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  1. Increase in Solar Constant as cause for Global Warming?
  2. Question about Big Bang
  3. Gravitational Collapse of Dark Matter Halos
  4. Field rotation in alt-az-mounted telescopes
  5. saturn ring is nothing more but crashed planet onto saturn?
  6. What happened whith the solarsystem when..
  7. Solar Minimum
  8. How do you pronounce Fomalhaut?
  9. Expansion rate and age of Universe
  10. To alter the Sun
  11. Space Simulation
  12. Bombs in space
  13. Which one?
  14. Ideas needed -- will you contribute?
  15. Is the messenger spacecraft in strong sunlight now?
  16. Just saw nova's "The Ghost Particle" and i have some questions....
  17. What Time is it on the Moon?
  18. Phobes is falling down
  19. Actual distance in (AU) earth sun
  20. I am new to Astronomy and need help understanding some information....
  21. Phase angle and Illumination
  22. LCD Monitors and cold
  23. Natural Time Machine
  24. Sunheat on the Moon and on mars
  25. Are special relativistic coordinates meaningful on cosmological scales?
  26. The momentum of light
  27. Anybody who knows about the star 70 virgo?
  28. How many stars can the unaided-eye see?
  29. Accelerating towards C
  30. 23.5 degrees
  31. How long do these things survive in space?
  32. Questions on Light and Energy
  33. Dyson Sphere Inside / Ringworld Outside
  34. The Sun as an Average Star ...
  35. Guns in space?
  36. Mass to light ratio of the Milky Way?
  37. why all items in the sky looks round and plane in shape
  38. Why is a nearby supernove (far) overdue?
  39. Islamic calendar(s)
  40. Possible to freeze light? And question about spectrum
  41. Moore's Law
  42. Have Ray Guns been invented?
  43. Mapping the Known Universe
  44. Doppelganger
  45. Imperial measures
  46. Expansion of Distance Between Galaxies Question
  47. answers in astronomy
  48. photons collide?
  49. What is the oldest reference...
  50. Neutrino thread/Back to basics/questions/answers
  51. the sun like stars are compressed by any other third power
  52. What is the limited magnitude of stars visible with unaided eyes?
  53. the bomb on phobos
  54. simple physics
  55. How will it look when you are passing the earth with the speed of light?
  56. Katrina storm surge vs atomic explosion
  57. Please explain geostationary orbits?
  58. Before the sun
  59. Skyywatcher
  60. Difference size of disk between Sirius B and Barnards star
  61. The Sun from afar
  62. Interstellar matter & the absorption of starlight?
  63. Galaxies.....
  64. What’s the holdup on the Shuttle Replacement anyway?
  65. Why not the Moon and Mars by 2020?
  66. Pojmanski's Blue
  67. G dwarf luminosity
  68. Moon rotation
  69. Sublimation of ice
  70. How can objects have different rotations at equator and poles?
  71. The big bang and absolute time
  72. My question about weight distribution on earth
  73. Why is finding Mercury in the sky so difficult
  74. What is the Earth's weight referenced to?
  75. Throwing a Frisbee from Orbit
  76. Could life adapt (evolve) to survive a vaccum?
  77. Simple enough question...
  78. I'm Trying to Design a COMPLETELY Unbiased Measurement System, Any Suggestions?
  79. Is this possible?
  80. The shape the Earth is in
  81. Moons and their orbits...
  82. Space elevator questions
  83. is earth shining more than the previous?
  84. how many dimensions?
  85. Enceladus' orbit
  86. when everything stops...
  87. What would be undeniable proof of the existence on extraterrestrial life?
  88. EM radiadion
  89. Pressure and gravity in general relativity
  90. possible to see Flag on Moon?
  91. Where does sound come from?
  92. Pluto
  93. Black holes
  94. Why do we explore space?
  95. Swimming on Enceladus.
  96. Tunneling
  97. Reionization Basics
  98. New WMAP data - impending release?
  99. Black Holes and Galaxies
  100. Mars vs Titan - Atmosphere
  101. how does radiation effect our bodies
  102. Elements unique to the Earth
  103. Are there any instance of seismic activity on moon?
  104. Why does the Earth always look the same?
  105. Black matter… the greatest fallacy?
  106. Black Holes in orbit around the Galaxy
  107. Question about Supernovae
  108. Dark Energy's effect on the curvature of space time
  109. Where is the "Bang" in the BBT?
  110. Retrograde
  111. COBE map?
  112. How big is the Universe
  113. Black hole and the velocity of light
  114. Doppler redshift in a vacuum requires physical source
  115. Photons and gravitons
  116. why a 50% asymmetry in the matter?
