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  1. are time dilation and lenght contraction the same
  2. Detecting Comet Tail Debris ?
  3. The Actual "color" of the Night sky?
  4. Illustrating Olbers' paradox
  5. Visual/Image Enigma In M13?
  6. Question about Dragon v2
  7. Question about entanglement
  8. Could liquid water be stable on this planet?
  9. Why can't Wormholes exist?
  10. Greenhouse effect to the ocean evaporation
  11. What is an Earth?
  12. If Venus rotated faster and had more tilt.
  13. Surface brightness of the cosmic background radiation
  14. Expansion of local space
  15. Betelgeuse "BOOM"
  16. A one mile dwarf planet?
  17. Stellar population distribution and Benford's Law?
  18. IAU definition of a planet and other solar systems
  19. Protostars and Accretion Discs
  20. The limits of observation: gas clouds vs. accretion discs
  21. The Limits of Math
  22. Picture quality
  23. Constant Acceleration at 1G and Beyond
  24. Observing the dual slit experiment
  25. What would one or more moon-sized objects look like at Earth's Lagrange points?
  26. help mee
  27. Gravitational constant is feeding on my abstract brain.
  28. Reversed gyroscopic effect
  29. Baryonic dark matter estimates
  30. Extinction magnitudes vs. atoms/cc
  31. Supermassive black holes may be wormholes?
  32. QM Description of Radio
  33. plausibility check - Dragon v2 landing procedure
  34. Oort Clouds and Kuiper Belts in extrasolar systems?
  35. How far could you see from a planet...
  36. How to detonate a black hole?
  37. critical density of universe
  38. Galaxy Quest(ion)
  39. help: log scale diagram of the Solar System?
  40. gravity
  41. Light Waves
  42. Lumpiverse
  43. Speed of light
  44. Sounds from Space
  45. Titan's seas
  46. Earth-like worlds, red-dwarfs and magnetic-fields
  47. Looking for a Table of Most Distant Object by Magnitude
  48. Red shift blue shift
  49. A few questions related to gravitational force.
  50. Experiment proposal, CASIS & ISS
  51. The oldest functioning satellite/space probe?
  52. Heliacal rising of Sirius
  53. How Do We Know (Big Bang Initial Size)... ?
  54. Angular momentum of galaxies
  55. Surface Brightness of Large Sources
  56. Supernova core collapse?
  57. Radar pictures of (exo)planets
  58. ISS solar observation advice wanted
  59. Sirius B
  60. Does solar wind accrete on any planets?
  61. Plagiarism
  62. Relative To The Center of The Earth...
  63. If a star turned completely into EM radiation in 10 seconds...
  64. If the Universe is a 3-sphere how big would it be?
  65. Question about Robonaut 2
  66. Sunburn on a cloudy day
  67. Why don't we see stars gravitationally focus?
  68. Do some of the sunrays entering atmosphere go through and leave into space ?
  69. Could a CME cause an extinction event?
  70. Green rockets?
  71. Largest observable universe
  72. Confusion over shape of the universe...
  73. A blitzar every ten seconds?
  74. Area of sky obscured by...
  75. Nearby Star Positioning Data
  76. Copernicus's Q's from ATM
  77. HIGGS Boson
  78. Weight
  79. How to calculate how many 'overlaps' to expect, given ...?
  80. Metallic Hydrogen
  81. Density of Black hole
  82. I moved my part of off topic babbling post to this thread to continue
  83. Gravity
  84. Can light really go in a circle(eg around a black hole)?
  85. what is the gravitational time dilation a millimetre out from an event horizon?
  86. Time dilation for someone falling.
  87. Would Black Holes form in a big bang cyclic universe?
  88. Earth: Timeline of the far future
  89. thin shell metric
  90. Did Mars have nitrogen?
  91. How much energy would it take...
  92. Is dark matter really anti gravity?
  93. Large grain dust
  94. Universe expanding, and the Moon.
  95. To what distance can individual stars be resolved/detected?
  96. What would we experience if we entered a black hole?
  97. Can a planet with a thick atmosphere and eccentric orbit have life?
  98. What would a wormhole actually be like?
  99. Gravitational deflection as measure of mass density
  100. Metals as dark matter
  101. A BB conundrum?
  102. Can two planets share the same orbit?
  103. If Earth was more eccentric could it be habitable?
  104. Wien's displacement
  105. Galaxy collision/merging questions
  106. Iron from stars
  107. Perihelion Date as Climate Marker
  108. Value of c
  109. How scientific was Babylonian astrology?
  110. Special relativity
  111. What is the most likely dark matter candidate?
  112. Would a faster spinning planet have less wobble?
  113. 3 or More Stars In A Straight Line?
  114. Eddington number
  115. Rocket launches
  116. Neptune's Great Blue Spot
  117. The Sun as a shell..?
  118. Critical density of the universe
  119. Computing Planet Positions in the far future
  120. rydberg energy
  121. Astronaut helmets: slide up glass part?
  122. Sgr A* vs. G2 gas cloud visible?
  123. an accurate description of reality?
