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  1. Accurate Visible New Moon Calculation
  2. Star Speed in Galactic Orbit
  3. Iron Nucleus
  4. Mare Imbrium impact
  5. HGD Cosmology?
  6. Abilities to detect incoming extraterrestrial spacecrafts
  7. Actual Statistical Studies on Astrology?
  8. Any models of bumpy worlds, like Iapetus, Hyperion, and Phoebe?
  9. CO2 and Temperature
  10. Building A Large Interferometer Array On The Colorado Plateau?
  11. Fastest speed in the universe?
  12. What is the very bright star/planet in the Eastern sky?
  13. Black hole gravity rulesset
  14. Definition of a planet
  15. Spectroscopy
  16. Satellite Question
  17. Earth/Space flatness/curvature in cartesian coordinates
  18. cmbr and a million billion year old universe
  19. Germanic European UFO battles in the 1560s
  20. Special relativity and gravitational attraction
  21. The double slit experiment
  22. 2 gas giants collide
  23. Dark Flow vs. Dark Energy
  24. Planetary formation
  25. Why are Ice Giants called "Neptunes"?
  26. Speed of light
  27. Is there a faster way to fabricate large telescope mirrors?
  28. Why the gap between asteroids #s 4 and 5?
  29. Computing Where Something Is
  30. Heat death of the universe
  31. Concentric rings, but why coplanar?
  32. Low Earth orbit micrometeorite collector.....
  33. Absolute motion
  34. Moons more likely habitable than planets?
  35. near c information transfer
  36. Recording CMBR?
  37. Earth's First Arctic Ozone Hole Recorded
  38. could alien life infer our existence?
  39. Solar System "Geology" Questions. (A Bunch!)
  40. Differential rotation axes
  41. Enough volume to store Large numbers at a planck volume?
  42. Question on the end of everything
  43. Galactic blackholes
  44. Can there be more than four fundamental forces?
  45. Homework question
  46. Hubbles expanding universe
  47. Doplegangers in infinite universe
  48. Dark Flow..
  49. Significance of radioactivity to the formation of planets?
  50. Perplexed about expansion
  51. Heavy elements in Earth core?
  52. Undetectable Šther?
  53. Visualizing Special Relativity
  54. Jupiter from Ganymede
  55. Comet magnitudes help
  56. Research on the effects of the space program on the American psyche?
  57. Shielding from Protons?
  58. SR and GR
  59. ? regarding weather patterns trends ?
  60. "Re-Acceleration" of the Universe 7 billion years ago?
  61. How large is the aperture of the wormhole for the Milky Way's supermassive-blackhole?
  62. Ways of making money from space.
  63. Climate & weather question about a hypothetical extrasolar "Earth"?
  64. 4am crazy idea/question about propogating waves.
  65. what is the mainstream theory for symmetry
  66. What is the cause of quantitization?
  67. What is the carrier for the gravitational force
  68. How are general relativity and quantum mechanics united
  69. Why is the unit of charge always the same in all particles
  70. Questions About Anti-Matter
  71. Question about Mercury & Mars?
  72. Henry Draper Catalog
  73. Saturn V Sound
  74. Source of energy for gravity measurements?
  75. What happened to the Galaxy?
  76. Large Scale Galactic Cluster Hydrostatic Equalibrium Question
  77. What might very early Venus have been like during the Faint Young Sun Era?
  78. What if the Earth had a thicker atmosphere?
  79. When and how did humanity discover the outer planets were made of gas?
  80. When a satellite crashed into the moon, it rang like a bell for hours?
  81. Should we be seeing starless globular clusters?
  82. Identifying a small lunar crater
  83. Griffith Observatory Los Angeles
  84. The gadfly Grote Reber.... any relevance?
  85. Questions on quantum entanglement
  86. Heat Death of the Universe?
  87. A question on dilation and proper time?
  88. Brown Dwarf and Planets
  89. Do we need the OBAFGKM sequence any more?
  90. Eccentrity for synchronous rotation
  91. Anti-matter black holes.
  92. Brownian motion of the Sun
  93. Pronunciation of angstrom
  94. Heat, compression, and the future of Jupiter
  95. Can you help me? [ID fuzzy light in clouds]
  96. Able to see stars from space?
  97. A question about deep time..
  98. The wave function, superposition and William Ockham
  99. "Dark Matter: Now More Mysterious Than Ever"?
  100. Black hole gravity assist.
  101. Binary black holes.
  102. How can neutrino's travel faster than light?
  103. Could faster than light neutrino's be used to transmit messages?
  104. ...on a bright but unusual non thermal radio source...
  105. is a galaxy's DM halo in motion
  106. How fast could a black hole spin?
  107. farthest known planet
  108. Can a microwave beam directly electrolyze water or salt water?
  109. somebody please tell me this guy is [wrong]!
