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  1. Earth Sterilizing Impactor Questions.
  2. is summer is hotter in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere?
  3. Black Holes and time.
  4. LHC Hawking radiation from a microscopic black hole.
  5. alien sky
  6. Methods of Beamed Propulsion
  7. Finding the locations of planets in the sky that aren't visible with the unaided eye
  8. Newbie question - Universe expansion
  9. Debris From Lunar Breakup Question.
  10. Side of a right pentagon
  11. Terrestial planet with more than 10 Earth masses.
  12. iteration
  13. Earth at 1AU around an M-Star
  14. size of Jupiter from Io's surface?
  15. Can a star magnetic field make rotate a planet ?
  16. What's the smallest star visible to the naked eye?
  17. ICRS 2000 XYZ data?
  18. How have plate boundary lines moved over the history of Earth?
  19. Ecliptic transfer from Pisces to Aries in 2012
  20. Precession of ecliptic
  21. Whats the colour of interstellar dust?
  22. Large IMBHs as Dark Matter
  23. Star designations: differentiating between lower-case and upper-case
  24. Can galactic wind explain the accelerating divergence of galaxies?
  25. How do you multiply double exponents?
  26. What % of Sun has to be covered during Eclipse for sky illimination to drop noticably
  27. relativity and an objective standpoint
  28. Predicting supernovae
  29. Saturn's rings as seen from a moon
  30. Time dilation calculation for objects currently moving FTL due to universe expansion.
  31. Article on Yahoo about time travel
  32. Of what would be formed...
  33. cosmic rays, why do they correlate with sunspots?
  34. Hubble Sphere and black hole
  35. Moon Rotation
  36. Rogue Planet Etymology
  37. Can you "swim" through air in zero gravity?
  38. Distances in the PGC?
  39. What kinds of galaxy has a jet (or pair of jets) coming from its nucleus?
  40. Quantum G?
  41. Planetary rings
  42. Trip time of the OMG cosmic ray particle
  43. other than the moon, does the earth have any other natural satellites?
  44. Will we float if there is no more oxygen on earth?
  45. Planetary Orbits
  46. The Planck scale
  47. Satellites with measured tidal drag
  48. String Theory or String Formalism?
  49. Chaos theory for the beginner
  50. Gravitational Lensing as a cause for Galactic Orbital Velocities
  51. Rogue planets
  52. How Big an Asteroid to Cause a Tsunami?
  53. why moon is colourless? (just black/white/grey)
  54. Orbital period of double terrestrial worlds- query
  55. Will we leave the solar system, if so, HOW?
  56. Star visible around sunset at Curaçao: Venus?
  57. Planck Mass
  58. is the universe really expanding ????
  59. Why we still receive light from very distant galaxies?
  60. the shape of our galaxy
  61. Universal Expansion Speed
  62. Asteroid Deflection by Pebbles - Question
  63. Out of nothing comes something???
  64. Galaxies receding from us and the Cosmological Principle
  65. [our position in Universe]
  66. mathematical equalities
  67. Tidal heating and moon habitability.
  68. Gravitational lenses and popular approximations
  69. Could a sun have a solid core?
  70. [How astronomers calculate the red-shift of quasars?]
  71. Saturn lightning
  72. Sunspots/CMEs Duration and Direction
  73. Giordano Crater - Broken Impact Melt
  74. night rainbows
  75. How can we see the CMB structure?
  76. Unidentified Object Very Close to Sun....
  77. Transuranic Elements
  78. Space/time Fabric, an edge & "what space is expanding into"
  79. 3d view of lensed galaxies
  80. The usual doubts about expansion
  81. What is it with novae before 1890?
  82. Destroying moons, debris, ring system
  83. Zodiac position during a solar eclipse
  84. Double Slit Experiment questions.
  85. Dark matter theory in trouble?
  86. veiwing the transit of venus
  87. Can MR Save GR from DM and MG?
  88. Old Light?
  89. The BAUT Supernova Challenge
  90. A star showing constant apparent brightness.
  91. Could a nebula cool the climate?
  92. Does sun spectral type influence sky colors on Earthlike planets?
  93. Eclipse "projection" question
  94. What can I expect ? [star gazing outside of city]
  95. black hole question
  96. What is time?
  97. Uniting of the forces
  98. Landmark calculation clears the way to answering how matter is formed
  99. Trojan gas giants?
  100. clock hypothesis/postulate.
  101. Matter and Energy
  102. Color distribution of Globular Clusters
  103. Where did the sun come from and where is it going?
  104. large magellanic cloud
  105. Scents of other habitable worlds?
  106. Lithium - Star vs. Brown Dwarf vs. Planets
  107. Is radiation the highest form of entropy?
  108. Why does the Visual Spectrum exist?
  109. Tidal Locking Question
  110. Elements and stars
  111. If Earth was in Venus's orbit how long til the oceans boiled?
  112. Venus Transit Calculations
  113. Angular momenta of Milky Way and Andromeda
  114. real age of Universe?
