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  1. 'Oumuamua, possible internal composition?
  2. The fine structure constant at high energies
  3. Can we see galaxies receding at more than the speed of light?
  4. Naked eye planetary nebula?
  5. Physics problem - Geosynchronous Potato Cannon
  6. Everyones science.
  7. Can an exoplanet, by definition, orbit another exoplanet?
  8. Dwarf stars, with a certain flare.
  9. Topopolis tether
  10. Laser hulls, solar hulls
  11. Can moons have moons?
  12. Does curved space have a possible alternative?
  13. Outer planets asteroid resonance
  14. Expansion of space and Redshift
  15. Wormholes and time dilation
  16. Four-page paper (excluding references) I cannot understand, pls help
  17. speed to accomplish 148k ly in 1 year ?
  18. Why aren't comets annihilated by the Sun's heat?
  19. Sky brightness and limiting magnitude on Alpha Centauri
  20. Distance to cluster center?
  21. Observing hydrogen through hydrgen?
  22. Lense-Thirring effect
  23. Medieval constellation names (Voynich Manuscript)
  24. What is "super-Earth"?
  25. Do black holes have volume
  26. If you compressed the Earth to the size of a beach ball
  27. Cosmic expansion of space
  28. Absolute expansion?
  29. Tensile strength of space
  30. Orbital Periods
  31. Earth's centrifugal non-sphericality, compared to its lunar tidal bulge
  32. How space really works
  33. temperature and speed of matter
  34. What is the nature of Electric Charge?
  35. What will happen at the end of the Universe?
  36. Question: Huge Radio Dish To detect weak broadcasts in milkyway
  37. Any good book on Peter Van de Kamp?
  38. Is it possible for humans to out live our sun?
  39. Question: Why ISS has no centrifugal gravity due to its orbital period?
  40. Neutrino pressure
  41. proton internal pressure
  42. Dark Matter
  43. Why do so many stars have a higher proper motion than Alpha Centauri?
  44. Stability of stellar rosettes
  45. How did we get here...? Where did it all begin?
  46. Sun hits denser interstellar cloud or gas filament
  47. Is this guy obviously incorrect to say the sun is liquid hydrogen?
  48. Why Are Icy Objects Pink
  49. Weak force measurement
  50. Is the 'Moon Treaty' still alive or dead?
  51. What are the tilts of the spin axises of the galaxies that make up the local group?
  52. Direction of movement of galaxies
  53. Infinite space, Time dilation & Length contraction at the Speed of light
  54. Does anyone know of a good climate simulator combined with an asteroid impact simulat
  55. Atoms
  56. Question about First-Gen Star Formation
  57. Strong gravitational lens chain
  58. Why Mars and not Mercury or Venus for example?
  59. Interplanetary Transport Network and gaseous materials
  60. Gravitational Waves, GR and Vector gravity:
  61. Dark natter is said not to intereact with itself, except gravitationally, but....
  62. Inclination of Trappist 1's planets
  63. universe a singularity
  64. Is a photon sphere really just a flat plain?
  65. wave functions and black holes.
  66. Looking for those little green men !
  67. Perhaps a REALLY dumb question about starlight?
  68. Hawking radiation: time passing in and outside the EH?
  69. In a 3-sphere universe, how does a wave function work?
  70. Combining Redshift
  71. Position in the Universe?
  72. When will the IAU approve more names for exoplanets?
  73. Do solar wind particles fall back into the solar system?
  74. How to calculate Omega_b through time ?
  75. Have they ever tried to grow snowflakes in micro-gravity?
  76. Would it be possible to jetpack back to Earth from the Moon?
  77. Sandwich box sized, ISS emergency evacuation vehicles, package..?
  78. Smash two planets together and you get.... ?
  79. Heisenberg uncertainty
  80. if matter does disintegrate into em radiation,what could be the last 'thing' to decay
  81. zero dimensional point particle
  82. The uncertainty principal: measuring things with uncertain instruments.
  83. maximum orbital
  84. The Sun
  85. Thanks to the posters on this forum for helping me write four books
  86. Bell's Theorem
  87. Why solar alignments on Feb. 22 & Oct 22?
  88. Do photon spheres form before the black hole forms?
  89. Is ZARYA coming down?
  90. could black holes have created the big bang
  91. Kilohertz gravitational wave detector?
  92. how does Hawking radiation work with SMBHs?
  93. How time works near/edge of the EH/BH?
  94. what is the maximum angle that an incoming photon's path can be changed by(BH)?
  95. does light slingshot around planets, stars etc?
  96. Why do Galaxies have a central a bulge?
  97. The 3-sphere model of the universe, and evidence that there is no curvature.
  98. could a photon be viewed as a virtual particle?
  99. entropy in a 3-sphere system.
  100. upon the heat death of the universe. Will the matter start to behave in a weird way?
  101. help integrating an equation
  102. how is space-time curvature linked with mass, in GR?
  103. red-shifting energy and momentum
  104. Some questions I have for a video I'm making on the history of science
  105. So what happens to all the space-time curvature caused by matter,across the universe?
  106. Exomoon bigger than Earth
  107. Thought experiment about stars
  108. In a 3-sphere universe, how does a wave function work?
  109. Galaxy mass
  110. Light and glass
  111. A question about measurement
  112. Does light take a path through 4-space?
  113. what is the gravitational time-dilation at the centre of a neutron star?
  114. If we could see a clock near a distant star, ie in the distant past....
  115. Lorentz contraction and mirrors
  116. "Hawking, Gell-Mann, and Feynman believed MWI was true" Really?
