANOTHER weather/seasons topic: inclination to the ecliptic and weather/seasons
  56. light
  57. Exoplanetary discoveries, a question...
  58. 2 Questions about extrasolar planet detection
  59. Star's brightness and solar insolation
  60. When is the lunar x visable
  61. Titan. And Titan-like exoplanets. Supertitans perhaps.
  62. Playing a game of catch with photons/gravitons.
  63. Origin of galactic bars?
  64. flattened earth (relativity)
  65. Biggest star ( R136a1 )
  66. venus pentagrams
  67. Triangluar constellations in the stars.
  68. EPR "paradox"
  69. Bolometric correction zero point
  70. Early Mars: wet, warm, humid & sticky?
  71. Farthest we've seen into the universe
  72. Distribution of siderophiles
  73. Why don't atoms in expanding space radiate energy?
  74. What comes down.
  75. What happens to planets/moons when you swap them or change their distance from Sun?
  76. How should I set the Lunitidal interval on my new watch
  77. Where To Go For Good View Of The Night Sky near Albuquerque?
  78. Fine-structure constant Alpha has been changing in both space and time since BB
  79. Does the universe exist in a container or is the universe it's own container?
  80. If there is one atom every several cubic miles of space, why can we still see far?
  81. Is it theoretically possible to descend into the atmosphere slowly enough & not burn?
  82. Why is it so bright at the center of some galaxies?
  83. Relativistic Jets
  84. Artificial Gravity
  85. Photons - Faster Than Light Components
  86. Returning to the same point eventually?
  87. Colliding Black Holes
  88. Home radio astronomy?
  89. Large Electrons
  90. Throwing Stones at Giants
  91. Question about inner horizon/ singularity in a black hole
  92. Detecting a Faster-than-Light Entity
  93. celestial angle puzzle
  94. Dark matter or gravity
  95. Earth crossing objects
  96. Why does a star become a black hole???
  97. Moon Math
  98. Mining an asteroid?
  99. The Local Interstellar Cloud
  100. QM and Gravity and BHs
  101. Lasco anomaly
  102. Planetissimals and the protoplanetary disc
  103. Journal of Cosmology
  104. Curve ball
  105. Orbiting east to west
  106. Find a database
  107. Shackleton crater
  108. What Does Causal Really Mean in CDT (Causal Dynamical Triangulation) Quantum Gravity?
  109. Does precession impact meteor shower timing and radiant points?
  110. Pioneer anomaly - the direction of the acceleration
  111. Young Solar System
  112. Crater trails on Phobos
  113. Why does the moon look like a 3D sphere during lunar eclipses
  114. Phobos orbital period
  115. Changes in the orbits of planets in our Solar System
  116. Can a powerful CME cause a comet to fragment?
  117. Really bright star in southern sky
  118. Why are assumptions being found to be wrong ? [Mars moons orbits deteriorating]
  119. Mysterious force holds back Nasa probe in deep space
  120. What is air friction?
  121. Why can't a particle at rest radiate?
  122. Why can't we see Big Bang through Hubble telescope?
  123. Does Gravity Explain The Way The Way The Universe Is?
  124. How thick was the lunar atmosphere 4 billion years ago?
  125. Greater Than C
  126. Answer To Everything
  127. How large would the observable universe be
  128. Density of the Early Universe
  129. Looking for historical images/photographs of Jupiter
  130. If we can not determine the center of the universe, then how can we determine ...
  131. "Flyby anomaly" - papers?
  132. How can cosmic expansion accelerate?
  133. What is the dimmest object Hubble can detect (in apparent magnitude)?
  134. Is abiogenesis mainstream science?
  135. Why the higher you are, the faster you age?
  136. Newton Got Beaned By The Apple Good
  137. Time may be disappearing
  138. Is the universe 13.7 billion years old?
  139. earth-sun-moon model question
  140. Eyepice/Filter Set
  141. Einstein's Field Equation - tensors
  142. Question about the quantum ladder
  143. Can a comet be naked-eye visible for an entire year?
  144. Universe Expansion
  145. What can be extrapolated from planets and exoplanets orbiting around their sun?
  146. Universal Expansion
  147. Shell Theorem in General relativity
  148. static propagation :D
  149. Another 'Idiot' with a question on the Conservation of Energy
  150. Are Black Holes Bright?
  151. what caused the propeller nebula aka DWB 111
  152. Minimum size of sub-brown dwarf
  153. Is string theory somewhat accepted?
  154. question about BH singularities and higher dimensions
  155. The UN Space Ambassador video?
  156. Concept of the Milky Way as a dynamical system
  157. Can A Neutron star produce radiation similar to Hawking Radiation?
  158. The role of SR in a 2d universe
  159. What happens when virtual pairs are both consumed by the black hole?
  160. Theoretical (large scale) limit of photon wavelength
  161. "NASA Shoots the Moon" photo: Really?
