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  1. Rings and climate
  2. Green valley galaxies
  3. Switching hemispheres
  4. Relativity: The Special and General Theory
  5. The Milky Way at night
  6. Magnitudes of heavenly arcs
  7. Pictures galaxies more far away 10 billion light year contrary direction of HUDF?
  8. Could the universe be collapsing?
  9. Energy from a Black Hole
  10. Why does the Milky Way appear curved?
  11. When stabilized the amount of matter and energy in the universe?
  12. Could an Earthlike planet reasonably have two Luna-sized Moons?
  13. Conjunctions and eclipses
  14. Mars mass
  15. Great Conjunction
  16. Why doesn't Mars have an electromagnetic field?
  17. Jupiter and Venus Effect on Earth's Climate
  18. Question about dark matter...
  19. Question about gravity at the rotational poles...
  20. What is the Higgs Boson?
  21. Could life on Earth survive without the Moon?
  22. Precession of the Moon
  23. Interstellar refraction
  24. 2 differences in Earths habitability
  25. Abraham-Minkowski Dilemma
  26. Gravity and atmosphere
  27. question about gravitational lensing
  28. question about starlight hitting the Earth's atmosphere
  29. Earth ejected from solar system
  30. Delta V to Solar polar orbit?
  31. Void temperature
  32. Tidal implications of eccentric planetary orbit
  33. Mars magnetic field and atmosphere
  34. Origin of Earth's N atmosphere, whilst Mars & Venus CO2
  35. Colliding universes destroyed?... or nothing happens?
  36. Monochrome
  37. How do I spot the young moon, August 18th?
  38. Photons passing through a stormy sea...
  39. When MW+M31 have antennae
  40. Does Curiosity have audio?
  41. Number of moons of a habitable planet
  42. "But they were only satellites"
  43. Telescopes
  44. Would eruption of dwarf nova in M5 cause M5 to brighten enough to be noticeable?
  45. Elementary Question, Black Holes
  46. What constellation was 500 AD breakup of comet Encke fragment seen in?
  47. How far from Jupiter's or Earth's natural radio emissions be detected?
  48. Is there any relationship between paramagnetism and gravity?
  49. Question about the Earth's magnetic field and electric field
  50. The Earth is a dipole magnet?
  51. How do we explain relativistic jets given what we know about gravity?
  52. A question about the book: Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  53. novice questions about the Earth's electric field...
  54. Which is the difference between matter and energy?
  55. What phenomenon promote/impulse the isotropic expansion of the Universe?
  56. Quantum Graphity: bad joke?
  57. expansion of the universe
  58. What is the non-rest mass of the photon?
  59. There could be energy or/and mass (matter) within the Planck lengh/volum?....
  60. Spectrum of Solar System Barycenter
  61. Einstein speak
  62. Why we need diferent models to explain the underlying laws of Universe?
  63. Current theories on nature of dark matter?
  64. Gravitational Potential of a Ring Mass in the Plane of the Ring
  65. First Observational Evidence of Gravity Waves?
  66. Why don't disk galactic orbital velocities increase with distance?
  67. What effects did Pistol Star explosions have on Earth?
  68. Dark Matter Interactions?
  69. I made up an exoplanet
  70. Is it true mars has plate tectonics?
  71. Translating right ascension/declination into a non-Sol-centered XYZ coordinate system
  72. Intracluster Medium/Intergalactic Medium?
  73. Working on a world
  74. Fluctuation in the precession of the perihelon of Mercury
  75. Has the Alpha Centauri system been 'checked' for planets?
  76. 3 photons
  77. Bending of a relativistic electron near a charged black hole.
  78. Dark Matter
  79. Planetary habitability
  80. What happens if we discover Alpha Centauri simply does *not* have planets?
  81. Interstellar Probe Comms Link Design?
  82. Earth causing lunar 'tides'
  83. Heat Death of the Universe Timeline
  84. Dark matter vs frame dragging, has anyone done the math?
  85. The name of an expression G/c^2
  86. Figuring the expected largest CMB fluctuations
  87. Does QED explain superconductivity?
  88. The Logic of Obtaining Relationships
  89. Galactic center size BH what % could be DM
  90. Gamma Ray Bursts in Aquila
  91. Maximum Radius for a Terrestrial Planet
  92. need help to solve 2 questions
  93. A question for German speakers, who are also good at internet searching, about Eros
  94. Question about meteorites
  95. Why do people say the moon rotates on it's own axis
  96. Kerr black hole at planck scales
  97. random thought: intelligent life on a tidally locked moon
  98. space/time is curved by mass can it also be stretched ?
  99. The expansion and the acceleration....
  100. Ergosphere. Question about speed and relativity.
  101. Coreless planet
  102. gravity & density relationship ?
  103. Sky&Telescope, June 1988 issue - any have a copy?
  104. Rock drained of troilite
  105. Could Ceres have liquid water?
  106. Mapping the surface of an gas giant
  107. Does equation of state = -1 imply deceleration parameter = -1 too?
  108. Small planet with thick atmosphere, Big planet with thin atmosphere?
  109. Multiple Star Systems
  110. Efficient transfer between planets
  111. Ways of converting the energy of stars into interstellar flight?
  112. what are all the assumptions of bigbang theory? and observations that doesn't accord
