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  1. Understanding the 1/2 in kinetic energy
  2. If a black hole was 30billion kms away, how could it be detected?
  3. What proof is there that space is actually real?
  4. How many light years has the Solar System moved in the last 70 years?
  5. Could Gravity be the lack of Dark Matter, or Dark Energy?
  6. C and time?
  7. How many ways can a black hole be created?
  8. "“Black holes are where God divided by zero.” , quote. did he say that.
  9. Is there some 'uncertainty' in the speed of light?
  10. Minerals unique to other worlds?
  11. Color of the abyss
  12. Planet Nine: Argument of perihelion
  13. Annual day-night swings by latitude
  14. Which of the two new water worlds should NASA visit?
  15. Hydrogen in Enceladus vents
  16. Planet IX?! Is it not still Planet X?
  17. What is the distance betwen 2 objects falling into a black hole on opposite sides?
  18. Did our solar system's habitable zone just expand to Enceladus?
  19. A Twist on the Old Slinky
  20. colonization in other planets
  21. How long would Venus take to cool down to 20c if it was in a shadow?
  22. When would Planet Nine be ruled out?
  23. Negative masses
  24. Do black holes pull in dark matter?
  25. Observing question: August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
  26. An ideal alternatives of big bang theory via correcting Einstein’s field equation
  27. Would a 'warp drive' be sub light speed?
  28. Are most exoplanet periods near multiples of Earth day?
  29. dgjohnsonstein's slingshot question
  30. Can any supergiant go supernova?
  31. Solar Wind Speed
  32. Worlds within worlds within worlds...well, around anyway.
  33. Are the distant stars time dilated in proportion to redshift?
  34. Time derivative of redshift
  35. Utilizing Long Period Comets Question.
  36. Water jets from Enceladus or Europa - what's the underlying physics?
  37. Tidal locking in the Tau Ceti system
  38. Mars Meteorites
  39. Galaxy Distribution
  40. Advice for an physics space journey through a youtube channel
  41. Could you 'terraform' Jupiter?
  42. Colliding black holes
  43. Thought Experiment for Deep Space Travel
  44. Where Are All The Dark Matter Objects?
  45. What would the pole gamma rays of a supernova Betelgeuse illumine?
  46. What the highest density before a black hole forms?
  47. Could an alien SETI program detect us?
  48. My Boomerang won't come black
  49. A solar system with only the Sun & the Earth
  50. Composition, Size, Density
  51. What if the ozone layer is destroyed?
  52. Wheeler's delayed choice experiment
  53. Asteroid Psyche
  54. Observable Universe
  55. early dead disk galaxy
  56. Thought experiment - ballistics
  57. If there were no matter, would EM radiation recondence as matter?
  58. Earth rotation and long distance travel
  59. When a proton and an anti-proton annihilate each other...
  60. Observation Question
  61. To make a supernova
  62. Sidereal, anomalistic and draconic periods of Sun in Milky Way
  63. Understanding timezones
  64. Starship magnetic shields vs. cosmic rays.
  65. speed of light
  66. Person vaporizing near am active star.
  67. Will the Occurrence of A Twilight Solar Eclipse Reveal the bright planet Venus?
  68. Solar system birth
  69. Temperature difference between two clouds of hydrogen?
  70. Do Lagrange points move?
  71. way to measure speed of gravity?
  72. Does gravity follow the same null geodesics as photons?
  73. Since light is really a wave, could it really orbit a black hole?
  74. Do stars look(measure) bigger the further away they are, than they really are?
  75. What would the pressure at the bottom of Europa's ocean be?
  76. does length contraction have an effect upon the shape of pulsars?
