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  1. Gamma Ray Burst structure
  2. Is Light Faster Than C?
  3. I have a chunk of Mars, the kind of rocks Curiosity has been studying, what now?
  4. Mass of electron/proton
  5. Black Holes and Time
  6. Planetary atmospheres and combustion
  7. Question of time
  8. Eta Carinae
  9. Black holes - looking out from the edge
  10. Heliosphere red dwarf
  11. Faster than light travel.
  12. Binary orbits in sky
  13. Luminosity Equation Questions
  14. Would the Big Whack have left an atmosphere or water?
  15. Heisenberg's uncertainty relations
  16. About The Great Red Spot?
  17. Sagnac effect and the galactic rotation curve
  18. Newton's Shell Theorem and the stellar fusion cores, how is it resolved?
  19. Is life possible under a red dwarf star?
  20. photos of the earth
  21. How will we definitely ascertain life on other planets
  22. What would the night sky look from a planet in IC 1011 galaxy?
  23. Plotting a course to Saturn
  24. Require confirmation of an object
  25. Colour and brightness of Sun and red dwarfs
  26. Superluminal jets
  27. Has Dark Flow been debunked?
  28. Does our universe expanding may cause it to tread on other universes?
  29. Do all stars form inside molecular clouds?
  30. Metallicity and planetary systems
  31. Generation Of Gravity Waves Questions.
  32. how was DARK MATTER made ?
  33. Is the perihelion precession disparity constant over the years?
  34. Comet tails - how long, on average?
  35. Is there anything like Ceres that we've already seen?
  36. space atmospheric condensation?
  37. Has the mystery of the double slit experiment been solved?
  38. bubble universes
  39. Is there a way to explain Bosian and Fermian statistics in simple terms?
  40. The Gravity of the Death-Star(s)
  41. Would you see billions of years happening in seconds behind you going in a black hole
  42. Light through media
  43. special relativity
  44. Appearance of our constellations from A.Centauri
  45. Rewind the Solar System
  46. Higgs Field and Particle
  47. Voyager and the edge of the solar system
  48. Terminology for "background"?
  49. Visual distance of 1km asteroid
  50. Visual distance of 1km asteroid
  51. Black holes: Can anything ever fall into it
  52. Can Black Holes be a possible cause of Dark Matter?
  53. Lenticular galaxies
  54. Question on a variable star in the Cetus constellation
  55. Parallel universes and energy
  56. Why is the Sun so round?
  57. Need help looking for or making pre-historic star charts
  58. Proposed boundary of Our Universe for the HOLOGRAM theory
  59. If Space is a Fabric...
  60. Atmospheric temperature difference
  61. Gravitational dance partners
  62. Impactor vs. Earth
  63. what is our position in space
  64. Scattering
  65. Dark Matter == Gravitons w/ Mass?
  66. Interstellar Wormhole/Gargantua Accretion Disk (spoilers)
  67. About time constant
  68. Why are all moons rocky?
  69. Callisto's origin?
  70. Stars and Galaxies
  71. Is this blue streak real? If so, what is it?
  72. planets effect
  73. Does DM need to be that 'dark'?
  74. Gravity according GR vs QCD Theories
  75. Inflaton Field vs Higgs Field
  76. Planetary Atmosphere And Extreme Vulcanism Question.
  77. Star Registry Stars
  78. spherical dark matter halo vs flattened disc of spiral galaxy?
  79. Do sunspots affect weather on the planets/Titan (especially Earth)?
  80. the great attractor and dark energy
  81. early universe expansion and dark matter from a lawyers point of view
  82. Oops, wrong way...
  83. Where do moons come from?
  84. Is Dark Energy uniform throughout all?
  85. What is the equation for determining elliptical orbits?
  86. At what point of Gravity > 1.0 does flight not work?
  87. Is it possible to travel to parallel universes of MWI of quantum theory?
  88. Planck CMB polarization
  89. LHC discoveries to date ?
  90. Methane on Mars
  91. Hubble/James Webb Space Telescope
  92. Radio waves in water
  93. Could "Dark" Matter exist in another "dimension" with gravitational effects here?
  94. Supernova dust on sea floor
  95. Universe has no beginning or end
  96. What's the problem with L4 and L5
  97. Prove how go from horizon coordinates to equatorial coordinates
  98. What would an Earth-sized Mars be like?
  99. Career Question
  100. Question on Special Relativity and Rotating Frames of Reference
  101. Could a planet in a binary star sytem be stable
  102. Could a black hole > white hole > our universe b explanation for dark energy/matter?
  103. Gravity waves
  104. Less energy loss in a vacuum?
  105. Stars in Deep Space
  106. Future Heavy Bombardment Question.
  107. Could someone please factcheck this paragraph for me?
  108. how far did light travel
  109. Red Dwarf Planets
  110. Do scientists actually believe in quantum many world hypothesis?
  111. What star types become black holes or neutron stars?
  112. Binary Star systems
  113. Populations of star types
  114. Can a planet with minimal surface water have an oxygen rich atmosphere?
  115. What is the underlying cause of inertia? Not mass? Photons have inertia...
  116. Early structure formation
  117. 1G spacecraft?
  118. What's the limit on lunar occultations?
  119. Distance to the horizon
  120. Force and inertia in an otherwise empty universe
  121. On the recently determined anomalous perihelion precession of Saturn
  122. light speed theory.
  123. Mass of the electron, proton, neutron
  124. Orbital Velocity of Planet in Binary System
  125. Baseball on the moon
  126. If you could "control" gravity could you control inertia?
  127. Planetary Chemistry Argument.
  128. Macroscopic objects traveling at relativistic speed
  129. Spin and spacecraft
  130. Mercury a failed gas giant
  131. Radiation Shielding in space
  132. Distant Steller Spectroscopy Question
  133. Near Miss Accident in Space
  134. As A Solar Massed Star Around A Black Hole Starts To Disrupt Question.
  135. How would a neutron star appear to the human eye?
  136. Question on Ceres changes in name
  137. charge of proton and electron
  138. Mass of an asteroid?
  139. Subjective time in a wormhole
  140. The Tyco Impactor Questions.
  141. light mass
  142. picture of milky way
  143. Are we in trouble from this X.2 solar flare?
  144. Dedicated Anti-matter Production
  145. Why don't we witness accretion?
  146. [PhotonFanatic's questions about the BBT]
  147. Wikipedia on Red Giants
  148. Astrobiology Prereqs
  149. 882,388,421 years to go 50,000 light years
  150. string theory or quantum foam or other multidimensional theories.
  151. How would I die #2 ?
  152. Support for zero-energy universe
  153. LHC and WIMPs
  154. the ultimate black hole
  155. Earth's orbit, before & after moon formation?
  156. Matterless Universe
  157. implications of a universe without matter
  158. all hail the green sun?
  159. A little mathematics for the universe
  160. What Does Space Really Look Like?
  161. Feasibility of "The Arrival" Dish Array
  162. nucleation
  163. How was the inflaton field created?
  164. Dark Matter=curvature of space?
  165. Escape Velocity and the Schwarzschild Radius
  166. Alternative Hill Sphere Calculation?
  167. Andromeda Galaxy Planets
  168. Coronal Heating
  169. Questions about Ceres and space radiation.
  170. In order to make apple pie you must first create the universe.
  171. I search accurate algorithms for eclipse
  172. Doppler effect on EM waves vs sound waves
  173. Aligned synchronized orbits
  174. What happens to momentum at the center of a black hole?
  175. Does a rotating black hole rotate ever faster and faster?
  176. $100 Question - Cosmological Redshift
  177. The simultaneous RED and BLUE shifts in Quasars
  178. how fast can mass travel
  179. May A-Brane "float" within a B-Brane (if A> B)?
  180. I'm attending the CRS-6 Launch on 4.13.15 - Pointers, advice, general info?
  181. when a star initially forms- is there a period when the surface is solid?
  182. Seed objects and star formation
  183. Book research questions
  184. Chance and Relativity
  185. Can the proximity of multiple black holes collapse portions of their event horizons?
  186. Quantum Theory and Relativity
  187. Dimmest stars in blue sky
  188. 4 satellites in a row ????
  189. Does distance shrink when we travel at near light speeds?
  190. Space and Time in "Interstellar"
  191. LHC for dark energy
  192. Tectonic activity in the Solar System
  193. Energy from the sun
  194. astrophysics citations indexes
  195. P=nP
  196. Uranus; Is it really liquid through and through?
  197. What is the evidence for dark energy that is non SNe 1a related?
  198. Hawking radiation and BH size
  199. what is the apparent shape of a dense sphere?
  200. The 42 minute fall through the Earth
  201. Slowing down Earth's rotation?
  202. Exotic day and night cycle on exoplanet located in binary star system
  203. Cosmic energy inventories at z epochs other than 0
  204. Giant spider in space
  205. How to understand intuitively why time slows down on a high gravity planet
  206. Is gravitational spacetime distortion cumulative?
  207. How excited should I be about the new Planet X?
  208. decreasing Hubble parameter and acceleration of the Universe
  209. Question about Balmer Halpha/Hbeta EW ratios
  210. Could we exist without dark matter?
  211. Why can't a photon enjoy its journey
  212. Maximum number of big moons for terrestrial planet
  213. The early universe got more mass?
  214. black hole size
  215. does time stop when you travel at the speed of light?
  216. sunset times
  217. Can an atom have an electron on other side of the universe
  218. Tracking the "Big Bang"
  219. Asteroid 1999 FN53
  220. Research Question Regarding Medieval Constellations
  221. Does the Universe have a lower speed limit?
  222. Size of the Universe.
  223. another black hole question
  224. Relationship Between Atmospheric Pressure and Surface Gravity
  225. Special Relativity and planetary rotation
  226. Corkscrew orbit
  227. Why no new star formation in globular clusters?
  228. Question about light
  229. The actual size of the Universe
  230. Milky Way Has Two Sets Of Arms
  231. Russia and Venus
  232. constants of the Universe.
  233. Is Gravity not subject to the restrictions of C?
  234. Can Moons Have Moons?
  235. Comoving vs moving Galaxies
  236. Peach pinkish solar puzzle
  237. Spirals - edge-on only (no face-ons); how unusual?
  238. Visible stars of nearby galaxies
  239. Shape of the Universe
  240. The likelihood of life on planets around red dwarfs
  241. What would terrain on a sednoid 550AU away be like?
  242. Cougar's Nobel bid
  243. Intergalactic Stars
  244. Does Supersymmetry theory foresee new forces-interactions ?
  245. I need some help with some basic math
  246. Opening .JP2 files
  247. Moon and Weather?
  248. just a quick check to see if this is actually the current viewpoint please?
  249. ELP82b / Lunar Tables doubt
  250. Question on images of astronomical objects