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  1. Mathmatically understand of time?
  2. Slowly Expanding Orbits in the solar system
  3. Proton State Changes
  4. Time dilation cancellation altitute
  5. General Relativity
  6. Calculation of time for a given solar azimuth angle
  7. Ia supernova distance.
  8. Combustion in space
  9. Understanding the Process of Cosmological Redshift
  10. Galaxies & Clusters
  11. pictor A
  12. Galactic Orbit and Parallax Measurements
  13. The gravitational n-body problem - galaxies!
  14. Ganymede with your unaided eye... anyone?
  15. Hip 85605
  16. planetary nebula abell 78, where's the helium
  17. An Hg ocean planet
  18. No gravitational waves => gravitons?
  19. Asteroid Belt versus Kuiper Belt
  20. Could Planet Nine be the Fifth Giant Planet?
  21. The need for a big bang
  22. Star's declination and visible latitude
  23. Gravitational wave questions
  24. Electric attraction and repulsion
  25. Gravitational Lensing Thru & Inside Solids/Matter/Stars
  26. [binary black holes]
  27. What causes seasonal color changes in temperate areas of Mars?
  28. Mars' polar caps - Freezing out
  29. destruction of Space? is it possible by a black hole
  30. Implication of Gravitational Waves
  31. Does the Sun power the weather on Jupiter?
  32. Is the Shapiro delay greater for gravitational waves than light?
  33. Wavelengths of Gravitational Waves
  34. Surfing the G Waves
  35. Have electrons ever traveled at c?
  36. The effect of merging black holes on matter and light
  37. Earth's water from a giant space cloud of H2O?
  38. Keppler mission - has it found sun spots instead of planets?
  39. 750 GeV at Large Hadron Collider
  40. [tinyjack1355's spacetime question]
  41. Reality Branching
  42. Dark Matter - Weight of the Universe adjustment?
  43. Is Moon's mass distribution necessary for tidal lock?
  44. Does negative permeability with positive permittivity produce backwards time travel?
  45. GN-z11 - So far, far away
  46. What will the Sun look like?
  47. What is the escape velocity of the Milky Way?
  48. Does a laser beam have an electromagnetic field?
  49. Eye sensitivity applicable to magnitudes
  50. There's more than likely a simple explanation
  51. Entropy and black hole mergers
  52. When did matter appear in the universe?
  53. How can an accretion disc from a black hole turn into a plasma beam from the poles?
  54. new spacesuits
  55. if earth is the most exotic place in the universe, would aliens want to mine it?
  56. The Universe dark matter, time, light and expansion
  57. How big can a chemical rocket get?
  58. Solar sail efficiency
  59. continuous vs discrete
  60. Need help making a Mars Calendar with seasons
  61. Nasa...Nasa website
  62. Pluto
  63. Gravitational wave questions
  64. Ears and gravity waves
  65. Gas giant colors
  66. Solid fuel
  67. Questions on living on the Moon
  68. Big Bang Material Compared to Supernova
  69. Captured rogue planet orbiting the earth
  70. Laser launch: What propellant?
  71. Big Bang in 19 points.
  72. Faint objects
  73. No, Our Solar System is NOT a “Vortex”
  74. Lmc & smc
  75. Conversion to fourier transform
  76. What is the Red Glow in the ISS Clip?
  77. How luminous is Achernar?
  78. soft quanta bremsstrahlung muon's
  79. Aperture vs. resolution
  80. Solar system from distance by Gaia
  81. Light. A Particle That Gives off Waves?
  82. Models for planetary habitability: are they out there?
  83. Centrifuge Wormholes !!!
  84. Cosmic dust density?
  85. ranges of laws of physics
  86. If a planet like Earth were tidally locked to its star.
  87. Death above Venus
  88. Visible size of sun
  89. Black holes and light?
  90. How Far Has The Earth ( And therefore Our Galaxy ) Travelled since it's Birth ... ?
  91. Pi Versus Gravity
  92. Big Crunch
  93. The Moon's orbit relative to Earth's equator
  94. star entering a black hole
  95. How valid are sims with complex variables?
  96. Could GRB associated with merging black holes be evidence that BHs don't form?
  97. Einstein Ring outside of satellite galaxy
  98. gravity waves and grb
  99. Hydrogen vapour pressure
  100. Magnetic Compass on the Moon
  101. Lift Problems
  102. Giant impacts & atmosphere loss?
  103. what happens to angular momentum when matter turns to EM radiation?
  104. Bremsstrahlung and Cherenkov Radiation
  105. Ladder and Garage
  106. derivative
  107. Black holes as engines and computers
  108. Switching relativity around
  109. could dark matter halo stop/ slow galaxy formation?