  110. Closest Black Holes to Earth
  111. What was this that I just saw?
  112. Asteroid masses
  113. What is the name of the boundary between expansion and gravity?
  114. Comet Fragment Flyby
  115. Rydberg constant
  116. So what if the universe is getting older?
  117. When Andromeda hits the Milky Way.
  118. Habitable zone calculation
  119. Parallel universes.
  120. What is space?
  121. Luminosity of Sun on hyperbolic approach
  122. Why dont we have an earth space agency ?
  123. Capturing a new moon
  124. Enquire about institute offerein Ph.D Space or Astronomy
  125. New Dark Observing Site in Michigan?
  126. Energy to launch satellite into geosynchronous orbit.
  127. Chart showing which north polar star was 'in position' over the past precession
  128. Undergraduate in astronomy
  129. Dark Matter, Rotation Curves and Spiral Arms
  130. Quantum mehcanics question:
  131. Asteriod YU55
  132. Want to expand my knowledge in astronomy for a career
  133. Bright Green Fireball
  134. Learning Orbital Mechanics
  135. Black Hole question
  136. Do we exist in space or on it?
  137. Jpl horizons
  138. precession of angular momentum and electron magnetic dipole moment
  139. Moon of a moon term
  140. Have we ever witnessed a large object hitting our moon?
  141. Minimum and maximum mass of the primary of a planet
  142. anomalous magnetic moment of the electron
  143. A Question About Hard Spectra
  144. Black Hole Collisions
  145. Mother of all comets
  146. Favorite Astronomy Related Terms?
  147. A city on Pluto?
  148. Which is more common, Single or Multiple Star Systems?
  149. Question [recycling Universe]
  150. Binary planets
  151. Preservation of Momentum
  152. Science Communication and The Age of Universe
  153. Geometries of Solid Rockets
  154. Who was the first to realize...
  155. Question: Can we ever leave this solar system?
  156. When was this beautiful picture taken, and by what spacecraft?
  157. Quantum effects and scale
  158. questions about celestial bodies...
  159. Need help understanding star risings and software
  160. Giant Molecular Clouds in M33
  161. Lack of extrasolar space rocks hurtling through the solar system?
  162. Is there a dark side of the earth, like there is with our moon?
  163. I just had a couple questions... [QM / FTL]
  164. Fluidity of a stellar core.
  165. The universe & ancient aliens The moon rang like a bell!
  166. How would a 4-D hypersphere universe affect light and gravity
  167. Phobos-Grunt Sample Return Mission
  168. Remember Huygens?
  169. DM question how is DM every where an effect different from no DM
  170. galaxy has a shape does DM matter halo's mimic that shape
  171. when will ANDROMIDA and our MILKY WAY'S DM halo's begin collision
  172. Is FTL really a big deal???
  173. Limit of speed
  174. Quantum coherence and chaos
  175. Unidentified celestial body?
  176. defining the planet's surface and atmosphere type.
  177. 2011 Wp4
  178. How to calculate escape velocity
  179. chess board universe
  180. Time . . .
  181. Journal of Cosmology
  182. K-T boundry
  183. Earth moved closer to Venus?
  184. Maximum Earth atmospheres humans can handle?
  185. Hubble image of NGC 1846
  186. Size of the early universe
  187. question about appearance of moon this morning
  188. Formula to compute the atmospheric pressure?
  189. Cyclic Oneverse
  190. Secular decrease in aberration
  191. Splitting the Proton?
  192. why does gravitational radiation cost energy?
  193. Are methane atmosphere exoplanets expected/plausible?
  194. Magnetic moment of electron
  195. What started the creation of the universe?
  196. Can you tell if a gas giant has lost weight?
  197. Astro Division in very cool science video competition 2012
  198. Expected results of a black hole experiment?
  199. Would an observer see a black hole's radiation as they fall into it?
  200. Will it ever be possible to capture hi-res* photographs of exoplanets?
  201. Entropy of gravitating bodies.
  202. How big is the meteoroid that makes a meteor...
  203. Number of Atoms in the Observable Universe???
  204. Seven types of compact stars?
  205. precession and virtual photons in magnetic moment
  206. Which direction to Rigil Kentaurus?
  207. Please sanity check my orbits
  208. Might Mercury be a Chthonian planet?
  209. Solar Wind format to explain Dark Matter Halo
  210. Is Fusion Practical for Spacecraft?
  211. How to create gravity in space
  212. Dating the Big Bang
  213. Endless cycle. Your thoughts?
  214. Red Dwarf brighter than Jupiter?
  215. "Fastest rotating star" ..how fast by comparison?
  216. Cold Fusion discussion
  217. Relationship between Mass/Gravity and Time - Kolob
  218. Does GR predict the same gravitational field for a spherical shell and a point mass?
  219. Asteroids that come to earth
  220. the speed of light through solids
  221. Is this possible?
  222. Range of Solar Flares from a Red Dwarf?
  223. QED
  224. Nuclear Propulsion for Mars Trip
  225. Problem with non-newtonian fluid and speaker
  226. Fission Fragment Rocket
  227. Do you think we will ever name earth's moon?
  228. Question on Cern and the collider
  229. "Getting back" into mathematics
  230. Why are galaxy filaments the shape they are?
  231. How many spacecraft have landed on or crashed on Mars?
  232. Man's Radio Sphere
  233. dark side of moon/ light side of earth
  234. previous thread
  235. Fast travel to Saturn
  236. Poincare Recurrence Theorem
  237. How do we know what a planet's core is made of?
  238. Herbig Ae star questions
  239. Quantum fluctuations really from nothing or something?
  240. Does 253 moonlets make sense?
  241. Can a 1.4 solar mass star be G8V?
  242. Can we ever destroy a planet at once?
  243. December 24th Solar Eclipse on my Planetarium Software?
  244. Every radioactive atom in the sun decays at once
  245. Did the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph really take this photograph of Pluto?
  246. Deneb question
  247. Seeking information regarding the nebula in front of the Pleiades...
  248. Exoplanets or BDOs?
  249. Opaline Silica on Mars
  250. Questions concerning hypervelocity stars