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  1. Designation of Electron Shells
  2. Higgs field and expansion of the universe?
  3. rolled up dimensions
  4. Is the universe constantly expanding, or...?
  5. Appearing & dissapearing, Comet? / Dwarf?
  6. Spiral galaxy center blue or red?
  7. Color Color diagram (U-B) (B-V) how to read it?
  8. Replace our Moon with Pluto and Charon...
  9. Orbital energy conservation
  10. Eleven Day Long Gamma Ray Burst?
  11. Yet More Planetary Orbit Questions From The (Recently Bathed) Masses.
  12. The sound of the stars
  13. quazars, pulsars and distance?
  14. What is an emitting atoms damping force?
  15. Station shielding requirements for polar orbit?
  16. HD 20334 - Double or Single?
  17. Yet another black "hole" question -- emphasis on hole
  18. Grade 9 Sciene Fair, Asteroid Experiment Question
  19. Why do Black holes have different Masses?
  20. centrifugal force
  21. Julian date conversion - doubt
  22. Time Dilation Approaching the Event Horizon
  23. Really big black holes
  24. [profloater asks about blackholes/gravity]
  25. Classical Gravity Question: F = G m1 * m2 / r2 goes to infinity as r->0?
  26. Stable orbits inside of the event horizon of a black hole?
  27. tired light-spread of the Fraunhofer lines
  28. Petroglyph shows comet Encke breakup in 536 AD?
  29. parallax measurement of near stars
  30. effect of long wave photons on atoms
  31. Wesenheit magnitude; what is it? How to determine it? and vs absolute magnitude
  32. gravitational force vs gravitational potential ( of a sphere )
  33. Widening the Parallax baseline?
  34. How Tip of the Red Giant Branch helps determine the distances in the universe?
  35. Cepheids metal abundance changes = cyclic?
  36. dex^-1
  37. Selective Extinction
  38. Would the EH form first in the center of a star?
  39. New Force of nature? How will it
  40. The Moon
  41. When did the oceans come?
  42. View from above the ecliptic
  43. Internal structure of stars... convective vs. radiative zones
  44. What if you could slam Mars & Venus with a 100 or more gigantic water rich comets?
  45. Orbit a Black Hole?
  46. Is 1km the same in all frames.
  47. Void Space Geometry
  48. Acamar coordinates
  49. Recessional velocity = radial velocity? (Hubble diagram)
  50. Red tint to the moon?
  51. Engineering Project Help
  52. Visible Universe and Quantum Tunnelling.
  53. Positions of bodies on the sky
  54. y9 brown dwarf
  55. How Triton will die
  56. olbers paradox and a static universe
  57. Night time viewing from an airless Earth
  58. pion zero
  59. Wind on Planets
  60. Have we observed the upper-end limit on stellar masses?
  61. Is the universe expanding? What if......
  62. Help? Stumped on sign of second term in Liouville Theorem
  63. How can we tell the materials an object is made up of from so far away?
  64. Jupiter producing enough heat?
  65. How much can greenhouse effect extend "habitable zone"
  66. How much energy resides in neutrinos from the Sun?
  67. Are there two speeds of light?
  68. comet elenin collision probability
  69. Maser Galaxies. How this method of distance determination works?
  70. Surface Brightness Fluctuation. How it is used for distance determination?
  71. de Sitter
  72. SETI and doppler shift
  73. Mass increase at near c.
  74. Pre-telescopic Sun: what had been discovered?
  75. how fast could a civilization arise on a "brand new" planet?
  76. Binary star mass-ratio distribution?
  77. neutrino masses
  78. Cockroaches
  79. Martian origin "widely accepted"? Really?
  80. Your Vision of the Alpha Centauri System?
  81. Question about event in February 1991
  82. how fast are the convection cells of the suns outer layer?
  83. Son's Question [Is there life on Mars]
  84. Observation of red-shifted objects and optical filters
  85. Questions About the Solar Wind
  86. What are the Extragalactic distance indicators ranges?
  87. Supernova type Ia peak absolute magnitudes.
  88. Saw a bright flash Saturday night... meteor, UFO, lightning?
  89. Least amount of light pollution near Houston?
  90. Miniature black holes from accelerating a particle to the speed of light.
  91. Could you calculate speed based on mass?
  92. Two Moons?
  93. Universe accelerating expansion
  94. Sun companion?
  95. Simple lectures form Solar Physics
  96. help understanding images of M1, the crab nebula
  97. Surface of last scattering question
  98. Galaxy Redshift Survey Map
  99. What is the maximum wavelength light can have?
  100. BB theory of hydrogen
  101. all the water on Earth is 4.3 or 4.4 billion years old, really ?
  102. Dark Matter and The Solar System
  103. How long does space sickness last?
  104. Please, i have 2 questions
  105. Gravitational capture
  106. Body temperature measurement on the Apollo Missions
  107. Good theories can make predictions.
  108. 3D Gravitational Map
  109. If Proxima were frozen...
  110. Why is space expanding faster at greater distances?
  111. Radio telescopes and weather
  112. The Information is There.
  113. Good QCD/QED articles?
  114. Seems our solar system almost had 3 Earths.
  115. Raging storms sweep away galactic gas
  116. jupier perihelion when?
