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  1. How doe a few hundred become billions?
  2. Photon Question
  3. Galilean transformation for space-time metric
  4. Why does the hubble parameter change?
  5. Habitable planet around Procyon possible?
  6. light
  7. How close can something get to the Earth and not impact?
  8. Stars in the sky
  9. Alternatives to mirrors and lenses
  10. quantum entanglement
  11. "Rockets don't work in vacuum"
  12. Gravity question
  13. Limits of greenhouse effect
  14. Water on tidally-locked planets
  15. opinions about Lorentz ether theory
  16. LET and SR
  17. Is the universe elastic
  18. This seems wrong...
  19. bound state vs. scattering state
  20. Black Holes Eating Space-Time
  21. The Big Bounce
  22. What is this type of eclipse?
  23. What is the nearest Black hole that is closest to our Star System?
  24. Are Electrons Black Holes?
  25. Vacuum energy and gravitational propagation
  26. kook or not kook? Abraham Ungar
  27. Problem With Comet Hartley 2 Images
  28. Gravitons and black holes?
  29. Speed X + Speed Y
  30. Do photons react in fields other than gravitational?
  31. question about the size of the visible universe
  32. If the Moon Were Closer?
  33. Mars-Tharsis Bulge; orbit stabilization
  34. Partial-plate tectonics
  35. Thermal Signature
  36. Near-Earth objects disrupting our orbit
  37. Bad Universe episode question, Aliens Attack
  38. Shadows in reference to latitude
  39. is there a reason the speed of light has its particular value?
  40. Mass of sub atomic particles
  41. Does a spinning star have more mass?
  42. 2 neutron stars colliding?
  43. Black hole
  44. Tweaking the speed of light?
  45. Concerning small (stony) meteorite falls
  46. bits of information
  47. NASA news conference on "exceptional object"
  48. What triggers radioactive nuclei decay?
  49. Whats happened to the Big bang experiment at CERN?
  50. projecting onto a hologram
  51. Gravitations from SMBH gamma-ray bubbles
  52. question about time travel
  53. Quick question Hubble/Swift Blackholes
  54. Ultimate velocity
  55. Our Sun in 250 million years
  56. Gravitation lensing/deflection - amateur observations?
  57. Would this solar system be stable?
  58. Schwarzschild's solution & blackholes
  59. So what are the consensus top 3 universe theories currently?
  60. Astronomy Volunteers Wanted Cambridge, MA
  61. gravitational influences on humans
  62. Age of solar system - starting point?
  63. "Blackholes"?
  64. Milky Way center as a quasar
  65. Question regarding lava flows
  66. Expanding Space
  67. Observational limit any time soon?
  68. [Expansion of space/time effect on time]
