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  1. slingshots and reverse slingshots
  2. Falling into the NGC 1277 black hole
  3. How would brown dwarfs appear to the human eye given a particular surface temperature
  4. spiral galaxy
  5. Triangulum galaxy orientation
  6. Comoving distance vs Proper distance?
  7. Pluto and Charon
  8. Circumzenithal arcs(CZAs)
  9. How big is the solar system in...
  10. cycles of universe
  11. How will red dwarfs age?
  12. New Horizons and Europa Probe:
  13. Radiation Shielding
  14. Warp drive, wormholes, and photons
  15. Correctly drawn HR diagrams
  16. How come our skys are not lit up?
  17. The age of our universe in question?
  18. Lightspeed-ometer for your car!
  19. density waves for galaxies
  20. Dark Matter and Interstellar Travel
  21. A flame on Titan
  22. CPT violation
  23. Alpha Centauri's Location
  24. Virtual particle density
  25. Unusually Dense Gas Giants
  26. radio waves
  27. visual representations
  28. Black Holes
  29. Discriminating objects in space
  30. Question about impact craters
  31. universal time
  32. Gamma Ray Bursts
  33. Are there similarities between a hurricane rotation and galactic spiral rotation?
  34. Black-holes and time.
  35. What happens to mass's space-time warpage when Sun loses mass?
  36. Recurrent novae in M31
  37. Could Earth's magnetic field "flipping" be due to tectonic plate movement?
  38. The Big Bang and Black Holes
  39. Space/Time and Matter/Energy
  40. Black Hole Singularities, another universe?
  41. Some questions about the dimensions (n-D) of the whole universe...
  42. How long will we need leap years?
  43. supernova and gamma ray bursts
  44. Number of stories of NEO objects?
  45. Fate of the Universe, very long term
  46. Are BHs the meatballs of the flying spaghettification monster?
  47. fundamental constants combined equals ~1?
  48. Could the Earth's rotation be reversed?
  49. matter-antimatter
  50. How fast is the year lengthening?
  51. What is your opinion about A.Linde and L.Smolin Multiverse Theories?
  52. Radiant of meteor showers
  53. Direction of light
  54. Mars Visibility
  55. Next big satellite to crash into Earth?
  56. Is there a good extragalactic 'census' paper?
  57. the flow of time
  58. Finite or infinite:
  59. Detect Earth via radial velocity shifts in sun
  60. What was it that fell from orbit between 1986-1990?
  61. north/south hemishpheres
  62. Bright Star or Planet I've seen on 12/21 and 12/22?
  63. 'Heavy elemennts' in protoplanetary disc?
  64. Question about comet ison
  65. Gravity and the expansion of space
  66. Orbiting of Light in universe thought experiment
  67. Density of highly siderophile mixture
  68. Black hole brighter by 100 times
  69. rotation of black hole
  70. Mayan Knowledge of Precession
  71. Fine structure constant
  72. question about atomic clocks and relativity
  73. Particles as Standing Waves
  74. What are the criticisms to this model
  75. How many galaxy filaments are there in the observable Universe?
  76. Gaia blank spots
  77. Looking for CMB with constellations mapped out
  78. How far away are the most distant galaxies (HUDF) photographed by the Hubble ?
  79. Electric field and electric potential
  80. On interactions with the Higgs field when approaching light speed
  81. Meteorite Radiants
  82. Question about planet formation (theories)
  83. composition of helium hydrogen and other matter in universe
  84. Pluto's 4th and 5th moons; when to be named?
  85. question about the Michelson-Morley experiment
  86. Photon polarization at Planck Energy scale
  87. Question about universe
  88. gluons
  89. Future of life on Earth
  90. up and down quarks
  91. How much galactic mass is taken up by red dwarfs?
  92. Why does space smell like charred meat and burning wires?
  93. One huge hurdle to Mars Colonization is getting a multi-ton craft down on the surface
  94. Mass of particles
  95. Antimatter vs. Matter
  96. Wormholes. Big ones. Like, *really* big ones.
  97. B.T.E. DAN
  98. Which number system is "best" for describing empirical reality?
  99. What if Earth had a Mars sized Moon?
  100. Seeking Knowledge
  101. Are stars redshifted at the horizon?
  102. Could tachyons communicate over the Hubble radius?
  103. Eccentric placement of the earth's core w.r.t its physical center
  104. Who is responsible for the constant c^2/G in GR?
  105. False vacuum tunneling and Casimir effect
  106. Super giant stars, super small stars...timing of ignition.
  107. Temperature of starlight
  108. question about tidal forces...
  109. Figure 8 planet
  110. Fuelling a Mars mission
  111. Mingus dark energy question
  112. Antiparticles question
  113. Orion Bullets
  114. Hot Spots in an AGN
  115. Mars Mystery: What HAS Curiosity Discovered?
  116. Question re Neutron Stars from an SF writer
  117. Gas giant dwarf planets
  118. Paleo-Lunar Orbit Question
  119. near side lunar craters
  120. N00BY Question about Telescopes
  121. spacecraft films
  122. If you hit regolith/dust with an electron beam, will it build up static electricity?
  123. Keeping track of code, files, etc (Python, GALFIT, etc)
  124. What is our velocity in time measured in spatial units like light years per hour?
  125. Antimatter white dwarf
  126. why are galatic cores always featureless or look over exposed?