  110. Bullet_Cluster
  111. What are the globular cluster types?
  112. Must a galaxy have a SMBH?
  113. If the moon were hit by a v.large meteorite would the Earth get a ring?
  114. Open cluster types
  115. Earth with a non-tidally locked Moon
  116. Why was Jupiter 90 degrees to the horizon when viewed in early April
  117. Space and time
  118. Starshot physics
  119. Spy Satellites to Geostationary Orbit
  120. Falcon 9 1st stage booster retrieval - land or sea?
  121. Social Media and the 'real' space progam....'
  122. information paradox pressure(black holes)
  123. above the speed of light
  124. New Particle at the LHC = New Physics?
  125. How does water work with light?
  126. Temperature differences on a planet with a thicker atmosphere
  127. Questionnaire regarding the formation of the sun
  128. Having alot of trouble with specifics
  129. Atoms in the universe
  130. Planetary nebula at a parsec
  131. A HZ planet for every G star?
  132. Solar close encounters and the Oort Cloud
  133. The best way to move an asteroid.
  134. If the Milky Way were a Seyfert...
  135. expanding universe
  136. The micro-mision to Alpha Centauri
  137. Planck Area and Light
  138. Help needed in identifying Melnick 34 in 30 Doradus
  139. Can someone work out a cosmological equation for me?
  140. Two models of expanding universe
  141. Doppler thought experiment
  142. Black Hole Question.
  143. Very large telescope.
  144. Airy pattern of a binary
  145. electron orbitals
  146. Starlight as a means of communication
  147. Why do discussions of the nature of time always bring up entropy?
  148. Shared horizons.
  149. light wave
  150. Dark matter - primordial black holes
  151. Long GRBs, any evidence they're still happening?
  152. Expansion of universe
  153. Refractive Index and Red shifting
  154. Finding alien spacecraft.
  155. Red Shift and the Doppler Effect
  156. X-boson
  157. Sunlight in the outer reaches of our solar system
  158. Finding odd variable stars
  159. High velocity telescope
  160. Quasars as endangered species
  161. ISS resupply and return
  162. Fictional moons around Kepler-1647b
  163. Toroid shape universe
  164. How far does the Solar System travel through the Milky Way in a human lifetime?
  165. Direction of gravity waves
  166. Deriving Equation for Supernova Energy
  167. BH merger duration
  168. probability density and electrons.
  169. Some questions about the Universe..
  170. Radiationless charged particle
  171. Movement of a singularity/black hole relative to spacetime.
  172. How could Europa and Enceladus have salt water?
  173. Hydrostatic Equilibrium
  174. Soyuz Endurance
  175. Could asteroid 2016 HO3 be another Saturn V S-IVB third stage?
  176. Central pressure in a star
  177. Launching a space shuttle in a vacuum
  178. Solstice constancy
  179. Question about an ISS experiment
  180. Computers and Simulation
  181. what does the surface of a collapsing star look like just before it become a BH?
  182. Hypothetical question about photons
  183. strong force and light.
  184. LHCb = new particle?
  185. Star light
  186. Milky Way observation question
  187. Wolf-Rayet Star
  188. Starshot - a scattershot thought.
  189. am from uganda but since 14th july 2016 the southern cross stars started moving?
  190. Observing lunar eclipses
  191. Thermal Equlibrium Question
  192. Five planets and moon all visible
  193. Discontinuity in space E-990 Experiment on FERMILAB results ?
  194. Constellations and lattitude
  195. Expending faster than light
  196. Particles communicating forces
  197. Venus SLowing Down - Friction? With what?
  198. Could the Moon ever be permanently in the night's sky?
  199. Space in slowmotion
  200. Distance to Stars and Galaxies
  201. Number of satellites needed to observe Sun
  202. Dark matter alternatives
  203. Orbital Math Problem
  204. Big science question
  205. What Exactly Causes an Orbital Resonance?
  206. JUPITER'S atmosphere
  207. Seyfert and Quasars differences and similarities?
  208. Real drives from science fiction
  209. Would a fusion rocket need a break-even reaction?
  210. proton charge radius
  211. Big Bang
  212. Apparent Retrograde Motion
  213. Will amateurs soon have capability of measuring time dilation
  214. Gravity Assist
  215. A larger Moon with an atmosphere
  216. One G constant acceleration.
  217. Middle point of massive objects
  218. Rapidly rotating single mass and Time Dilation
  219. Ribbon of Infinite Length
  220. Biological Contamination
  221. General Relativity Auv, Did Einstein predict universal expansion?
  222. Will we ever know the age of the universe...
  223. Minor question to acquire abundant knowledge.
  224. Minor question to acquire abundant knowledge.
  225. Proxima b's atmosphere
  226. Radius of observable universe & radius of real universe
  227. Non-Baryonic Dark Matter Bodies
  228. Neutron Star magnetic field
  229. Infinite universe
  230. GAIA data release
  231. An amateur question...
  232. Is a bubble multiverse compatible with General Relativity?
  233. Is the Hubble's law really constant over large distances (4.4e26 m)?
  234. understanding how the solar system moves in relation to space probes
  235. What would a spaceship really look like entering a wormhole?
  236. Universal Expansion Acceleration - Really?
  237. Photos of Constellations
  238. How soupy is the Sun?
  239. From supernovae to Solar system
  240. New thing found on youtube about stars evolving
  241. GAIA catalog format
  242. Is the Earth getting closer or farther from the sun?
  243. Moons
  244. Black holes/White holes
  245. Are all neutron stars pulsars?
  246. Why is the closest point in a planet's orbit to Earth called "opposition"?
  247. Why didn't we evolve in the Andromeda galaxy?
  248. Could a black hole really send you to Hell?
  249. Why is the Sun's axis of rotation tilted?
  250. Rosetta probe last 'wide' angle camera shot