  117. Theoretical reasons for a silvery Sun
  118. Travel to Andromeda and the time it takes
  119. The space tether experiment
  120. Might Venus & Uranus`s "problems" have the same cause?
  121. big bang and singularity
  122. Extraterrestrial planetarium software
  123. Interstellar Medium; current leaders, current challanges?
  124. Geminga and older nebulae
  125. By Popular Demand [definition of Space]
  126. Io's Ocean of Magma ?
  127. Mars
  128. Parameter of ionization
  129. What is Comet Machholz Orbital Period?
  130. Expansion of Space and Age of the Universe
  131. Question about liquid H2O
  132. Hot UV Stars, what happens to the IR ?
  133. Temprature of a Nebula.
  134. Moonlight
  135. Reality inside a craft at the speed of light
  136. Could I make a telescope out of a plastic bag and air?
  137. Does relativity imply an infinitely old universe?
  138. Can *you* read by moonlight?
  139. our super massive black hole jets?
  140. Gravity and Mass
  141. The visable universe % wise
  142. OK, pretty simple question here, but surprisingly difficult to Google
  143. Seeing Earth motion from Sol
  144. Nearby galaxies magnified to equal length
  145. Vacuum energy tensor
  146. Mathematical solution to calculate an object's orbit in space?
  147. Theoretical question about negative energy
  148. Would Tachyons have negative real mass?
  149. Masses of the up and down quark
  150. How can the universe be "infinite" in any way ?
  151. Vanishing planets
  152. Are there any starbirth picture sequences?
  153. Universe expansion: seeking a couple of answers...
  154. Andromeda Galaxy Blueshift
  155. Could You Fall Faster Than the Speed of Light?
  156. What wavelength of the photon is needed to separate hydrogens in H2 molecule?
  157. With our present technology what percentage of the speed of light
  158. HW help: divergence of electric field
  159. Has anyone ever used a laser to measure the distance to comet Hyakutake?
  160. An attempt to understand Special Relativity
  161. Earth's Gravitational Energy
  162. Textbook Recommendation for Cosmology
  163. Seeing Stars
  164. 21 cm line in HI region. What causes the change of the spin?
  165. If you compressed something to a black hole, do you have to keep compressing it?
  166. Question or review about current text in cosmology?
  167. Visibility of dihydrogen
  168. Temperature and Density Determinations
  169. Liquids in Space?
  170. another black hole proposal
  171. How dangerous are supernovas to Earth
  172. Query regarding the 2MASS Galaxy Catalog
  173. Infinite expansion?
  174. What's the closest Titan could be to the Sun & still retain its atmosphere?
  175. Ectoplasma
  176. Do we have any idea of the actual present shape of the universe?
  177. Decompression on spacecraft, minor question
  178. Can Hot Ionized Medium be called nebula? X-rays source in it, and the cooling mech...
  179. Delta particles
  180. Extrasolar "Oort" Clouds?
  181. Delta V C3??
  182. What happened here? [Australia - comet? asteroid?]
  183. Constellations question
  184. Life on a non-rotating Earth
  185. The sun highlights space and casts our shadow into infinity.
  186. if our moon was made out of negative mass could it still have a stable orbit?
  187. Speed of momentum equal to c?
  188. Help
  189. Solar Oscillations: frequency vs angular degree
  190. surface of the sun
  191. Singularity
  192. Photon momentum and spin angular momentum
  193. Basic realitivity question
  194. What is Io's wattage? How and when is Io going to die?
  195. Gravity, physics, and science
  196. Oort Cloud or Oort Disk ?
  197. Planetary Rings
  198. Matter wave
  199. Iron rings
  200. Properties of Light between Dark Matter clumps
  201. Anybody has this book: S. Chandrasekhar, ”The Mathematical Theory of Black Holes” ?
  202. Energies of solar neutrinos
  203. Double layers (Plasma) - Detection.
  204. Ice Rocket
  205. Help finding the Hipparcos Catalogue
  206. Effects of an 1859 Carrington Event today
  207. LHC - time travel?
  208. Bad science...Bad astronomy.
  209. Spacecraft films
  210. "Shadow Matter"
  211. Crossing main sequence
  212. Saturn Electric Link with Enceladus - Magnetic Field Line Terminations
  213. Voyagers Find Giant Jacuzzi-like Bubbles at Edge of Solar System - UT Story
  214. Double-Slit Experiment in a Vacuum
  215. Concentric circles in space
  216. What the heck did I just see
  217. Are the Voyager probes technically still in our Solar System?
  218. strong force
  219. Astronomy Teaching Standards?
  220. Contribution to Gravity from the Earth's orbit round the Sun
  221. The Singularity (1st moment before expansion)
  222. Cosmic distance statements
  223. God does not play dice, schrodinger's cat?
  224. "Light has not had time to reach us."
  225. Gravity and its weakness???
  226. Finite universe?
  227. Black Holes and information
  228. In a non accelerating expanding universe does local time dilation create acceleration
  229. What is a 'coupling constant' in regular English?
  230. Which star was the closest to Sun 65 million years ago?
  231. What did I see?
  232. Quantum Mechanics and the size of the universe
  233. Effect on Solar System of a planet's removal
  234. How Big Was the shooting star I saw
  235. Solstice question
  236. Direction of the Helionose
  237. Reciprocal of c^2
  238. Bring Cassini home
  239. wind atlas
  240. Horizontal takeoff from a balloon
  241. dark matter in pandora cluster
  242. Universe's highest electric current found
  243. If a large comet or asteroid struck the moon...
  244. Opaque universe question.
  245. Large scale relativity question
  246. Supernova/Gamma Rays/Ozone layer...
  247. Frame dragging.
  248. Energy in the early universe..
  249. Quantum Fluctuations in the far distant future
  250. Asteroid 2011 MD orbital characteristics