  115. Hyperbolic rotations.
  116. If time were real?
  117. Planetary orbits question
  118. Dark Matter/Dark Energy/M-theory/Theory of Everything
  119. Sunspot maps
  120. Question about extra solar planets
  121. Magnitude of Carrington Flare
  122. Calabi–Yau
  123. Will Pluto see a transit of Earth in about 6 years?
  124. [CMB 'resolution']
  125. age of universe
  126. Solar transit-based mission: feasible or not?
  127. Reonization
  128. visible light through the universe
  129. Appearance of sun on Mars as compared to its appearance on Earth.
  130. Expanding Space?
  131. my 8 yr olds theory about the big bang
  132. On the Zodiac
  133. Neutralino Oscillations?
  134. Appearance of stars in the midst of a globular cluster?
  135. Exoplanet naming convention for binaries?
  136. Why did Venus appear to transit the sun from right to left?
  137. Universe's Very First Objects
  138. Input / Research Required for a Novel I'm Writing...
  139. Silly question about Saturn's rings
  140. Y9 brown dwarf
  141. Planet of a nova
  142. Superflares and our sun - could they have happened
  143. Is Venus' rotation slowing down faster than anticipated?
  144. Could our present universe be embedded within a larger universe?
  145. integral [and derivative] of tan x
  146. The thickness of Venus' surface atmosphere, how thick is it?
  147. Putting your hand into an event horizon.
  148. Perihelion and orbital mechanics
  149. So How Big (Wide?) Is The Universe Accepted To Be Now?
  150. Singularity
  151. How Close to Supernova?
  152. Rods and contacts, Poles and barns.
  153. Daylight continues to get longer after June 21
  154. What is the smallest object our instruments can detect with a gravitational field?
  155. About the Local Bubble
  156. Wormholes and time travel
  157. Hydrogen Emisison Lines...
  158. When do you think we will have a detailed map of an extrasolar planet?
  159. Energy and gravity
  160. extent of WMAP survey
  161. Is the Pieces-Cetus Supercluster Complex still accepted?
  162. [dark matter halo surrounding the Milky Way]
  163. Author's Q's [Big bang as dark matter particle]
  164. I don't understand the second part of Hubble's Law
  165. Why no nav solutions on Mars?
  166. Apodizing
  167. What is the habitability or viability potential of my made up planet?
  168. If MW and M31 were quasars
  169. exponential inflation Vs accelerated expansion
  170. Unimpressive but strange streak at sunrise
  171. Full colour Airy pattern
  172. blackhole Vs blackhole
  173. Could we be able to see ourselves?
  174. Could this hypothetical exoplanet be habitable?
  175. maximum speed
  176. Exoplanet trees
  177. smaller Exoplanets?
  178. [triangulation at speed]
  179. Question about objects moving at light speed?
  180. Most common atom in world
  181. Who is moving
  182. Chinese predicting comets
  183. Our neighboring spiral galaxy
  184. Light level on a fictional moon
  185. Question About Universal Distances
  186. Question about multiverse
  187. At mid-northern latitudes, latest sunsets of the year in late June
  188. Bluest heavenly and earthly bodies
  189. Galaxies without SMBHs
  190. Are all neutron stars pulsars?
  191. A Laser Question.
  192. Possible dumb question about size of the universe
  193. Help with TIME and INFINITY required
  194. What section would one use if they wanted to make a conjecture
  195. Does the (our) universe lie on the face of a 4-dimensional (object?) ?
  196. High Noon at the Poles
  197. derivatives and integrals of spheres
  198. Simple Color and Color Perception Question.
  199. moon position?
  200. How to detect DC EM waves with wavelengh larger than 10 exp +10 meters?
  201. Question about magnetic compass readings on Earth...
  202. Question about red shift and the Big Bang Theory...
  203. Question about the Solar Nebula Hypothesis...
  204. is a neutron star a giant atom?
  205. multiparticle photon
  206. Sagittarius A* to start feeding. 2013 Blaizar & which way is the jet going to go.
  207. Age of the Universe and Black Holes
  208. Big Bang a local event?
  209. Big Bang!
  210. Indistinguishable black holes?
  211. Apparent Baryonic/Antibaryonic Asymmetry
  212. Does Anything Besides Gravity...
  213. Hypothetical: Life-bearing potential of Earth size moon of Jupiter?
  214. Question about the speed of light
  215. faster expansion at further distances
  216. does the moon look right?
  217. Does anybody have an Ansys (or similar) magnetic field simulation software program?
  218. Higgs, what is missing now?
  219. periods of planets' relative positions
  220. When and Where is the Milky Way
  221. Does anybody have access to the instruments for a two-slit experiment?
  222. questions about light in a medium...
  223. What is the composition of a galaxy's relativistic jets?
  224. Mars atmsophere
  225. When will we see results for the AMS-02?
  226. Question about the speed of the relativistic jets...
  227. Question regarding fusion in main sequence stars
  228. Aphelion and Solstice
  229. Question about the ingredients of the universe.
  230. How does light interact with gravity?
  231. The two types of Ia supernovae
  232. What are the Einasto Profile Constants for the Milky Way?
  233. Metallic hydrogen in Solar System
  234. have different force fields different scales of influence?
  235. How long before the solar system leaves the edge of the Milky Way?
  236. Black hole size
  237. Looking for Mollweide projection astronomy software
  238. expansion of solar system
  239. Are Hot Neptunes "Ice Giants"?
  240. Apollo 13 Formula
  241. Regarding the Gregorian Calendar
  242. Dyson Slingshot
  243. Supernova start
  244. I have questions on exoplanets? need clarity.
  245. Evaporating black holes?
  246. Jupiter event and question about answers
  247. What would it take for an Earthlike world to have more intense lightning?
  248. exoplanets
  249. Uncompressed density of Earth
  250. Lagrangian Points