  77. Meaning of the word 'zenith'
  78. Can two atoms, a meter apart, be discribed by a wave function?
  79. How is H(z) measured?
  80. Companion stars and planetary nebulae
  81. big G
  82. If a large plank of wood could hover at the photonshere....
  83. Pressure/density of a cometary coma
  84. How does a mirror work?
  85. Previous Solar System
  86. If you were going to build 400,000km square solar panels.....
  87. dimensions of gravity
  88. If light leaves and arrives at the same moment, are those two points same co-ordinate
  89. Where should L4 be in relativity?
  90. Is trajectory of objects in gravitational fields related to red/blue shift?
  91. Ion drive for orbital station-keeping
  92. Supernovae data: Betoule with error bars and statistical packages
  93. Building a solar furnace on the moon.
  94. IS ground state a state of a perpetual motion machine?
  95. Is the Schwarzschild radius based upon the assumption of a singularity?
  96. entropy
  97. Does matter have to cross the event horizon to become part of the black hole?
  98. Black hole EMP
  99. Are we mostly Stardust or something else?
  100. Making an area of outer space breathable..
  101. Which meteor shower is peaking tonight?
  102. Could/do black holes produce signals like pulsars?
  103. Effects of dust storms on Martian topography
  104. Does the inside of a neutron star rotate slower than the outer parts, due to t-dilat?
  105. Schumann Frequency increase?
  106. Does the closer to c a spacehip gets, the closer it travels a light path?
  107. Can the Planck Mission (alone) deterine the Hubbles constant, if so how?
  108. Does the Deuterium Fractionation vary in Giant Molecular Clouds?
  109. Black Holes for dark matter?
  110. Does a lunar eclipse always precede a solar eclipse?
  111. Does this count as an accelerating universe?
  112. A shockwave in space?
  113. Minimum time between eclipses
  114. Shadow bands
  115. Eclipse
  116. Nova one year before outburst
  117. Why Can't We See Earth In The Past?
  118. Would light looping around a black hole and back on itself put us.....
  119. Why I Love Astronomy 101, (New To Me) TZO's
  120. Rent a Scope
  121. Shoot the Moon
  122. How often would all the planets be in the same quadrant in relation to the Sun?
  123. Recipe for Big Bang Universe
  124. Big BANG or Big BLOAT ???
  125. How far did the Moon travel during the recent eclipse ...
  126. Solar Eclipse Prediction - History and Precision
  127. Cool Corona color?
  128. Are some of the winds on Jupiter traveling faster than the speed of sound?
  129. Bye Bye Universe???
  130. Eye problems from the eclipse
  131. Is Extreme Obliquity Inevitable for a Moonless Planet?
  132. When will the last total eclipse of the sun occur?
  133. Eclipse series
  134. Long term eclipse predictions
  135. James Web Telescope
  136. How rare are solar eclipses
  137. British sunburn
  138. Electric attraction and repulsion
  139. Can the ISM in a galaxy refract radio waves from 'behind'?
  140. Question about Hydrogen emission spectra...
  141. Watching the Rock
  142. What did I see all those years ago? triangle
  143. Absolute Annihilation (sterilization & death) of all potential life
  144. Big-Bang Universe = Flat-Earth Globes
  145. Life via Chance vs CERN-Intelligent-Design
  146. Solar Neutrino Question.
  147. Solar Photon Question
  148. Thought experiment - could we do a James Webb servicing mission
  149. A Piece of Sunshine
  150. The turning of gravitational potential into matter.
  151. Best scenario for sending Jupiter into the Sun?
  152. Is an electrostatic discharge (mega-lightning) between Sun and planets possible ??
  153. Transfering matter from the Oort cloud to the inner system by turning it to dust?
  154. Could Pluto be a captured planet ?
  155. If The Big Bang Theory is incorrect could the age of the Universe be even older?
  156. 2017 Eclipse Documentaries/Stories?
  157. Is Aether / Plasma / Electromagnetism a missing link in physical science?
  158. General Relativity
  159. Questions about astronomy and solar mass,neutrinos?
  160. Moonrocks
  161. If they send a probe to Europa, how will they get throught the ice?
  162. Dynamic Duo
  163. What's that I see floating near the sun?
  164. Cassini
  165. Gravitational waves and humans
  166. Which came first, black hole or galaxy?
  167. The True Mechanism Of Electromagnetism?
  168. Solar Polar "Geosynchronous" Orbit Questions
  169. speed of gravitational waves
  170. Will Osiris-Rex change Bennu's orbit?
  171. Missing baryonic mass
  172. Gravitational waves and the Big Bang
  173. Infinite Universe
  174. Dark energy & space inflation
  175. Origins of dark energy
  176. Black hole collisions lost mass
  177. How much thrust to move LK lander from Low Earth Orbit To Lunar Orbit?
  178. At what temperature does water ice petrify?
  179. Benefits of finding dark matter, dark energy or gravitons
  180. What is the real cost (all costs) in to send a freight craft to ISS?
  181. Could the Japanese H-IIB carry a payload to the moon? If so how big a payload?
  182. Gravitational waves have a net speed is faster than light?
  183. Do black hole collisions disprove singularities?
  184. Solving the mass of 2 black holes using gravitational waves
  185. So when neutron stars collide..?
  186. Entropy (Boltzmann’s )
  187. Radiation levels inside a lunar lava tube.
  188. Random thought (Cosmically large Structures).
  189. Detailed drawings of Russia's LK lander?
  190. Gravitational waves redshift & light bending
  191. Do Phonons Carry Spin?
  192. Space-time that behaves like a fluid
  193. When is the next Insolation Minimum?
  194. If Sun went pear-shaped...
  195. The color of the Sun early in its evolution
  196. Cassini's Death Dive
  197. Cube sats from the ISS
  198. questions galore.
  199. Dr. Hawking contradicting himself?
  200. wherefore art thou ... GOLD?
  201. Circumstellar habitable zone -hypothetical innermost edge?
  202. cosmic microwave background radiation and gravity waves
  203. Mystery Object
  204. Which part of the world receives the most hours of day/night over the year?
  205. Far end Galaxy - Redshift & Temp
  206. Extragalactic bodies
  207. Codata
  208. Ejection speed
  209. Was it an asteroid or meteoroid that contributed to the dinosaur extinction?
  210. Isotropy and homogeneous Universe
  211. Earth unique in containing all the elements?
  212. Do irregular galaxies have massive central black holes?
  213. AGN questions
  214. What is the best online resource for recent general coverage of the Saturn system?
  215. Fitzgerald-Lorentz Time Dilation
  216. Time dilation and the gravitational potential
  217. More like ’Oumuamua
  218. Exo Chart
  219. Explaining Oumuamua lightcurve
  220. Obliquity Cycle
  221. Sodom and Gomorrah
  222. Calculations for planetary collisions
  223. Measurement of Earth's slowing rotational speed
  224. \how far away would Neptune have to be to be 30th magnitude?
  225. Rogue planet hits Sol
  226. Long period asteroids?
  227. Questions on axial tilt and seasons
  228. Further & Further out
  229. Understanding quantum entanglement and non-locality.
  230. Dark Energy vs Gravity Wave?
  231. polarization of light
  232. Does sun have a number?
  233. I just had one of those stoner questions pop into my head
  234. Photons & Gravity waves
  235. Climate change experiments
  236. The Big Day: which day of the year is the most time dilated for the distant observer?
  237. Moved: Questions About Sunspots
  238. The Solar System's Orbit Around The Milky Way Galaxy
  239. Binary pulsar tidal locking
  240. Eddington number
  241. Journey to Polaris
  242. Gravitational Constant
  243. The future of our satellites
  244. How far from Earth would the moon need to be to not be affected by earths gravity?
  245. Question about dark matter
  246. would even the tiniest subatomic particle be spaghettified at an event horizon?
  247. Who gets to name a survey discovered asteroid?
  248. degrees of freedom
  249. solar eclipse
  250. thermosphere