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  1. Poles moving: effect?
  2. Universe expansion
  3. Orbit of Pluto's moons Nix and Hydra
  4. What science can you do with a backyard telescope?
  5. Magnetic field of Jupiter
  6. Earth's surface gravity on North Pole
  7. The speed of light - 299,792,458 m/sec - why that number.
  8. Sun Rises two days early in Greenland.
  9. Stability of a binary/double planet system
  10. magnetic reconnections and x-point configuration
  11. Spacetime curvature
  12. Question regarding gravity across very large distances
  13. Kepler 10b and other hot planets
  14. Space, singularity and math
  15. graviton ?
  16. propagation of gravity
  17. Can anyone help with an astronomy problem I'm having?
  18. Question about sundials...
  19. Life on the North Pole
  20. Cosmology "standard candle" not so standard after all?
  21. Black-holes and infinite gravity
  22. Supernovas - where does all that energy come from?
  23. Dark Energy
  24. Astronomy by the way of trigonometry is blowing my mind
  25. How does time work
  26. Milky Way as it would appear from Andromeda
  27. Is there a point where solar wind is strong enough to feel?
  28. Pluto as a Comet
  29. Gravitational Effects of the Moon/Planets on People on Earth
  30. **Neophyte who just read Pale Blue Dot Alert** (where do I go from here?)
  31. Orbit of Phobos
  32. Andromeda group galaxies
  33. Why is Andromeda moving towards the Milky Way?
  34. Racing the Sun
  35. Real-Time Neutrino Flux Website?
  36. Uncertainty principle & photon hitting electron.
  37. in the standard model what is the relationship of the graviton to the Higgs ?
  38. So Virtual Particles dont exist?
  39. Does current Science technology measure the orbit of planets accurately?
  40. The Tachyon
  41. Whats the difference between a Black Hole and a White Hole?
  42. How often does close-by star systems encounter run-away stars?
  43. When does a black hole start capturing light, and what happened to the Gravity?
  44. 2012
  45. Asteroid induced Nuclear Winter
  46. [Speed of gravity]
  47. Space mirrors orbiting the Moon to improve observations?
  48. Inflation and the horizon problem
  49. what is Comet Elenin?
  50. Betelgeuse supernova
  51. Learning about gravity
  52. Super Hot Super Jupiters
  53. What subjects will I need to study a Astronomy Degree?
  54. Time frame shifting
  55. Sun and Crab conjunction
  56. Globular clusters?
  57. Occultations
  58. Why do stars seem to change color?
  59. What is Quantum decoherence in layterms?
  60. Experiment: Communications faster than C
  61. Lagoon Nebula
  62. question about space as kind of fuel..
  63. Is it possible that the stars are our creators?
  64. Is universe finite or infinite?
  65. truth vs non truth
  66. Frozen stars
  67. Detecting blackholes
  68. Sunrise at altitude
  69. Expansion and light
  70. I'm sure you've all seen this many times but...
  71. Orbit Gravity Simulator Assistance Required
  72. SDSS and homogeneity measures
  73. Analyzing Starlight Question(s)
  74. Solar Flare Disrupting Communications on the Moon?
  75. Which satellite of a planet is most visible on Earth?
  76. 2:1 Moon-Earth Resonance Orbit Stationkeeping
  77. Elevator questions.
  78. redshift calculation
  79. Retrograde motion please help
  80. Diffuse Interstellar Bands - many (most?) due to Rydberg Matter?
  81. Do neutron stars cool?
  82. So things fast approaching have a red tint and things fast leaving have a blue tint?
  83. The Storm on Saturn.. whos looking?
  84. How do you measure the temperature of solar core? (and other sun layers)
  85. planetary migration outwards... how?
  86. New guy here with questions [expansion]
  87. [does space expand or are things just moving?]
