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  1. Would a pulsar lose rotation speed in the magnetic field of a SMBH?
  2. sunrise
  3. White Dwarf questions
  4. question about the magnitude of the tidal bulges...
  5. Magnitude for mesopic and photopic vision
  6. relationship between the brightness of light & the distance light travels
  7. Number of known exoplanets
  8. What is the minimum atmospheric pressure water can remain liquid on a planet?
  9. The Holographic Universe
  10. Alpha Centauri Express???
  11. Planet orbiting brown darf orbiting Sun like star
  12. Calculating Stellar Mass and Luminosity
  13. Who can tell me - Google maps for space?
  14. Moon phase
  15. Could Solon be right . . . on just one point ? About seeing stars ?
  16. Venus ... where is she and why ?
  17. Questions about Fomalhaut & similar blue giants
  18. Highest possible gravity on a terrestrial planet?
  19. How many telescopes see beyond local cluster
  20. Need help with with identification in photo
  21. Question About the Finer Details of Orbits
  22. Standard bright star colours
  23. The future of Earth... without oceans?
  24. Kruithof curve edges
  25. Likelihood of Retrograde Precession
  26. question related to CMB
  27. question about the relative abundance of radiation in space
  28. Radiation-induced recrystallization in space
  29. how to calculate effect of proper motion?
  30. Black hole angular momentum limitations
  31. Can a lake or ocean of CO2 exist in these conditions?
  32. Meteoroid orientation in parent body
  33. Abbreviations "Ex. ptn." & "h.ra.m." -- Comet observation
  34. Actual degree measurements of Zodiac Belt (using Sun as reference)
  35. Central Bulges/SMBH/Recent Butterfly Planetary Nebulae Alignment Discovery
  36. Question about the origin of Einsteins Cosmological Constant
  37. Gravity on saturn.
  38. Gravity Wavelengths?
  39. Does wave-particle duality reflect an underlying energy duality?
  40. Compton scattering in the interstellar medium
  41. A Black Hole
  42. Calculating Interstellar Travel Time
  43. Great Pyramid Air Shaft and North Celestial Pole
  44. Difference between black hole and novas
  45. Effect of a rising Earth's magnetic field
  46. Rotational Periods of Small Bodies
  47. Time ?
  48. how to measure the Luminosity functions error
  49. Fuel consumption on a relativistic vessel.
  50. HUDF and Light Cones
  51. Mars & fish
  52. "Sun mysteriously goes all quiet"?
  53. Plasma is another state of matter?
  54. Elements
  55. Northern Hemisphere Star Charts
  56. Can variable mass explain distant redshift?
  57. Question about CMB & Lepton Number
  58. 4-D Black Holes and The Singularity
  59. if light or an object with mass enters a black hole.
  60. Probability question: How many galaxies are likely to be selected if ...
  61. Question about the size and age of the universe.
  62. Inflation & the False Vacuum
  63. Globular Clusters and SMBHs
  64. The age of things
  65. Rings of Saturn
  66. If the atmosphere were thicker would the Dinosaurs have survived?
  67. Solar cells on steroids
  68. 3-D map of high-velocity clouds
  69. Explanation for galactic Movements
  70. Question: Regarding spacecraft entering our solar system...
  71. Black hole
  72. Questions About Chemosynthesis Of Heavy Stable Elements
  73. Jupiter in the East at sunrise?
  74. Energy From Gamma Ray Bursts
  75. 100 billion stars and 100 billion galaxies
  76. Vacuum Metastability
  77. Craters in Mercury
  78. Antares vs light bulb
  79. How close can planets get?
  80. sagittarius A in the news
  81. Obliquity of the Earth
  82. Why is an orbital resonance "good" or "bad"?
  83. Fermi's golden rule
  84. Did Venus Give Earth the Moon? Wild New Theory on Lunar History
  85. Mass of elements created by supernova nucleosynthesis
  86. Size of an object traveling towards us affecting our ability to see it?
  87. Dark matter density
  88. Jupiter-like planets
  89. Atmosphere on a tidally-locked planet
  90. Fastest & cheapest way to send an experiment into orbit
  91. Choice of named Pleiades
  92. Shields up for interstellar flight!
  93. Inflation and gravitational waves
  94. No evidence for multiple Universes etc..
  95. Super Earth supporting liquid, solid or gas water?
  96. What do you think we'll see when the Event Horizon Telescope images the event horizon
  97. Question about redshift measurement
  98. Do all asteroids in the asteroid belt orbit the same direction?
  99. Asteroid exit wounds
  100. Higgs boson and Einstein's relativity
  101. Planet made of pure water
  102. The space roar, any new info?
  103. Testing relativity with comet ISON
  104. Time virtualization
  105. Hypothetical Multiverse
  106. complete darkness
  107. Proto star size
  108. Michelson-Gale on Venus
  109. Pisces constelation. I am wanting to view a star tonight. Will it be visible?
  110. Asteroid 2013 TV135 hits Earth?
  111. The Sun's Orbit around the Galactic Center
  112. Hypothetical Universe
  113. Supernova outside galaxies
  114. Science Fiction help. Planet Information...
  115. Angular size of one degree in the CMB
  116. Real stupid (Warning: REAL stupid) question about orbital energy.
  117. Sea of Gravity
  118. Gravitational Lensing with Proxima Centauri
  119. Orbital manoeuvres
  120. % of Exoplanets.
