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  1. The 'material' of a black hole
  2. Space Rocks on a Collision Course with Earth...Are we just sitting ducks'
  3. Closing speed greater than c?
  4. Question regardin "Expanding Confusion:common misconceptions of cosmological horizon"
  5. What is the fastest material object currently?
  6. Product of Force and distance
  7. Replacing the sun with a black hole
  8. Magnetic warp drive ?
  9. travelling at the speed of light
  10. About the end of the universe
  11. Width of the "Twilight Band"
  12. Another question about Energy and the early universe..
  13. Magnetic fields and radiation (Stars and Planets)
  14. The closest 50 stars to our solar system - Spoilers, please :)
  15. Particle Wave Duality Question
  16. The end of our universe, and life within it.
  17. graininess of space
  18. Voyager Spacecraft
  19. Mysterious light burst captured by Hawaii Telescope
  20. Simulating an Ephemeris for an ELE
  21. Historical Earth-Mars Hohmann transfer orbits
  22. Position derivatives needed for orbit
  23. i have a question. [time, Earth to Betelgeuse]
  24. Are there any theories about the end and beginning of the universe that go like this?
  25. Mars' Atmosphere
  26. Accelerating to the speed of light (sort of)
  27. Sending a signal to a star
  28. M51 Supernova: Neutrino or Gravitational Wave Radiation Detections?
  29. Simple Gravity Question
  30. Apollo original slow-scan tapes, did they record biomedical telemetry or only video?
  31. Jupiter, radiation and slingshots
  32. Understanding quantum entanglement and non-locality.
  33. Flashing Satellite
  34. Anything else except M31 to collide with us?
  35. dark matter found mathematically?
  36. Alcubierre FTL bubble with zero mass and small volume?
  37. July 4th meteor shower
  38. sub planck length theories
  39. "Safety Not Guaranteed" guy on Mars
  40. Total recombination rate of Hydrogen
  41. Sound in space.
  42. Sunspot Cycle and Global Warming
  43. Nearest brown dwarf
  44. How long will the Apollo relics on the Moon survive?
  45. Radial Velocity Technique
  46. Collisional Excitation Cooling
  47. Where was Alpha Centauri?
  48. Some heliosphere questions
  49. Potential Energy and Time Dilation
  50. Where is the Elenin Tail??
  51. Which way is the galactic centre/center?
  52. How Hot is the Sub-surface of Venus?
  53. Sky/weather phenomenom
  54. Solar power at intermediate size scale
  55. What are constellations affixed to?
  56. Is Dark Matter Really Just Plasma?
  57. Von Braun's Mars Plan
  58. Can gravity be created with a Black Hole?
  59. energy of fusion
  60. Matter near the speed of light
  61. Help Needed With Video Of The Moon
  62. Black hole or neutron star bending light
  63. Big Bang speed limited?
  64. Who is speeding away from who when time dilation occurs?
  65. As the Universe ages does it become less dense?
  66. Blackhole question
  67. Another black hole question
  68. Will the Voyager probes ever leave the Galaxy?
  69. Imaging the Suns photosphere
  70. Temperatures
  71. dark flow = rotation ?
  72. The view from Europa?
  73. Question about Hubble Deep Field
  74. Blowing up asteroid
  75. Magnetically Inflated Cables- NASA Advanced Concepts Study (Possible 1km Telescope)
  76. Celestial bodies positions - for a fiction story
  77. need a picture
  78. [galaxy rotation curves]