  117. Is life on a planet in an AGN jet possible?
  118. Confirming Kepler 1625b I
  119. The sun pumps out ten billion times as much energy as hits the earth
  120. Do the event horizon co-ordinates link frames of reference to the future?
  121. Solar system rocky/icy bodies’ atmospheres: why the way they are?
  122. is 'frame dragging' at all related to, or simlilar to tidal effects?
  123. more dense space
  124. New era of exoplanet imaging?
  125. Testing the Equivalence Principle near a black hole
  126. Couple of Questions about the Moon
  127. Present uncertainty in relative positions of Alpha and Proxima Centauri
  128. Antimatter => Negative mass => Antigravity?
  129. Are there liquid waves on Jupiter and other gas giants?
  130. Inverse square gravity law: what does it say about space time curve?
  131. Planet with a thin atmosphere and radical water cycle
  132. Did Pinatubo affect astronomical observation?
  133. dark mass vs visible mass.
  134. citation
  135. so how can an event horizon model be falsified over a non-event horizon model?
  136. Artificial Sun by the end of the year?
  137. color of Jupiter's "metallic hydrogen"?
  138. Noting the stars were blocked by the moon
  139. Lost Thread?
  140. Nature of light in QED
  141. Can dark matter be pulled out of a small galaxy by a larger galaxy?
  142. Do black holes eventually shine? And does the grid size of space change over time?
  143. The Sand Reckoner
  144. Regarding that new Event Horizon photo
  145. Need help deciphering a paper (Linde/Vanturin multiverse)
  146. Merging Black Holes and Information
  147. Why does the heliosphere have an outer edge?
  148. Galactic orbital period - is it really the same everywhere?
  149. Hottest temperature in universe
  150. Making it work for you: Bussard Ramjet and magnetic field
  151. Doctor my eyes! Spotting nukes in space
  152. maggies, nanomaggies, janskies, etc
  153. Absolute magnitude of the Milky Way: what is it?
  154. Can dark matter decay a galactic orbit
  155. Earth's Present Magnetic Field: An Evidence of the Ancient Theia Impact?
  156. Recovery period after freefall?
  157. Hittin' the old dusty (plasma) trail
  158. Wormhole shortcuts
  159. Luminosity of the Milky Way galaxy?
  160. if the electrons did not spin around the nucleus
  161. Apollo Moon Landing capsule Eva
  162. 2-body inspirals that circularize
  163. Radio waves..
  164. von klitzing constant
  165. Consensus view on what meteors were in 1840
  166. Does self-torque of light threaten QM completeness?
  167. Higgs Field Decay..
  168. Astronomy in Disney's latest cartoon
  169. Cataloging Exoplanets
  170. Falling on Venus or Titan
  171. Riess 2007 SNIa data
  172. Earth’s magnetic field east-west asymmetric between electrons and ions?
  173. Astrophotography question
  174. Why are Saturn's regular satellites so much less dense than its irregular satellites?
  175. What exactly is signal coherence (and other optical SETI questions)?
  176. Is there another way to explain how the universe works?
  177. Gravitational MicroLensing
  178. Ultra Massive Black holes & Dark Matter
  179. Why can't radio SETI searches find intermittent signals?
  180. Earth/Moon images
  181. Milky Way galaxy is warped and twisted, not flat - BBC News report
  182. Newton wrong [from an article]?
  183. Can someone please explain this optical SETI page to me like I'm a kid?
  184. Graviton & gravitino?
  185. making dark matter
  186. Why is Sirius B a white dwarf?
  187. 26 star types
  188. Black hole questions
  189. ISS orbit
  190. Moon vs Earth
  191. Vatican and Astronomy
  192. Anyone know a good mainstream definition/explainer forum or website?
  193. Distinguishing an IK Pegasi
  194. The terminology of Cosmologists - priors?
  195. How long would it take for something to fall from one light year away into the sun
  196. The flag on the Moon
  197. At what distance can we track asteroids and comets which can wipe out humanity?
  198. Glorious Earth Mass
  199. De Broglie Wave
  200. Moons of Uranus
  201. Nova mass change
  202. Dark matter mass scale?
  203. C/2019 q4
  204. Collision
  205. No Moon phases during Solomon's reign
  206. I know this isnt the first exoplanet we've found with water.
  207. The farthest star from our Galaxy core
  208. Gamma ray jets
  209. Are novae dwarf novae?
  210. value of pi
  211. Question about a very big number (# of photon interactions w/ particles)
  212. Is there a minimum mass to the universe, according to the anthropic principle?
  213. Launching from Mars
  214. Scalar waves
  215. light traveling through space
  216. How long to get the periodic table?
  217. Plasma Physics! The Solar Wind Strahl
  218. AR Scorpii
  219. Largest Defined Quantity
  220. IBEX ribbon: understanding, etc
  221. Why is Borisov still labled "C/" and not "I/"?
  222. Color of fusion rocket
  223. Plasma laser
  224. Contact binary gas giant planets
  225. Dark matter around primordial black holes
  226. Why do WIMPs annihilate each other when they collide?
  227. Electromagnetic fields as barriers
  228. Intergalactic, interstellar, interplanetary, inter- what?
  229. Planetary Info
  230. I hate to ask this again, but could someone please science-vet my video script?
  231. calculating moon size via distance
  232. Matter standing wave movement.
  233. redshift
  234. Black body theory question
  235. Sources of Milky Way luminosity by spectral class?
  236. galaxies
  237. Largest cosmological structure
  238. Video on youtube
  239. The Beginning of the Universe
  240. Something wrong with the universe article