  113. If the earth stopped spinning would we feel noticably lighter?
  114. Is teleportation faster than light?
  115. How far can light travel?
  116. Maxwell Boltzmann Distrabution for atmospheric gases.
  117. How can we estimate the depth of a crater on the moon using the shadows?
  118. High Moscow Cosmic Ray Monitor reading
  119. Light pollution with a distant horizon
  120. Polar rings
  121. The Future Fate of Mars
  122. Slow Space Travel
  123. The lightning of Jupiter
  124. Fomalhaut
  125. Does redshift increase as vector angle decreases?
  126. Curiosity Rover's Laser
  127. Next Transit From Mars?
  128. Dark matter/energy?
  129. Earth with a 12 hour day
  130. Homework?
  131. Immovable Object/Unstoppable Object
  132. Is it possible that Dark Matter/Energy is...
  133. Stellar Rapid Orbit...
  134. Einstein field equation? (EFE)
  135. A curious reader would like to know (GR)
  136. Earth with a 0.5 bar atmosphere
  137. Planet with no tides...
  138. Universe : Death by Black Holes?
  139. Million years footprint
  140. Damp-like Treadmark On Mars?
  141. Observing the clock.
  142. Longitudinal Clock?
  143. What happened to Solar Maximum?
  144. Size of observable universe compared to the total
  145. a question about gravity
  146. New FTL Loophole
  147. Discredited Luminiferous aether and well established Dark Matter
  148. structure of universe
  149. The GRB 090429B gamma ray burst and the expansion of the universe
  150. How far is GRB 090429B now?
  151. Which way is North on Venus?
  152. How big does a star appear?
  153. Thomson vs Compton scattering
  154. Dark matter and aether objections
  155. Self-repacking parachutes for SSTO's?
  156. Chinese novae
  157. Could TTV be adapted/converted for use as "RVTV"?
  158. Maths question: Curved space description
  159. Hip 11952
  160. Exoplanet question
  161. Minimum distance to Sun that planets can be seen?
  162. Medieval knowledge of constellations
  163. Three Seas, One Solar System
  164. Realistic Sci-Fi Space Combat Question - Fire on a Space Craft Exposed to Vacuum
  165. Tidally locked waterworld
  166. Where does a meteor's light come from?
  167. Questions on hot Jupiters
  168. Alpha Centauri Orbits
  169. Point source brighter than full moon
  170. Nukes in space and EMP
  171. Using nukes for terraforming?
  172. How is the baryon/photon ratio determined from WMAP data?
  173. Inside Saturn's ring
  174. smallest ST constituents and inflation
  175. Stuck on an astronomy question if anyone can help...
  176. Mass of Earth
  177. Ganymede: The Jovian moon
  178. What happens to matter in the singularity of a black hole?
  179. Doppler cooling in CMBR
  180. Interaction with masses inside an event horizon
  181. Age of galaxies
  182. Fate of Earth
  183. finding acceleration through differentiation using constant of motion
  184. Can we be heard?
  185. Proxima and Alpha Centauri
  186. Could be Our Universe an Open System?
  187. Time for the Earth to freeze over
  188. Plusar system PSR J1311-3430, and 390 rotations per second?
  189. Is Gravity generated by an interchance of gravitons between atoms ?
  190. Solar induced blackout during night?
  191. graviton
  192. Are elementary particles perfect spheres?
  193. Really dont understand Thermal Fluctuations & entropy
  194. Lunar tungsten hexaflouride atmosphere
  195. Are all elliptical galaxies elliptical?
  196. Living planet around red dwarf
  197. deflection of light by gravity
  198. Motion of the Becklin-Neugebauer Object & Orion SrcI
  199. van Neumann probed galaxy
  200. Science or fiction?
  201. 2 Paradoxes with Black Holes?
  202. double slit experiment
  203. How was this Curiosity photo taken?
  204. Mars' atmosphere vs. light bulb
  205. Super Earths and their characteristics
  206. Radial coordinate in Schwarzschild metric
  207. Earth sized planet with rings
  208. Doesnt the Double Slit apparatus itself collapse the wave before it leaves the slits?
  209. Getting on my NERVA
  210. Why no atmospheric neon?
  211. Understanding quantum entanglement and non-locality.
  212. Comparing maximum available stellar light within ranges of redshift
  213. Time dilation near mass
  214. galaxy velocity curve
  215. Best green laser pointes for astronomy?
  216. Earths eccentricity
  217. Cosmic ray causes computer error?
  218. Kaluza-Klein forsee the existence of new dimensions for different spatial scales
  219. Can a manifold be finite and boundaryless at the same time?
  220. Eclipse
  221. Dark Energy and the Big Rip
  222. What if space-time was wrong?
  223. Atom bomb semantics question
  224. WANTED: Some simple formulas for the physical properties of Planetary Mass Objects
  225. How long does a particle's position remain defined after it is observed?
  226. A Global Warming Probability Question
  227. Question about Particle Physics/ Quantum Theory origins...
  228. Question about gravity...
  229. How to create a map of the sky ?
  230. Deathwind
  231. question about perihelion
  232. Our ability to observe
  233. 1 million tons to orbit
  234. Stretching of light near a black hole
  235. what is the cause of the OIII wedge in M27, the dumbell nebula?
  236. Which NGC spiral has the highest redshift?
  237. Could we detect the Solar System?
  238. Witnessed Black hole formation
  239. Question about Light Bending in High Gravitational Fields
  240. What is the history of the name: "Milky Way Galaxy"
  241. Can diffraction be easily destroyed and restored?
  242. A View to a Galaxy
  243. How to apply PPN formalism
  244. Do spiral galaxies have absolute magnitude?
  245. To what degree does lunar gravitational pull affect gravitational redshift on earth?
  246. Calculating G using gravitational redshift
  247. What was I looking at in the sky
  248. Gravity Focus Telescope
  249. Radius of planets
  250. Energy Extraction and Propulsion methods: