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  1. Would traveling through dark matter slow you down?
  2. Double Whirlpools in the Ocean
  3. Standard Sirens and the Hubble Constant
  4. NGC 1365 accretion disc
  5. what is causing the Moon to move away from Earth?
  6. Orbit of Alpha Centauri from Proxima
  7. dark energy accelerated expansion of the universeI
  8. Newton on Barycenter
  9. Echo of a wave length
  10. if a moon is spiralling towards the planet?
  11. Did I see a satellite?
  12. Tabby's Star Again. Since I Have Faith In IR Astronomy's Maturity...
  13. How old are the moons of Saturn?
  14. Asteroids: How big to get an iron core?
  15. Black hole photo
  16. STAR IC5385 (One of the alleged 'Planet X' objects)
  17. 2018 - Directly 'Sees' Our First Black Hole
  18. light orbiting the photon sphere
  19. Is photon really a particle?
  20. acceleration due to gravity and red shift
  21. 2017 - Eclipse
  22. The deflection of high-energy photons
  23. Launching a space shuttle in a vacuum
  24. Nucleosynthesis and Aggregation
  25. Spectroscopy
  26. Highlights of AAS 2018?
  27. Changing the frequency of a theoretical graviton
  28. Can gravitational waves absorption
  29. Space Debris
  30. When did we first learn that Saturn's rings were made of ice?
  31. Can gravitational waves be superposed?
  32. Rocket fuel(s)
  33. Transient method for discovering exoplanets
  34. GR's ultimate test
  35. What is the reason light can't escape from a black hole?
  36. International Space Station Agencies
  37. Zvezda module (ISS) thrusters
  38. Moles
  39. does relativity work at the quantum level?
  40. LIGO's black hole collision. 50 times the energy of the visible universe?
  41. Space-tie propulsion
  42. Moon Orbit
  43. Heating the dust in a proplyd
  44. Angular Diameter Distance Maximum - has it been measured?
  45. Question about moons of Jupiter and JWST
  46. Questions about Gamma Ray Bursts
  47. gravity
  48. Aging galaxies
  49. Goofy question about light speed
  50. Perihelion precession of Saturn
  51. Theoretical Astrophysics Institutes
  52. Metallicity measures
  53. old star starspots
  54. Identifying antimatter cosmic ray particles
  55. Tesla Roadster / Starman - orbital characteristics
  56. Planet hiding in the Inner Oort Cloud
  57. could photons be considered very long particles?
  58. What is the highest observed redshift...
  59. Why the factor 2 in BAO / CMB measurements?
  60. Starlight energy/number density
  61. How is DM actually measured by BAO?
  62. Observ. Univ. Size: 30 x 13.7 bly??
  63. Length Contraction & Stellar Parallax (hypothetical spaceship scenarios)
  64. Pro-Am collaborations
  65. What percentage of cosmologists are happy with the standard model?
  66. could you fly around a neutron star1 metre above the surface?
  67. Gravitational wave signature from colliding (not quite) black holes.?
  68. Altitude of Nominal Burst
  69. Alfred Russell Wallace's flat earth test
  70. Can you resolve Alpha Centauri A+B
  71. very nice galaxy in the hudf
  72. Sky brightness and limiting magnitude on Alpha Centauri
  73. Why Isn't the universe spherical?
  74. Star growth mid-point
  75. Question about expansion......
  76. Spy Satellites to Geostationary Orbit
  77. Star Gazing App
  78. Is the Schwarzschlld radius considered an invariant?
  79. Higgs Boson Tech
  80. When will SOHO come back on line?
  81. Does the Sun have Lagrange points?
  82. Multiple Star planetary systems
  83. Would gravitational waves affect Sunspot number?
  84. Affect of radiation pressure on solar wind ions?
  85. Precession bi-partition
  86. Redshift Energy Loss
  87. Platinum and Gold
  88. What is the punishment for posting in 2 journals?
  89. Type Ia supernovae as standard candles
  90. Fourier transform
  91. Relativistic Mass Increase
  92. is time faster than light?
  93. How accurately will GAIA measure the Hubble constant and will it be model dependent?
  94. Questions Dealing With the H-R Diagram
  95. Gravitational waves & gravity
  96. Speed of sound on Neptune - anyone?
  97. Has this strange fringe astronomy 'theory' been discussed here yet?
  98. Artemis - water source?
  99. Small nearby objects
  100. Is the DAMA/LIBRA anomaly put to rest?
  101. Gregorian and Julian full moon
  102. Rate Earth losing hydrogen to space?
  103. hypothetical universe
  104. What if the Outer Space Treaty in 1967 was never signed?
  105. planets orbits
  106. Why is the Earth's orbit so circular?
  107. The idea of a spherical Sun
  108. another thing that puzzles me (clusters not expanding)
  109. Buying a telescope and mount
  110. NASA iPhone App Won't Work
  111. Historic occultations.
  112. Planet 9 a planet?
  113. Question on publication of Alpha Centuari distance from Earth
  114. Landing cargo on moon
  115. Solar Flares
  116. quantum mechanics and general relativity
  117. Big Bang As described in Ancient Dcument from Egypt
  118. In a collision with a rocky object, how is the energy transferred?
  119. Axions etc?
  120. Luminosity of super- and kilonovae and their nebulae
  121. IS SDSS J091926.58+614954.0 a bright, unknown QSO?
  122. How does physics "break down" in a black hole?
  123. sun set
  124. Moon scapes.
  125. Can a terrestrial habitable planet have seven moons?
  126. Anyone here done any research into radio stars?
  127. Thought experiment - falling into a black hole and time dilation.
  128. Crossing the event horizon
  129. Plausible dates of discovery and disproving
  130. In following circumstance could we see electron in conductor?
  131. How much does our sun wobble?
  132. Molecular cloud collapse
  133. Will we seeing the vacuum apocalypse coming or not?
  134. Question on the measurement of the distance of the earth from the Sun
  135. Inflation and our bubble universe - infinite or finite?
  136. Hypothetical Question - If Titan were Warmer
  137. Fluctuating energy..
  138. Objects from space????
  139. Continuum spectrum objects
  140. A Question Of Increased Earth Insolation.
  141. Which side of the moon get more light?
  142. Molecular hydrogen
  143. Is Earth a failed star?
  144. Retrograde in the Solar System
  145. Where are we in the various cycles of Earth's orbital eccentricity?
  146. Could very small "non-solar-systems" exist?
  147. Temperature of a black hole
  148. Deriving and checking mass-luminosity relation
  149. Hot voids
  150. Humidity On Mars Questions.
  151. quantum of time
  152. Is Physics Essays reputable?
  153. The ecliptic plane - a standard solar system model?
  154. Mud and sea-spray on Europa
  155. Viewing through voids
  156. Can light affect Gravity?
  157. how old possible oldest civilization ?
  158. Heavy light, is there such a thing?
  159. Radiometric dating objects from space
  160. The center of the Milky Way is teeming with black holes
  161. Question From The Teeming With Black Holes Thread.
  162. entanglement
  163. Is the Parallax measurement accurate? What about relative movement of Sun and Star?
  164. radio waves detectable from another galaxy?
  165. Galaxies: Questions about radial velocity and age
  166. If something was traveling faster than the speed of light what would you see?
  167. Composition of Asteroid Ryugu?
  168. Equilibrium temperature in space
  169. Oumuamua is pace pumice?
  170. If oumuamua is a comet, why hasn't it been broken apart by its rotation?
  171. looking for surface photos of Venus (and what Venera took them)
  172. astropy.fits help: know any discussion sites? do you have experience?
  173. What blows a comet's tail away from the sun?
  174. The Barringer Crater Impact Question.
  175. Assistance needed, (Aspiring Sci-Fi Author)
  176. If Just The Apollo Program Left Measurable Trace Gases On The Moon...
  177. Oceans In The Solar System Questions
  178. Merging times.
  179. How much water is on the Sun?
  180. The strong equivalence principle
  181. Plasma in the accretion disc
  182. Gas flowing into galaxies
  183. Questions to Fraser Cain
  184. I'm wondering about an amateur radio Earth-Venus-Earth bounce or MoonBounce?
  185. Mass of nearby stars
  186. Others like Eta Carinae
  187. What happen if earth rotated around run at 365 days and around itself at 366 days?
  188. what happens if 1 day = 1 year?
  189. How to sail the solar wind?
  190. Question on Bellus and Zyra
  191. Does this Newtonian thing about gravity apply in relativity?
  192. How is entropy linked with blackholes?
  193. How many stars per spectral class?
  194. Energy conversion at black hole
  195. Hi. New to forum. How Far away is Barnard's Star from Vega?
  196. Forces on heliosphere
  197. Do blackholes throw off Hawking Radiation like a CatherineWheel due to their rotation
  198. Density of interstellar space+collecting atoms, combining with antimatter for fuel?
  199. Where do we find supernovae?
  200. does gravitational time dilation slow light down?
  201. does a photon-sphere only exist once a black hole has formed?
  202. Nearest possible Ia SN to solar system
  203. Where is the Star Lalande21185. I know it's in the Big Dipper, but where?
  204. voyager 1
  205. How dark is space?
  206. How to derive Radiation pressure from Planck function
  207. Near-Sun orbits
  208. Thought Experiment - Center of Gravity
  209. In a universe of only EM radiation what would be the entropy, and would it everchange
  210. quantum mechanics
  211. Proper motion in the Bible?
  212. Eye on ions: Electric Boogaloo
  213. Moon bouncing
  214. Relativistic speed rocket and the colour/s it appears as?
  215. proton weak charge
  216. muscle twitches / CME's ?
  217. Does entropy change in this situation.(one atom)?
  218. what is the smallest black hole that would destroy the Earth?
  219. Cosmic Inflation Question..
  220. Stereographic projection of comet orbits
  221. Argon Sky
  222. Earth microgravity changed by losing mass of beyond earth rocket launches?
  223. Brown Dwarf, early nomenclature.
  224. Jupiter's Odd Magnetic Field Question.
  225. Length of an ice age
  226. Mixed hydrogen
  227. Extra dimensions
  228. Gravitational waves & Wormholes
  229. Whiteholes
  230. Milky waynow making more brown dwarfs than stars?
  231. FRBs and SETI signals
  232. What heats up a meteor?
  233. Caculated!!!!
  234. How much matter is being converted to EM radiation per sec in the visible universe?
  235. Visibility of a hot Uranus in twilight
  236. Odds of being hit by a meteorite?
  237. Meteor impact scenarios in book
  238. How fast would we look at a supernova?
  239. ATM group alternatives
  240. Black holes and XRays
  241. Plan of galaxies
  242. Ecliptic Painted on the Sky
  243. Armoring a radiator.
  244. Is there anyplace in the universe where there's no gravity?
  245. gravitational constant and time
  246. Heavier elements from Pop III stars
  247. Possible error in research paper
  248. Earth like Atmosphere..
  249. Can gravitational waves escape from a Black Hole?
  250. Gravitationally Lensed Supernovae