  162. Propulsion; Where are we ?
  163. Photons from 6th magnitude star
  164. Universe from Nothing?
  165. Gravitational Wave properties
  166. DZ-120-A- The tYme Measurement Thought Experiment
  167. Extreme Axial Tilt
  168. Pronunciation Of Astronomical Names
  169. a star-like pre big bang object
  170. Hey look! Itís a bird, itís a planeÖ no, itís the unobservable universe.
  171. Changes in orbital distance
  172. Time Dilation
  173. Mach and GR, thought experiments and reality
  174. Size of the Big Bang singularity?
  175. Shell Theorem - A Contracting Shell
  176. Fastest thing in the universe?
  177. Not The Usuall "Closing At Greater Than c" Question.
  178. james webb telescope
  179. Crab Pulsar PLANET?!?
  180. Into the Universe with Stephen Hawkings
  181. Seeing Planets With The Naked Eye
  182. Has any BAUTer measured G?
  183. Effect of a large moon on the tidal lock of Gliese 581 g
  184. A primer on exo-planetary science
  185. Okay, do we, or do we not, have actual hi-rez photographs of Pluto?
  186. What am I looking at
  187. Apollo 17 12/11/72 cst 19:30 get 118:36
  188. Question about stars
  189. Whatever happened to the KPNO mirror that no one knew what to do with?
  190. Atmosperic circulation on an exo-earth in 3:2 spin:orbit resonance
  191. Origin of nickel
  192. Last night's sky..........
  193. When will the CMBR be totally absorbed?
  194. Can energy promote a virtual pair?
  195. Does time dilation affect perceived mass and strength of gravity?
  196. Question about Hydrogen Fusion as energy source for story..??
  197. The Big Bang
  198. The effects of seeing via cold weather
  199. Is There Significant Dark Matter in Globular Clusters?
  200. TeV-energies at LHC - greater than expected due to gravity?
  201. where is the space expanding
  202. Acceleration and relativity
  203. Meteoroid craters on Lunar Module
  204. Arrangement of hollow and full months
  205. Active scanning across interstellar distances...
  206. Solar System diversity
  207. How soon after the big bang could intelligent life evolve?
  208. What would Earth be like if all the polar ice melted into the oceans?
  209. What causes captured rotation?
  210. Acceleration, Relativity and Distance
  211. square root of variables
  212. How is the product GM for the sun accurately determined?
  213. Gentleman how accurate is this simulator?
  214. Young but infinite
  215. Question about Relativistic Loopholes for Simulated Gravity or: What's Dr. G Sayin?
  216. Understanding the Relativistic Effect
  217. How would the Earth's rotation be affected if the Moon shattered?
  218. Luminosity-Period Relation for Population II Cepheids
  219. cosmological time dilation
  220. Moving stars!!
  221. Azimuthal Stereographic Projection Question
  222. What is the definition of an event?
  223. From a distance is there a way to tell if a black hole had really formed?
  224. silly question? time slows down near a black hole...
  225. How can there be "embryonic" level 1 multiverses?
  226. Mapping Miranda with the European Extremely Large Telescope
  227. Mapping exoplanet magnetic fields from the Solar System
  228. Colliding galaxies
  229. Question about light / dark cycles at the south pole of the moon
  230. Question about stars and galaxies all in the same photo?
  231. Earth formerly known as...?
  232. Fate of gas in elliptical and lenticular galaxies?
  233. Luminosity and apparent magnitude calculations
  234. Question about distance galactic density
  235. "Edgy" Question: What is reality?
  236. Time Travel Question
  237. Venus surface
  238. How big or how close does an Asteroid need to be?
  239. Daedalus probe in Solar System
  240. universe
  241. Big Bang + Inflation
  242. The begining
  243. Does WMAP support a "big crunch" or a "big freeze"?
  244. Weighing The Universe
  245. Universe Expansion
  246. Quick question about UDFy-38135539
  247. Universe Configuration
  248. Ilusion
  249. How massive does a body have to be to become spherical?
  250. Big Trojan stability