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  1. Question about alignment with Leo constellation
  2. Ursus, Ursula...
  3. Hot Jupiter, life span and moons?
  4. Do you think anything like the warp drives of Star Trek will ever exist?
  5. Proton charge radius.
  6. Exact solution to mathematical pendulum
  7. Space related youtube videos
  8. How Do We Calculate A Star's Lifespan? (For an assignment, please help)
  9. Good books on black holes?
  10. [Help] calculate angular resolution, Field of View of two Masks (RMC)
  11. star distances "still unknown"?
  12. Mass of the visible universe = 10x?
  13. Seeking Advice on my Science Fiction Short Story
  14. What makes things hard?
  15. Planet star alignments
  16. Early universe black holes and the smoothness problem
  17. Parenago Discontinuity
  18. Preserving space probes and terraforming
  19. Nearest galaxy of known mass distribution
  20. Will the sun as a red giant affect it's gravity?
  21. galaxy recessional velocities and SR
  22. Why is ice slippery?
  23. black hole confusion
  24. Resolution and Pixel Size
  25. "Quantum Foam"
  26. Doubt cast on accelerating expansion / dark energy
  27. Escape velocity gaps
  28. Did a White Dwarf Gobble up a Tectonic Plate Planet for Halloween?
  29. 2000 et70
  30. question about time
  31. Solar System acting weird
  32. Gamma-ray bursts VS Black Hole
  33. Closer to control of gravity and inertia?
  34. Fantasizing or delusional thinking
  35. Moon questions
  36. New Moon cannot be observed??
  37. Minimum elongation where Moon and planets can be seen
  38. Russian Orbital Segment (ROS) docking
  39. Secret Satellite Launches and Operations
  40. Question about CMEs
  41. Regarding shell theorem and dark matter halos?
  42. Identifying bound galaxy clusters
  43. Entangled particles
  44. Intrinsic angular momentum of electron
  45. Apollo 11 and moon landing
  46. Proper/coordinate time.....(Special Relativity)
  47. Different Outputs From The Sun Question.
  48. Chances of Complex Life on Moonless Terrestrial Planet
  49. artificial magnetosphere for aging earth?
  50. Decoding a bit flag
  51. What is the speed of c?
  52. What is the scientific status of the region beyond (inside) a BH's Event Horizon?
  53. Apollo Era Space Suit Question.
  54. Blue sphere
  55. Why do people have such misconceptions about degeneracy pressure?
  56. Periodicity in mass extinctions
  57. What are the characteristics of sound in the degenerate core of a white dwarf star?
  58. Questions About Intense Stellar Output And Evaporating Stars In The Orion Nebula.
  59. Structure of photosphere
  60. AGN Particle Detection
  61. Variable c in the past to be tested
  62. Thought experiment of discrete vs continuous
  63. Comet Swift Tuttle and Comet Barnard 2
  64. Rotation Of The Earth
  65. Clyde Tombaugh's Pluto search
  66. Trojans and Greeks
  67. Black Body
  68. Possible planet 9 or other answers
  69. Friedmann equations
  70. what is this all about?
  71. Mass of Sun/stars (elemental/molecular vs. plasma)
  72. Proportionate Gravity
  73. space and time??
  74. Image flares and artifacts question
  75. Using Voyager for triangulation
  76. Integrating an object moving at unknown speed
  77. Tether to clean up space junk
  78. How do I learn the maths of physics?
  79. Gravitational Constant
  80. Earth Perihelion Time and Date 2016-2020
  81. Gravitational wave "echoes"
  82. a rational modification to Einsteinís field equation
  83. does any one have thoughts on this article about ligo and gravitational waves?
  84. A black hole question
  85. two questions, thanks for your help !
  86. A Conceptual Preemption Drive
  87. Volunteer readers for a Speculative Fiction book (Science Fiction of the possible)
  88. Big Bang Phooey
  89. Is Milky Way a spiral galaxy?
  90. Surface Gravity of Mercury
  91. Scientific Methodology
  92. the universe and everything
  93. Speed of the Earth's Terminator
  94. Gravitational Potential (Separation of Masses)
  95. The Tachyon Murder
  96. does Junk rot in space?