  69. Story ideas
  70. Earthquakes and Day length
  71. Type Ia supernova
  72. Asking for some advice
  73. If the universal acceleration increased what would be the tidal effects of that?
  74. Our brains and space time?
  75. anthropic principle
  76. magnetic vector potential
  77. Can universal expansion outpace gravity?
  78. Flow through a 5 dimensional ( 4d 1t ) space-time
  79. Sub-Planck Scale?
  80. False vacuum decay
  81. Glass slowing down light
  82. What Sun-watching, space-based facility, with a coronagraph, has the best resolution?
  83. The Sun bending 'light' questions
  84. How many black holes appear each year?
  85. Connection of two "types" of uncertainty
  86. Quantum teleportation
  87. Alpha Centauri about 1 Million BC???
  88. Universe Older than 13.7 and Previous Epochs in the Universe??
  89. Globular clusters, novae & RR Lyrae
  90. Into What Is our Universe Expanding?
  91. "Conformal Time" definition for a layperson
  92. Earthlike double planet orbit and tides
  93. The 11th Dimension
  94. Could the Earth be hollow?
  95. Gravity
  96. Quick "World Building" Question
  97. Understanding "expanding space"
  98. Question about fractals
  99. Solar-Power Farms in Geosynchronous Orbit
  100. What kind of energy was the one radiated from the big bang, before particles?
  101. Present Big Bang predictions?
  102. black hole gravity accelleration
  103. Redshifts of stars within galaxies
  104. Earths Motion in Space
  105. Freefall into a Black hole
  106. How does the hubble flow effect our perception of the universe?
  107. View from the other side of the Universe (hypothetical)
  108. What is stopping light from traveling faster?
  109. Anti Matter
  110. Relativistic Mass
  111. Binary Neutron Star System
  112. Planets and Stars.
  113. What does a Pulsar look like?
  114. GR + SR
  115. Is Red/Blue Shift Quantized?
  116. An Io-Type Planet
  117. Universe - The Cosmology Quest
  118. Extraterrestrial lakes (oceans)
  119. Shapiro Delay
  120. What role does momentum play in the stress-energy tensor?
  121. What is the event horizon of a freefaller into a black hole?
  122. Does a black hole absorb zero point energy?
  123. Why don't gravitons cast gravity shadows?
  124. Steel sphere
  125. Dark Matter / Energy - 5th grade science?
  126. melting curves for compounds
  127. Gravity and the Doppler Effect
  128. Cehpeid Stars
  129. Would flora/fauna on an Earth-like planet be edible?
  130. concerns about a vacuum metastability event
  131. How is zero point energy affected by universal expansion?
  132. How do I read astronomical catalog object names?
  133. Asteroid Differentiation
  134. Acceleration of photons in Expanding Space.
  135. If the Sun's radius expanded, how would it change the density
  136. That universe [expansion] question you've seen so many times before.
  137. Is it possible for gas giants to have quakes?
  138. starbursts, galaxies, merging galaxies
  139. Could dark matter simply be a fundamental interactive force?
  140. What is the Bootes void?
  141. If Aliens were real why wouldn't our sun be a prime target for an Alien Dyson Sphere?
  142. Does light from distant stars follow a straight line?
  143. Why is the night sky night bright?
  144. Something strange
  145. Environment of galaxies
  146. Fate of relic radiation patterns
  147. CME = solar flare?
  148. Gravitational lensing of Gravitational Force
  149. dark matter question
  150. Haven't seen the moon in day's
  151. Finite+ Unbounded + Flat = Huh?
  152. Information Transfer Beyond the Reach of Light
  153. Calculating Comet Mass Loss
  154. Why are there Twinkles in this Hubble Deep Field Photo?
  155. Stars Without Galaxies
  156. Regarding Physics/Cosmology Education
  157. Big Bang as a White Hole.
  158. Stellar systems like our own rare?
  159. What if the earth had two moons ?
  160. questions about C/O ratio on WASP-12 b
  161. Many Worlds paradox?
  162. Ringworld: Vast Shallow Seas
  163. Black Hole Hypothesis
  164. Liquid Giants
  165. Time Dilation and Negative Coordinates in Moving Frame
  166. What is a white hole? and does it have gravity?
  167. Dark Matter
  168. Is the Milky Way expanding?
  169. Rubik's Cube... [model of Universe expansion]
  170. Unification of Forces and ultra low temperatures
  171. How come NASA images are not small movies?
  172. Hottest and coldest days of the year
  173. Voyagers in inter-galactic space?
  174. Something From Nothing?
  175. Higgs Boson will never be found by LHC
  176. Can anyone offer a good explanation of Stephen Hawkings theory about no God?
  177. Ultimately, are there no dimensions?
  178. Can the spin of a black hole be increased to the point that it tears itself apart?
  179. Lunar Orbital paths traced on Earth?
  180. Any purple exoplanets in the Milky Way?
  181. If our universe was part of a multi-verse what is the observational evidence!
  182. Does gravitational lensing cost energy?
  183. Could a black hole tear apart an infalling proton or neutron?
  184. What could be learned from a naked signularity?
  185. What's The Best Theory On No Galaxies In Groups...
  186. star color?
  187. Wouldn't it be bad if a major CME was just blasted off the surface of the sun?
  188. Cyanide radicals...
  189. The great expansion ?
  190. Surface gravity
  191. Fractal Space-time, E-Infinity, Anti De Sitter Space, Holography and Black holes.
  192. Gravitational Attraction
  193. Protons and Electrons are just like photons?
  194. Are shadows conical?
  195. Big Bang - having a problem understanding something.
  196. Asteroid and moon craters
  197. How does the moon stabilize Earth's axis?
  198. Gravity, mass and density
  199. Lunar Eclipse Aberdeenshire 2010
  200. Questions: Apollo lunar missions
  201. "Terrifying" Sun changes
  202. How to shield from >10 MeV proton flux
  203. Neutron Stars
  204. Fate of the universe?
  205. Tidally-locked and Magnetic Fields
  206. The Milky Way center - how close is too close for humanity?
  207. Doubt regarding moon perigee
  208. Why is there life in the cosmos at all?
  209. Apollo astronauts during a lunar night
  210. matter is a probability wave?
  211. Cosmic Background Radiation and Earth's Atmosphere
  212. Arctic Circle is anomalously "too bright" for this time of year?
  213. Universe likely to end before Sol leaves Main Sequence?
  214. Oort cloud and nearest neighbor
  215. Uranus' tilt/ moons question
  216. Could a change in the higgs field alter the speed of light?
  217. zero point energy vs mass
  218. FTL question.
  219. My compasses turned left
  220. Astrobiology question
  221. Bake sale for space
  222. Wavefunction and complex number
  223. Historic Perihelion Dates
  224. Photons Within Stars
  225. Stars only inside of galaxies?
  226. What happen if Venus hit large Asteroid ?
  227. Moon Landing
  228. Best objects for binoculars
  229. The Limits Of Astronomical Interferometers?
  230. Closest Possible Lunar Orbit?
  231. Would a human feel the gravity of jupitar standing on one of it's close moons
  232. HUP
  233. Rate of photons from approaching light source.
  234. Tolerable interstellar space conjecture?
  235. Earth vs. Mars Polar Icing Episodes
  236. Why is mercury so small ?
  237. Moon's perigee and apogee
  238. Heat produced from tidal friction
  239. What are some good videos on space and astronomy?
  240. Explaining dark matter
  241. Voyager / stars / gravity / galaxies
  242. What makes a magnetar a magnetar?
  243. Moon water came from Comets, it is suggested...
  244. What is Strange Matter and Mirror Matter?
  245. Rotation speed of variable stars
  246. Could anyone explain quantum fluctuation?
  247. Time Travel???
  248. orbital orientation
  249. A question about Jupiter's Mass and gravitational effects?
  250. Ganymede visibility from earth