  88. Hydrogen and the formation of stars
  89. Why has no one postulated that Mercury may be a former moon of Venus?
  90. Total hours of film footage shot on the lunar surface?
  91. Are there any time warp movies of the Sun's surface?
  92. Intensity of the Sun, solid angle
  93. Curious observer [expansion; speed & centre]
  94. Oceanic Impactor Question.
  95. Point Particles.
  96. Seeking recommendation for Astronomy books to study.
  97. observation of movement in interstellar space
  98. How Is Polarization of Gamma Rays Measured?
  99. Gravity and electromagnetism
  100. Many Questions about a, "Smooth-Earth".
  101. How does LHC prove there isn't higgs particle?
  102. CNN says Tyche/Planet X has been found (Link inside)? Is this real or another hoax?
  103. How to survive a lunar night
  104. Dark Matter
  105. Effect of Gravity on Universal Expansion
  106. Decaying In Space.
  107. Conditions on a "Hot-Mars"
  108. Oort Cloud question....
  109. To see Alpha Centauri's disc
  110. Solar-Wind and Atmospheres
  111. Eclipse magnitude
  112. Oort Cloud telescope for visual observing. Impossible?
  113. Jupiter too low in the sky?
  114. Black Hole Question
  115. Would Mars actually be more Earthlike if it were FURTHER from the Sun?
  116. At what latitudes can the Aurora be observed?
  117. Could Earth Somehow survive the Red-giant Phase of the sun?
  118. Axis Wobbling
  119. Do current models for the shapes of galaxies take time into account?
  120. universe acceleration
  121. Homework question on Cepheids
  122. Spreadsheet formula for comparing magnitudes
  123. Constancy of the gravitational constant
  124. Gamma Ray Bursts
  125. Better analogies than warpage of space
  126. Can anyone dumb-down e8 theory for me?
  127. Not sure I understand Time Dilation in SR with 2 Observers.
  128. One of anything..
  129. Event horizons and observers
  130. Telescope angular resolution
  131. Earth relative to Venus
  132. Earth's spin and Sun
  133. The nature of dark matter
  134. Any images of stars suitable for what I want to do?
  135. A Milky Way question
  136. detecting dark matter
  137. BLACK-HOLES , any new info ?
  138. Visibility of brighter nebulae
  139. [Calculating Pulsar Orbital Periods]
  140. Deeper realities analogous to a multiverse
  141. [LHC results]
  142. An Orbit And Increasing Mass Question.
  143. Question about spin
  144. Moon without Sun
  145. The Existence of time (who believe in parallel universe)
  146. Worldbuilding question; oblate Earth
  147. Properties of dark matter
  148. Question about gravitational lensing
  149. A Moon 150,000 miles away
  150. Ancient Nuclear Event on Mars?
  151. Mass, speed and a black hole.
  152. Gravity in an Expanding Universe
  153. Tropical Year and Seasons
  154. Geostationary parachuting to Earth from space
  155. Heliopause
  156. Please help identifying UFO
  157. Separation speed of cosmic objects
  158. Earliest observed classical nova?
  159. G-Force and slow clocks
  160. Why does light travel at the speed it does?
  161. [if I were in moving frame and saw light from a point in the rest frame]
  162. KOI-730
  163. Super Moon?
  164. Multiple transit questions
  165. Galactic plane vs. ecliptic plane
  166. Dark Matter Stars
  167. Proton decay and the expansion of the Universe?
  168. Astronomy hobby
  169. Request for comments regarding Tropical year
  170. How do Astrophysicists locate the position of Lagrangian Points?
  171. 2 Suns? What Is This Really?
  172. a dwarf planet in the orion area of space?
  173. theory of solar flares
  174. What is the name of the Sun before it novaed into its current form?
  175. ngc 1501, a wolf-rayet planetary nebula?
  176. angular momentum and energy
  177. acceleration of expansion of space
  178. Speed of Gravity
  179. something strange about gravity
  180. Bizarre Dark energy
  181. Magnetic Field of Venus & Super-Rotation
  182. Dublin sky
  183. Question about Space Junk
  184. QUESTION [about original CMBR emission wavelength]
  185. Looking for better resolution VASIMR images
  186. Magnetic fields of exoplanets
  187. Another FTL paradox question
  188. Viewing Earth's Past? (Hypothetical)
  189. In GR, can objects and light exceed C?
  190. this might sound stupid but uh...is [there] a planet called Tiki?
  191. Perigee Moon Saturday
  192. Reliable page for sun azimuth/elevation?
  193. Anisotropic Planck length
  194. Tools for ready, sorting and searching academic papers
  195. I dont understand the Horizon Problem
  196. discrete space
  197. Speed Of Light Increasing?
  198. Question about our solar system's gravity
  199. Dead Galaxies?
  200. SA(rs)bc pec GALAXY TYPE
  201. Size of Theia
  202. Earthquakes more common at high tide?
  203. Earth rotation speedup
  204. Sulfuric Acid Clouds of Venus
  205. Uncovering dark matter?
  206. Precise Distances of Solar System Objects Relative to Earth
  207. What would it look like from here..?
  208. Physics of the Sun, calculating Lande g-factor
  209. Protecting a Europan Colony from Radiation
  210. Planck Pressure
  211. Planetary Magnetic Fields & Atmospheres
  212. What would a speedometer on a spaceship be like?
  213. Could a Neutron Star accrete enough matter to collapse into a black hole?
  214. [Do neutron stars lose mass?]
  215. Novas & Early Solar System?
  216. Why is the oldest light so far away?
  217. Is the universe unfolding as it should?
  218. How can we see so far back in time. Would we not be there as well
  219. Black hole event horizon and escape velocity
  220. Our conception of Time?
  221. I have some questions about blackholes...
  222. Diameter of full scale Earth globe with detectable tactile features
  223. Radio communication and Doppler shifts
  224. Axis and Kerr parametre of Milky Way nucleus
  225. Spaghettification and volume
  226. Questions about string theory's extra dimensions.
  227. Could extremely large dimensions also be unobservable?
  228. inverse of length
  229. Betelgeuse?
  230. Saturn storm
  231. Total luminosity VS surface luminosity; characteristic radius
  232. Observation of nebula changes
  233. Is there salt on asteroids?
  234. Viewing the big bang
  235. Gliese 581 b
  236. Question about type 1A super nova systems
  237. So....about green stars....
  238. Blue Hypergiant
  239. Mars horizon
  240. 12 year old prodigy? Does anyone know more about his theory? or his questions?
  241. Why isnt "expanding space"between objects limited by SR?
  242. What does the tide do during a solar eclipse?
  243. How reliable are distance and position estimates?
  244. Is it possible that the dark surface of Iapetus is the result of an object hitting a
  245. The Fabric of Space Time and Expansion
  246. Betelgeuese
  247. big moon
  248. Does anybody know the focal length of the KEPLER Photometer launched by NASA?
  249. Question Re: Cores of Uranus and Neptune
  250. Exhaustiveness of radial velocity?