  97. Where should I point my comm laser?
  98. Charged bodies
  99. What star catalog is "A. Oe."?
  100. Is it possible to see the Sun and Moon in the same part of the sky at the same time?
  101. Tired electrons?
  102. Solar Wind Propulsion
  103. Black Hole Bang?
  104. Muller's Time theory
  105. Frequency questions
  106. When we are seeing?
  107. That "rigid rod" question so often seen.
  108. How to party with three bodies, two Trojans, and wild eccentricity
  109. Future Moon Orbital Questions
  110. rydberg energy
  111. Star merge 2022
  112. Degeneracy
  113. Asteroid Belt = Destroyed Planet???
  114. Could a gas planet ever get depleted?
  115. Super-Jupiters
  116. Nomad Planets
  117. Do all suns burn hydrogen?
  118. Terra Tides
  119. Constellations - They are more complicated then I thought!
  120. resonance slash fields
  121. Mass of the universe = 10x of current estimates?
  122. Sun vs Star
  123. 3D model of the Universe
  124. Significance of the Length of a Refractive Telescope
  125. Is gravity all that holds a solar system together?
  126. All Tangled UP
  127. Metallicity of planets
  128. Solar Wind Question
  129. Laplace resonance
  130. Light vs Gravity
  131. Neutron Star going BH
  132. South Pole EMP
  133. Since when is Rigil Centauri?
  134. Laplace resonance redux
  135. Could dark matter be half formed particles?
  136. Referencing Wave Energy
  137. Earth's peculiar velocity
  138. Query: What is the average time from discovey of a new comet and 1st solar passage?
  139. Galaxy Age
  140. Red Giant Recharge
  141. Galaxies Dying
  142. Understanding the universe expansion and hint for new physics
  143. Stars
  144. How did Einstein connect mass and the speed of light?
  145. Dark matter and entropy.
  146. Dark matter first or after galaxy has partly formed?
  147. Dark matter annihilation?
  148. Does the entropy of the whole universe stay the same?
  149. Good books on Chinese astronomy/astrology?
  150. If the universe is cyclic, could the first one have beensqueezed off a bigger system?
  151. Transit of Venus 1761
  152. dipole repeller ?
  153. Any "barred" spiral galaxy computer simulations please?
  154. Is there spaghettification inside the event horizon?
  155. Does gravity pull in the same direction as light travels?
  156. Black Hole Singularity = Big Bang Singularity???
  157. Our place in the Galaxy?
  158. Stellar Fusion by Quantum Tunneling
  159. Theory of Gravity
  160. How many dimensions are the in a black hole?
  161. Is sunlight blueshifted by Earths rotation?
  162. Does someone crossing the event horizon, see the universe end?
  163. Would this be a test for non-event-horizon black hole candidates?
  164. M87 Galaxy monster black hole the density of AIR??
  165. boundary areas in quantum mechanics
  166. Is mainstream model of blackholes as viewed from infinity?
  167. Luminosity of planets and debris discs
  168. What would you call a 3-sphere that was potatoy shsped
  169. Is the moon slowely rotating as it ascends?
  170. Distant light source
  171. If two black holes merged would we be able to see it?
  172. Yet another blackhole question. How can gravity escape EH?
  173. Light Sails
  174. Gravitational Right Hand Rule
  175. Cosmic ray spectrum and composition, anywhere, anywhen
  176. The physics of solar panels
  177. White Dwarf Stars
  178. Is there a planet where time passes faster than Earth?
  179. Does gravity itself get time dilated?
  180. Is there gravitational-type time dilation in a centifuge?
  181. A few questions about black holes.
  182. Comparing gravitational waves speed with what?
  183. Does matter make space bigger?
  184. Cool article
  185. Is it possible to move at the slowest speed, 0mps?
  186. New black hole found
  187. Exoplanet 38 Virginis b-- A Puzzle
  188. The Red Shift?
  189. If a black hole were comin our way......
  190. First solar eclipse
  191. How was the Big Bang able to "Bang"?
  192. What is closest object to sun?
  193. Question about expansion of the universe
  194. Would a 3-knot universe be flat?
  195. How close are we to Olber's Paradox?
  196. Does matter get red shifted?
  197. Need Help Please
  198. Is there a unit for space-time volume?
  199. Could the uncertainty princilple prevent a singularity?
  200. Why to say galaxies could not form in big bang theory framework
  201. Days is getting longers
  202. Moon from the South pole
  203. Quasi steady state model
  204. Looking into the Past!
  205. Number of single eclipse planets
  206. Is this a asteroid
  207. Information loss
  208. Why Isn't The Star Merger In Cygnus Bigger News Here?
  209. Cosmic Microwave Background and the Big Bang
  210. Telescope interferometer in space
  211. super solid and super fluid
  212. How long does it take a star to emit light after it starts forming?
  213. E=MC2. Why is the speed of light squared ?
  214. Is the viewing of the SMBH really a null hypothesis test?
  215. Mars losing its geodynamo: due to faster cooling?
  216. Galactic rotation curves.
  217. Cobe cosmic background radiation preferred frame
  218. Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
  219. Is this a mainstream possibility?
  220. Could a solar flare/CME be triggered intentionally?
  221. How would negative gravity look?
  222. Ten times more galaxies
  223. Who and when had the idea that the entire solar system was moving?
  224. HeLP!! please 4 thesis
  225. Milky Way SMBH joining Andromeda SMBH
  226. A simple Question about relativity
  227. Hubble Dates Black Holeís Last Big Meal
  228. Twin Paradox
  229. Where should I go if I want to learn the astronomical consensus on something?
  230. Einstein's constant
  231. I may as well ask the question : magnetic fields: iron core, or mantle convection?
  232. Are neutrinos with mass incompatible with SR?
  233. Photon travel
  234. Cmb
  235. Is non-baryonic dark matter created on the fly?
  236. Do virtual photons have wave properties?
  237. Ring of galaxies darting away from us much faster than predicted
  238. On viewing the Sun in the early 19th century
  239. inferior conjunction of Venus
  240. Combining rotation curves and lensing
  241. Future apparitions of Comet Halley
  242. Big Bang a Mirage
  243. Exoplanets and their stars
  244. Solar shield to slow global warming
  245. Galaxy's speed relative to the cosmic microwave background
  246. Amazing Jupiter
  247. To build a suspended 'earthscraper'
  248. time travel + space location
  249. Graviton lasers and canceling gravity (not antigravity)
  250. How could you safely cool the sun?