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  1. Can a star be extuingished?
  2. Old neutrino star temperature
  3. could schrodinger's cats exist in a higher dimension?
  4. If the Earth's Moon were not tidally locked.....
  5. Moon Multi-Data Graph
  6. What was Snowball Earth's atmopshere?
  7. Is it importand?
  8. Galactic Perspective
  9. Mirror falling towards event horizon.
  10. What is it called when scientists assume that the laws of physics are universal?
  11. Escape Velocity
  12. Should Population II Stars have planets?
  13. The Hierarchy problem ... Why it is a problem ?
  14. Fermi Gamma Ray Bubbles- Radiation Question
  15. Solar Sails and the Law of Conservation of Momentum
  16. What if Dark Matter particles are the Size of Planets?
  17. Local supernova in solar nebula
  18. Just some noob guy asking some noobish questions about us and the rest of the univers
  19. If You Were a Tiny Little Superman....(Black Holes)
  20. Infinite universe
  21. If the Universe started off as a densely packed 3-sphere.....
  22. is there a co-ordinate system for an event horizon?
  23. Point of no Return
  24. Expansion in different frames of reference
  25. Are all Gamma Ray Bursts Black Hole births?
  26. Lunar contribution to Earth's insolation
  27. Blach hole production rate
  28. In the Zone and out again
  29. light has no mass
  30. Crossing the Event Horizon.
  31. Red Shift
  32. Is there any actual evidence for length contraction for objects going fast?
  33. C Confusion
  34. Mars Curiosity SAM Derivatization Sequence
  35. Length Contraction and Volumetric Variation
  36. Newbie in search of answer to mystery
  37. Test for Incipient Black Holes?
  38. Aristarque ? (Aristarchus)
  39. Engineering in astronomy
  40. Are the Laws of the Universe Emergents ?
  41. Dust and ice on Martian moons
  42. Spacetime and Black Holes
  43. What is the path for light leaving a near black-hole object?
  44. Possibility of Microbes aboard space vehicles surviving and colonizing in Moon,Mars
  45. Photos of 2015's earlier Lunar eclipse; what in the heck is this??
  46. MOOSE materials
  47. Questions About Voyager Spacecrafts' Voyages
  48. Does every object have a photon sphere?
  49. A Pluto Question.
  50. A Martian Moon Capture Question.
  51. Quantum Uncertainty Near the Event Horizon
  52. Ratio of metals produced by early stars?
  53. Dark Matter
  54. Mass vs Speed
  55. Coordinate systems for black holes
  56. Neutron Star Question
  57. New Horizon's Velocity Question.
  58. Alfven waves from Coronal Holes
  59. New Zealand Air Traffic Radar 'glitch' caused by a solar storm?
  60. Social Media
  61. Tidal Patterns
  62. Why Does Faster Than Light Communication = Time Travel?
  63. LHC-CERN: KK particles detection ?... Evidence of other dimensions ?
  64. Most efficient nuclear rocket that could run at 10 g-force in space?
  65. Phi Angle from ACE
  66. Why isn't the solar system full of asteroids/comets from outside the solar system?
  67. Renormalization Group (RG) Theory
  68. DM changes over time?
  69. Expansion question.
  70. Have any exo planets actually been given names?
  71. Walking Up a Ramp vs. Walking on the Surface of a High-Gravity World
  72. Has anyone ever heard of the Bloody Creek impact crater in Nova Scotia?
  73. Decline in Earths magnetic field and energy.
  74. Event analogies between different n-dimensional branes
  75. Big-little (large-small) concepts within a "closed" D-Brane: Are they relative?
  76. Does 0.9999999~ =1 ?
  77. Voyager 1 velocity anomaly order
  78. Absolute value question
  79. Does physical reality only exist in the present. That there is no past nor future?
  80. LHC and DM
  81. Weird/Wacky/Wrong Big Bang and C Question
  82. If Mars had a larger core
  83. Close encounter between Procyon and Luyten's Star
  84. Oldest Galaxy
  85. Vacuum erosion
  86. How elliptical galaxies continue making stars?
  87. Big Bang Question..
  88. Terraforming mars talk.....
  89. Hubble Extreme Deep Field colors
  90. Jupiter size in past?
  91. Well This Trims Down Deep Time Quite A Bit.
  92. Seeing before the big bang
  93. How far back in time would the CMB have last been noticeable in the visible spectrum?
  94. Dirac-Lippman-Schwinger equation
  95. Seeing far off
  96. Making a Jupiter
  97. Are interaction/force fields emergent ?
  98. Radar or Laser Altimeters
  99. Is Special Relativity more fundamental than General Relativity?
  100. Naming dwarf planets beyond the Kuiper belt
  101. Transuranic elements in space?
  102. Uranus core vs jupiter and saturn etc
  103. how many times would the big bang have to happen...
  104. The ISS: How to get back to earth on your own.
  105. Does a Big Bang happen when a former universe --
  106. pions and string theory
  107. Thrown in to orbit by a-bomb
  108. Why is our solar system so neat?
  109. Question of Earth's Orbit Around The Sun.
  110. simply-connected vs multi-connected space
  111. radiationless structure
  112. Black holes and DM
  113. CO2 and Sea Level
  114. What is the blue fluff?
  115. What would an anentropic universe be like?
  116. What kind of star is Sirius?
  117. Separation of Ascending and Descending Nodes
  118. The effect of decreased insolation on the latitudes of the subtropical anticyclone
  119. How to survive our sun going hotter and nova in ~7 bn years?
  120. Blue planet?
  121. Black Holes, and Matter Before The Big Bang
  122. Particle detection
  123. What if photons have mass?
  124. Pirx´s tale
  125. Dark matter
  126. Acceleration of the expansion of the universe...
  127. Planetary Orbit Question
  128. Random velocities of Solar Neighborhood
  129. Schrodinger's cat question
  130. Globular clusters vs. elliptical galaxies
  131. Fraction of stars/planets formed
  132. Sun's motion above the Arctic Circle on June 21
  133. Definitions wanted
  134. Question regarding lunar module ascent stage (Apollo)
  135. Radiation coming from Ceres?
  136. gaia satelite
  137. A No Landmass Earth Weather Question.
  138. Space Archaeology
  139. Centrifuge Wormholes
  140. Hubbles Law vs. Universal Acceleration
  141. Liquid helium in vacuum?
  142. Active nuclei terminology question
  143. The Energy-Matter of Our Universe
  144. Time scale of Galaxy Mergers
  145. Will the galaxy (quasar) PG 1302-102 be sterilized?
  146. Standards and the number of Stars in the Milky Way Galaxy
  147. The 'Comet' re-direct mission
  148. Alternative theory for the origin of the Moon
  149. Kepler-186f Ecosystem
  150. Does the time at which the sun pass the meridian on Wnter Solstce depnd on longitude?
  151. DM speed?
  152. Mass from kinetic energy
  153. Alert..an 'interesting' story.
  154. If The Tyco Crater Formation Occured Yesterday Questions
  155. would we have much of a tide without the Moon?
  156. Do particle-anti particle vacuum fluctuations cause the speed of light to be finite?
  157. Increased Radiation from Loss of Earth's Magnetic Field?
  158. Globular Clusters
  159. Ratio of Celestial Objects in our Galaxy
  160. Why Does Pure Titanium...
  161. What might be learned from observations of KIC 8462852 in the non-radio spectrum?
  162. spooky action communication?
  163. Is (opposite) charge attraction anything like mass attraction
  164. Warp signature
  165. Surface age of solar system bodies
  166. why doesn't the moon fall towards the earth?
  167. How did Supermassive black holes get to the center of galaxies?
  168. CIBER v.s CMB
  169. Metal content stars compared to interstallar medium?
  170. Will Proteus destroy Triton?
  171. suggestions for good books for the layperson...
  172. Planes of stellar systems and the galactic plane
  173. Why Aren't We Looking for Planets Around Giants?
  174. Viscous disc paradox
  175. WMAP - science or bologna, how the heck did they do it?
  176. How much hydrogen?
  177. Skylab's docking ports
  178. Solar flare vs. flare star
  179. Seeing Blanco 1
  180. Navigation question
  181. Pressure/density of a cometary coma
  182. Physical Review D
  183. Luminosity, Insolation and Year Length
  184. Saturn End of Mission
  185. Apparent magnitude of non-luminous object
  186. software forsimple animinated diagrams
  187. Satellite trajectory
  188. Michelson/Morley for particle physics?
  189. Looking for footage of space missions
  190. Barred vs normal
  191. Peculiar motions of globular members
  192. Dawn probe peak speed
  193. Can gravitational lensing be utilized for mapping gravitational sources?
  194. Martian Day Length Getting Shorter?
  195. Alpha Centauri planet designations
  196. Dark Matter and Neutrinos
  197. The dynamics of axial tilt
  198. Red Shift and Conservation of Energy
  199. Expansion of Space and Momentum
  200. Why is it asumed that Black Holes have a zero radius?
  201. Lead Alice Experiment
  202. Milky Way type and twin
  203. Black Hole Particle Jet Theories Question
  204. Did Cosmological Constant vary since Big-Bang?
  205. Radiation Sources
  206. How did water get to earth
  207. Probability model for Aurora sighting
  208. Hawking Radiation Examples on Wiki
  209. Kepler mission and light years
  210. A question about ancient star coordinates measurement techniques
  211. Could the Sun generate flares strong enough to sterilize Earth?
  212. Game Depiction of Betelgeuse from Hypothetical Planet (Video)
  213. Mass
  214. How does Dark Matter solve the galactic motion problem
  215. Is Planetary Science a branch of Astronomy or not?
  216. celestron prodigy 130
  217. Physics of light?
  218. Moon, how large would a structure need to be...
  219. Akatsuki return to Venus
  220. Is There Such a Thing as a Circular Orbit?
  221. If Jupiter suddenly disappeared
  222. No dark matter effect on outer planets orbital speed?
  223. Vulcanism On The Moon Question.
  224. What would an astronaut see in interplanetary space?
  225. Could you stab someone with an ice knife on Pluto?
  226. Why the need for both Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
  227. Distances between Earth And Hilda Asteroids based on years. Writing a novel. Help!
  228. I need to learn how to multiply exponents of exponents
  229. If something was traveling faster than the speed of light what would you see?
  230. Fine structure constant definition
  231. Hayashi forbidden zone questions
  232. Kuiper Belt Binaries Question.
  233. Gravity and Dark Matter Question
  234. Black hole or neutron star progenitor masses
  235. How far away would the orbit of the moon be if it had a mass equal to Earth.
  236. How much do we know about the Universe?
  237. What is Halley's Comet's period?
  238. Temperature of a bolide
  239. Extremely massive young galaxy cluster
  240. Is this woo-woo (self-aware stars)?
  241. Heat Spike Greenland 14KYBP
  242. Gravitational lens question
  243. Restrictions of a non-homogenous universe?
  244. Sun Rotation
  245. The eternal footprints
  246. Galaxies with descriptive names
  247. Core Collapse...Supernothing? No Supernova Core Collapse Questions.
  248. RedShift
  249. Colliding light beams?
  250. Moment of Inertia