  127. Question about "flat" universe
  128. Extinct isotopes
  129. Re-entry Vehicle Shape Question
  130. End of Greatness Clarification
  131. Relative parallax.
  132. Local Group or Virgo Supercluster?
  133. Question about mass of an object and time ...
  134. Question about Exoplanet discovery
  135. Pic of planets
  136. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 size & number of fragments ?
  137. Is time just your place in spacetime, or is it a field like electromagnetism and grav
  138. R136a1 and stars outside galaxies
  139. Another Black Hole Question
  140. Question about the speed of universe expansion
  141. Fastest stellar objects observed.
  142. "Winding direction is binary" - really?
  143. Habitable clone?
  144. Why is the moon moving away from earth?
  145. James Webb telescope.
  146. Shape of elliptical galaxies
  147. About p-adic relativistic length.
  148. TOE theory credit
  149. Middle School Math
  150. Plotting asteroid 2012 DA14 (In Starry Night or elsewhere)
  151. Question on Early Evolution Following the Big Bang
  152. What is the inner boundery for our Sun?
  153. Magnetic Field
  154. If Venus turned out differently?
  155. electron field
  156. Massive bosons and quarks
  157. particle life time
  158. Are black holes forever?
  159. How would the Earth be different?
  160. aperture vs distance in space telescopes
  161. A UFO sighting
  162. Classical novae orbital periods
  163. The Aberration of light and sending a message to Alpha Centauri
  164. Anyone familiar with Montage?
  165. Would this solar system be stable?
  166. Does a single pulsar generate gravity waves?
  167. Dark Energy conversion?
  168. Help out a sci-fi writer
  169. Gravity Probe-B
  170. Lunar nodes
  171. Gravitationally Bound
  172. Adding spherical imperfections
  173. Can gravitionaly attracted objects ever reach relativistic speeds falling together?
  174. Roche Limits, Moons and Rings
  175. Silly question - What if Mercury vanished?
  176. Neptune's rotation
  177. Measuring parallax
  178. Space mining - how to get the stuff back to Earth
  179. What if (avoiding asteroid impact)
  180. Alternate Planetary Arrangements
  181. Luminous flux on a moon
  182. When will space be 1 Kelvin?
  183. Help for sci-fi writer (diamond star)
  184. question about Tidal Force of Moon-Earth
  185. Asteroid 2012 DA14 - how close to the Moon will it pass?
  186. Combining estimated errors (galaxy properties, of the observational kind)
  187. Parallax measurement questions
  188. Close calls, Russia, transpermia
  189. Plate tectonics on an exomoon?
  190. Meteorite hits Russia and asteroid flyby hours later...Related?
  191. electron magnetic moment calculation
  192. Quantum event observer
  193. Black holes creating new universes?
  194. Tracking the Nibiru craze post 2012
  195. The phobia of Calculus
  196. Is it easier to land on a planet with an atmosphere or without?
  197. Moon and Jupiter Optical Illusion
  198. How long can co-orbital planets last?
  199. Which poles do stars have?
  200. planetary orbits in binary star system, effect of a ring on tides
  201. Could an alien tell that we are here?
  202. Nova or Supernova Question
  203. Magnitude and elongation relationships
  204. force coupling constants
  205. Mergeburst and luminous red nova at 13 parsecs
  206. Question about IDD) for International Space Station (ISS) Visiting Vehicles (VV's),
  207. Temperature limits
  208. up and down quark lattice qcd calculations
  209. Atmospheric freezeout or cremation?
  210. Best Books about Habitable Planets??
  211. Missiles fired at Earth from geostationary orbit
  212. Force calculations
  213. m-theory... heh?
  214. Size of the proton
  215. Antimatter Galaxies
  216. Point Particles, electron, quarks
  217. Norman Thagard
  218. Question about the interstellar medium around Earth
  219. External gravity?
  220. Small Stellar Systems Conference
  221. Plotting out the constellations & planets on a Milky Way panorama
  222. Large moon around a gas giant
  223. super conductor
  224. Transparency of cytherean and titanic clouds
  225. Will advanced LIGO be able to warn of Ia supernovae?
  226. How far can Earth be seen?
  227. How cold can a planet get?
  228. Wave function
  229. What would happen if days were shorter?
  230. Supernovae Effects 0n Dark Matter?
  231. Yet Another Late Stage Solar Evolution Question...
  232. Space travel question
  233. I just saw two satellite appearing objects nearly intersect with Jupiter from Dallas
  234. Low proper motion neighbours
  235. If Earth had a 45 degree tilt.
  236. Uwingu naming planets
  237. Arriving at a destination faster than light?
  238. Traveling a few light years and getting back in time for dinner
  239. What Determines the Mass of a Star
  240. Accretion disc questions
  241. Planets of known density and smallest gas dwarf escape speed
  242. Twinkling points of light
  243. Is this true regarding inflation?
  244. WMAP/Planck CMBR Map:
  245. OB blue, I am.
  246. Help with understanding time dilation with regard to speed.
  247. Sorry, stupid question here!
  248. plate tectonics
  249. Why start exoplanet names with b?
  250. Absolute magnitude (H) of extrasolar bodies within their own solar system