  79. Practical applications of heliocentrism
  80. How Fast?
  81. Acceleration of the expansion of the Universe and open Universe?
  82. The radiation belts of the gas giants
  83. Binary Black holes
  84. big bang theory and size of the universe
  85. Weird things on Microsoft Wordwide Telescope and Google Sky
  86. More alternatives than Dark matter + MOND ?
  87. How does wind speed affect the doppler effect?
  88. What sort of optical illusion did I experience (wandering stars and the UFO)?
  89. Galaxies and black holes.
  90. naive cosmology question
  91. Oort clouds.
  92. Potential 'terrestrial' planet zone in newly found star systems?
  93. Black hole limit?
  94. Models?
  95. Habitable zones
  96. Calculating relative time intervals
  97. Quarsar galaxy
  98. Ceres-sized worlds
  99. A new way to explore universe
  100. question about the sr? answer to the perihelion problem of mercury
  101. A new way to measure the Hubble constant
  102. Uranus' Axial Tilt
  103. If the Earth had rings like Saturn
  104. Big world... little gravity
  105. Our Sun's binary companion vs. extra solar planet detection
  106. Supernova... how close is too close?
  107. How real is this?
  108. lone system
  109. Golden planet?
  110. How long 'till 99% c?
  111. Time stretch due to distance?
  112. Could light 'horseshoe' around a big enough mass?
  113. Is it possible to build a vehicle that can accelerate to .99 C?
  114. First Post: What is beyond the limits of space, and what was outside the big bang....
  115. Infinite universe expanding!?!
  116. Curved dimensions
  117. Requirements for a closed Universe
  118. Question Re: Time Dilation from Distant Quasars article in Notices of RAS 2010
  119. How are atoms entangled, and can it be done remotely?
  120. The Universe and planets
  121. Beyond the Known Limits
  122. Apollo 11 Star Chart
  123. Elementary particle question...
  124. Energy question..
  125. On Q&A: Debates and Civility. What you should do if...
  126. Ephemerides of Venus
  127. A Question about Neutron Stars??
  128. Light experiencing time
  129. Elenin's tail
  130. Is there a name for system that assigns star magnitudes?
  131. Why are the earth and martian days so similar
  132. Star Sirius main key blueprint Cheops pyramid !!
  133. The universe as a bubble
  134. Sol Nova
  135. The angular size - redshift relationship and alternative cosmological coordinates?
  136. High inclinations and polar orbits?
  137. Questions on Quantum Entanglement
  138. Temperature of a Black hole
  139. Black hole and Dark Matter
  140. Number of Stars in the universe
  141. Question on rotating supermassive black holes
  142. Big space station, very old...
  143. question about macaws' billiard ball mmx
  144. Laws of thermodynamics interdependence
  145. hunt for winkers
  146. Curiosity on the Discover channel [negative energy]
  147. Expansion of the Universe
  148. Earth view from space
  149. Star Distribution
  150. Interstellar Travel & Time Dilation
  151. Question about a hypothetical planet
  152. Stellar evolution and variable stars.
  153. Why the differences between northern and southern craters on Mars?
  154. Infrared Astronomy
  155. 5-dimensional Earth
  156. How does a cosmological redshift turn a hot blackbody into a cold one?
  157. Feedback Request for World Building
  158. If the moon was moving slowly toward the earth
  159. Spaceship concepts from The Dream Machines
  160. inverse law and zeno
  161. Supernova Light
  162. google mars??
  163. Radiative recombination?
  164. UV stars
  165. Questions about Planets, Moons, and Rings...
  166. What would happen if you took off from the North Pole?
  167. Milkyway collision
  168. Eclipses- does the moon ever pass directly in front of the sun?
  169. Milky way
  170. The Bacchus / Venus Impact
  171. Sky on Venus
  172. Spatial dimensions
  173. nucleus of iron or other elements
  174. How do astronomers measure, calculate, and/or estimate the value of Dark Energy?
  175. can gravity= curvature of space-time be applied to other forces?
  176. Ice line(?) in condensing protoplanetary discs
  177. liquid water zone
  178. FTL? - Time Dilation
  179. Big Bang Ex Nihilo
  180. somethings not right [Gas giants surface]
  181. novice question [Aldebaran, black hole, effects]
  182. Metallic hydrogen surface
  183. Surface gravity on bodies without a surface
  184. Why flat
  185. Elementary Q about extrasolar trajectory
  186. Thermal speed versus bulk speed
  187. Solar wind ion and electron densities
  188. Stars falling through space (fomerly: TSQEAH...)
  189. Could metamaterials protect you from a GRB?
  190. A Question about Spacetime Geodesics
  191. A Reservoir of Ionized Gas in the Galactic Halo
  192. Mysterious bubble cloud sighting in China
  193. What is a good book for a Novice?
  194. Metals and rare elements on other planets
  195. Small (ish) brown dwarf or a super humongous planet
  196. Solve: Change in density of matter?
  197. star clusters
  198. Are there any other possible sources of CMB, other than big bang
  199. Stars in Depth: Distance Between "Eyes"?
  200. A ? regarding gravity and time...
  201. Notions of space and time in an Inflationary Multiverse
  202. Time [travel] question
  203. If the Sun suddenly stopped burning
  204. [non-nuclear sun]
  205. Tidally locked planets/moons
  206. satellites, manned spacecraft, space station during meteor showers
  207. Constant Changing Sky
  208. Neutrinos/Plasma in space, charged plasma exchange between bodies.
  209. String theory & Entanglement.
  210. Red Moon
  211. NEW cold stars.. A question.
  212. Recent and ancient weather on Mars
  213. Planets
  214. What was i looking at?
  215. Super-earths in our solar system
  216. Hot gas giant in our solar system
  217. Common barycenter stability
  218. Two moons over Miami
  219. Three habitable planets in our solar system
  220. Earth-like worlds around a gas giant
  221. Geocentrism
  222. Venus is a lot cooler now
  223. Lunar Apollo "atmosphere"
  224. Orbital decay of stars
  225. Cosmological inhomogeneities, dark matter, filaments?
  226. Black Body Ratios
  227. Sun axial tilt relative to Earth season
  228. Radio Waves
  229. Can the Earth be seen, at all, from the Moon's Far Side?
  230. Supernova-boosted Radio Transmissions?
  231. When the Sun leaves the main sequence how far out will the HZ shift?
  232. Invisible world tugs on Super-earth..news
  233. Double slit experiment
  234. Ecliptic and Galaxy
  235. Strange object in Centaurus
  236. Gravitational slingshots
  237. Computing an orbit, 3 observations from Earth : hmm, that's moving too....
  238. the shape of the universe
  239. Earth from the Moon.
  240. Using Up The Hydrogen
  241. super Super SUPER EARTHS?
  242. how the universe was created / my thought
  243. Scientists Doing Their Best And Most Important Work When Older
  244. [KABOOM asks about 'flat' Universe]
  245. Question about a Position of absolute stillness relative to the universe and beyond.
  246. New But not new to UniverseToday/BadAstronomy
  247. Matter Infalling An Ignited Star Question.
  248. Expanding Universe Question..
  249. Triton and the inner moons
  250. Dumping satellites into space rather than letting them hazardously fall back to Earth