  124. Are the Force Fields (Gravity, EM,...) just emergent phenomenon?
  125. Laniakea: Newly identified galactic supercluster is home to the Milky Way
  126. Why is It Necessary for a Star to Be Massive Before Producing a Black Hole?
  127. True distance of barnard's star , How to know ?
  128. What was Johann Bayer thinking...
  129. Skyward view from a moon
  130. New asteroid belt could impact earth as early as 2017?
  131. Abiotic Hydrocarbons
  132. stratosphere photos question
  133. Earth's motions as viewed from Mars
  134. Moon Phase Calendar Symbols
  135. To catch a meteorite
  136. NIR versus optical spectral types -- how important is the distinction?
  137. Astrometry Query
  138. Lunar Eclipse Oct 8th
  139. Seyferts, AGNs, LINERs; ellipticals, spirals, irregulars; giants, normal, dwarfs; ...
  140. What is the difference (between singularities)?
  141. Supernova cycle
  142. Smooth Earth
  143. A Terra-formed Moon Question
  144. Is it true? (Beginning of Existence)
  145. Irresistable forces and unmovable objects
  146. Free energy?
  147. Einstein's light clock
  148. Europa
  149. How much sunlight is there illuminating objects in the outer solar system
  150. Interaction of Light on Expansion
  151. Will we EVER have fusion power plants?
  152. Milkomeda as an elliptical galaxy
  153. Why was heliocentrism accepted so quickly?
  154. The Virtual Observatory in the United States
  155. Ancient Galaxies - Just How Old are They?
  156. What is the name for Earth's shadow cast on eastern horizon just after sunset?
  157. The process of naming astronomical bodies?
  158. Question regarding the Hipparcos catalog naming convention
  159. Could matter spontaneously decay into EM radiation?
  160. Are these two Ω s the same?
  161. Atmosphere meteoroid shields
  162. SN Ia death
  163. Earth like planet, gravity anomoly
  164. Factoring the Sun's orbital velocity into the galactic rotation curve
  165. Why is blood-red eclipsed Moon brighter than "old moon in the arms of the new"?
  166. If Venus atmosphere was thinner?
  167. Halloween Themed Question: What Sort Of Orbital Shinnanigans Would Have To Happen...
  168. What is scattering the light here?
  169. Kuiper Belt Ices Questions
  170. What Forbids the Forbidden Line?
  171. "Visible universe" vs "Creation"
  172. "Omniverse" vs "visible universe"
  173. Jupiter's radiation
  174. Column densities around us
  175. impact of change of time
  176. Michelson-Morley experiment in space?
  177. Level 4 Multiverse & the laws of physics
  178. nasa sounds from space
  179. Electric Fields in space
  180. Single component universes and energy density
  181. Fish in microgravity
  182. mass of particles and string theory
  183. Space-time diagram
  184. Black Holes in Motion
  185. Water Question and Earth.
  186. How far has the Solar System traveled through the Universe?
  187. 2032 asteroid
  188. End Of The World, Supernova Event Questions
  189. What are those striations on Comet 67P/C-G
  190. A question that Im sure betrays my ignorance....
  191. Apophis
  192. museing on black holes
  193. I Have A Igorance Revealing Question Myself. What Was The Mystery Of Mecury's Orbit?
  194. Why don't Galilean moons bunch up?
  195. Hypothetical Backlighting Question: Operation "Send Up A Flare"
  196. Star Trek Photo Torpedo Issue. (Yes, I'm Blushing.)
  197. 2014 ur116
  198. moon tide question
  199. Stellar Wind
  200. Silly Multiverse Question
  201. Down To What Magnitude...
  202. Eye Color Vs. Observing Color Sensitivity?
  203. Dead stop in orbit
  204. A Question About Getting To Ceres Quickly.
  205. Supernova outside the ISM
  206. "... the existence of an almost massless field that couples to matter" Huh?
  207. Juussst entering synchronous rotation
  208. Trojan ratios
  209. Is the String Theory on it's last legs?
  210. infinite number of universes, but none identical
  211. Rosetta really in orbit around comet 67P?
  212. string theory question
  213. anyway to see rotation of earth live?
  214. Environment Around W/R Types Stars Questions.
  215. help with q.e. - thanks
  216. How well can Hubble see?
  217. Wormhole speculation
  218. New paper. Black holes don't exist.
  219. AMA about Philae and Rosetta happening now
  220. Starspot cycles
  221. Would they see our asteroid belt?
  222. Was the universe just created..
  223. Limit to spacetime curvature?
  224. Quasars
  225. Is every star a variable star?
  226. A question about star count in the early universe, especially in the early milky way
  227. Mars and Venus trade orbits
  228. Dust cloud temperatures
  229. are energy and matter the same, or just energy and mass?
  230. What causes the Moon to be round?
  231. moon's nodal precession
  232. The Universe In an Atom In a being, that is in a Universe.
  233. New Star?
  234. Distinguishing features of a Fireball?
  235. Leaving the solar system
  236. Moon surface
  237. The Path of Venus in the Night Sky and the Number 40
  238. Tidal foreces on a body - full 3D version
  239. Distant galaxies and time dilation.
  240. Conditions For The Sun's Green Flash?
  241. Epistellar Neptunes
  242. bucket of water on the moon
  243. Dirty snowball
  244. Theoretical Earthquake Particle?
  245. Black hole question
  246. Pondering: our ecliptic plane intersects our galactic center...
  247. Question about the CMB spectrum
  248. How would you get a binary gas giant?
  249. Neutrinos and wonky time pieces..?
  250. Historical report on the proposed effect of mass production on launch costs?