  121. Cannot identify bright star in Southern Hemisphere.
  122. Question re Solar Declination
  123. Black hole jets
  124. I Have Some Nebular Collapse Questions
  125. Division between small, medium and large stars
  126. Exoplanet formation
  127. A mass A star going super nova produces a Jupiter mass black hole?
  128. How hot is too hot?
  129. Are there public-access clearing houses for observatory time RFTs?
  130. Calculating extinction values as visual magnitude loss
  131. Measuring Orbits
  132. What does the existence of dark matter say about our core physics?
  133. Milky Way formation time
  134. Measuring the angular height of a building
  135. Could this happen? (Changing Mercury)
  136. Does evidence exist of extrasolar objects that have entered our solar system?
  137. Atmospheric height of a planet
  138. Constellations by diagonal
  139. Can electric fields/currents be seen on the sun?
  140. Electric Universe - Where does it stand now?
  141. Methods for getting antimatter?
  142. CME's and comets?
  143. Dark matter annihilation
  144. Earths magnetic field
  145. Astronauts dropping things?
  146. phase is the moon
  147. How does the BPT position of an object change, as the covering fraction varies?
  148. What if polarity of Sun's poles stay identical?
  149. electron excess
  150. A question for [redacted name] CrankAstronomy
  151. Major episodes of metal enrichment in quasar hosts in the first ~0.8 Gyr
  152. High hypervelocity weapons against spacecraft
  153. Thermosphere "collapse"
  154. Two kinds of space: that which expands and that which doesn't?
  155. Habitable zone around two K-type stars
  156. Apparent retrograde motion
  157. Cosmic Inflation..
  158. Question about active asteroid/ Main Belt comet P/2013 P5
  159. Energy of a system containing ion and a water molecule
  160. Angular momentum of solar system
  161. Throwing Earth out of the Solar System.
  162. What does it take to capture a "Rogue" planet?
  163. How big of a threat is radiation for manned interplanetary missions?
  164. Laplace Resonance and a Hypothetical Planetary System
  165. Why not model accretion disks as a gas vortex?
  166. Koide Formula
  167. Brightness of new and full earth
  168. Are black holes "visible"?
  169. The long distance mirror question
  170. Stop the Earth's Rotation
  171. The eventual Universe
  172. Comets that don't survive perihelion
  173. Will we soon find ourselves back in the Stone Age again?
  174. Circularizing Oort Cloud orbits
  175. Number black holes in Milky Way
  176. Are neutrons 'real'?
  177. Gravity versus dark energy
  178. Can a neutron absorb an antimuon?
  179. Is dark matter linked to black holes?
  180. Where is Voyager 1?
  181. Albedo of Polyphemus
  182. "Geocentric coordinates": when?
  183. Could Comet ISON cause a meteor shower for earth?
  184. Earth Luna become double planet?
  185. Has only one side of the moon always faced the Earth?
  186. Line of sight problem
  187. Exoplanet finding - Hypotheticals
  188. Ice is nice, but Water is wetter
  189. How would it be possible to get a spacecraft to 99.999% the speed of light?
  190. Black holes and angular momentum
  191. How did all the water get to Earth?
  192. Little Universe
  193. Not really a space/astronomy question, but a question for astronomers...
  194. Travelling in Sahara desert
  195. Explaining virial equilibrium to nonprofessional astronomers
  196. R136a1 Questions
  197. Vortices in South Atlantic are equivalent to black holes
  198. What would you see from inside a warp field?
  199. When evaluating radial velocity data for extra-solar planets, do astronomers use...
  200. What kind of reactor would be needed to get a spacecraft to Mars in 39 days?
  201. An Astrophysics Question
  202. fallen stars
  203. Robotic spacecraft star finders
  204. The "Flat Earthers" were right after all?
  205. Intermittent star
  206. Planet out in the boondocks
  207. Hipparchus Stellar magnitude
  208. Photos of stars before they went supernova?
  209. Habitable exomoon.
  210. Fractal Planetary System?
  211. Moon not tidlely locked
  212. Visibility of celestial bodies in the sky of a fictional planet.
  213. Does dark matter rotate with the galaxy
  214. What happens to information in a black hole?
  215. Size of twinkle
  216. Questions about Earth's Analemma and the Equation of Time
  217. Can another planet live next to Earth?
  218. numbers
  219. Visibility of space-stations from Earth???
  220. Sol's mantle
  221. Why can't you sail on the solar wind
  222. Can there be planetary configuration like this?
  223. Time dilation
  224. MOIRE space telescope?
  225. Non-virial contributions to cluster & galaxy assembly
  226. The Ecliptic Plane
  227. Looking for suggestions on a major High School Sr. Project, Astro related.
  228. Leap seconds and atomic clocks
  229. Stopping the movement of an object in space
  230. Experiental measurement of "constant frequency" of light
  231. Simple question in mechanics of a rigid body
  232. The color of the Moon...
  233. Would the sky still be blue if the atmosphere was thicker?
  234. Several Questions About Stratoshphere
  235. HR Diagram
  236. Searching for Dark Matter
  237. White Dwarf or Nuetron Star?
  238. Degenerate Matter
  239. Ablation in an Accretion Disc
  240. If the Earth rotated clockwise, would it make any difference?
  241. Question on the Arecibo Observatory's observations of Mars in 1960-61
  242. Space has "properties"?
  243. Mud and sea-spray on Europa
  244. Are there deviations from perfect planetary orbits?
  245. Is there a special name for a discoherent (observed) elementary particle?
  246. Why is gravity such a mystery?
  247. Astronaut Gravity/Decompression Isolation question
  248. What is the gravity on STYX ?
  249. Question for tomorrow's 'floating'
  250. How far is the closest black hole...and worm hole to earth ?