  117. Black Holes & Accelerated Expansion
  118. Are Alpha Centaurians Watching Seinfeld Reruns As We Speak?
  119. "sand" is possible on moon ?
  120. are ISS crews travelling seconds into future?
  121. What can i expext to see of Cygnus X1 with my telescope?
  122. Seeing God with the most powerful telescope?
  123. The Answer to What Is The Big Bang...
  124. Moon Conjunction
  125. Celestial Equations.
  126. Universe expansion question
  127. Nearest quasar?
  128. My Simple Questions.
  129. Redshift and blurring
  130. Would doing this get you out of a black hole?
  131. Hidden Planets
  132. Is there a connection between Momentum and Entropy?
  133. What does Lorentz contraction do @ 14 Bly?
  134. HD,SAO or HIP number of supernova candidate star Rho cas
  135. When you go all the way up in space, you return back?
  136. Light slit experiment - explanation
  137. Planet question
  138. 2020
  139. Jumping on earth in comparison with jumping on the moon
  140. Closed timelike curves
  141. Orion Nebula and Earth-like Planets
  142. What did Buzz Aldrin say to Houston?
  143. Mysterious green light?
  144. Will a relativistic cannonball forever see the galaxies flash past?
  145. What is a K5 and a K2 type of star?
  146. Satellites
  147. Geschwindigkeit
  148. when stars get really old and become cold, are they just planets?
  149. :question:How mass increases
  150. Image embargo
  151. Is it REALLY impossible to tell?
  152. How would a Geocentric appear different?
  153. can energy converted into mass ?
  154. UK Manned Spaceflight?
  155. how many?
  156. Help wanted
  157. daytime 7 min longer than nightime on the day of vernal equinox.why?
  158. Space missions - technical data & total expenses
  159. 'Solarscope' brand solar observing system
  160. The Sun's future
  161. Olber's Paradox
  162. Quasar proper motions?
  163. What does W = -1 mean?
  164. How will look a total solareclipse on the Moon?
  165. Why can't we travel at the speed of light?
  166. Could the Earth have 2 moons in the future.
  167. How Big is the Antlia Cluster?
  168. Objects or asteroids between Mercury and the Sun
  169. what is the limit?
  170. particle physics question - Lake Geneva and the TGV
  171. What am I seeing? Strange light in the sky.
  172. Quick Question - Moon is not a moon.
  173. Milankovitch cycles
  174. Is Pioneer 10 reaching the red giant star Aldebaran in the (far) future?
  175. Volume of the Universe
  176. Not a real astronomical question
  177. What did I see?
  178. Concerning erecting lenses compatibility
  179. Photo Print Paper / Pinhole Camera
  180. Polaris (pole star) a good candidate for a life harboring planetsystem?
  181. Surface Temperature on Venus
  182. Excuse me?
  183. Dark Energy question
  184. Can I ask you a question?
  185. How does the curvature of space affect travel?
  186. consevation of energy
  187. I am trying to find an (online) starcatalog of HD,SAO
  188. The ultimate thread about photons (questioning the basics)
  189. Time Dilation & Heat
  190. Earth spinning, is there any big change?
  191. Why is Sirius appearing blue in the sky?
  192. Give me your best guess
  193. What is the second well known white dwarf?
  194. Do you think that astronomers will find the same planets outside the solar system?
  195. How will it look when we can see stars with a limit of magnitude 8,5?
  196. What kind of star was the supernova in the Crab nebulae before its explosion?
  197. Q about Moon landing.
  198. bend space without altering time?
  199. When Does Atomic Recoil Occur?
  200. Naming Alien Species (formerly: Uh guys?)
  201. In which constellation can i find Barnards star?
  202. Comets for 2006
  203. Big Bang
  204. Question about Colliding Planets
  205. Earth-like humans?
  206. Neutrino thingy.
  207. Whats the fastest man made thing?
  208. How does radiation escape from a black hole?
  209. telescope question.
  210. Looking For Fast Galaxies
  211. Cooperation between US and Russia: Joint Mars Missions
  212. Venus's surface temp with Earth-like atmosphere?
  213. LM and CSM flight paths
  214. Human Evolution on Mars +3000 years
  215. What are the (largest) stars known?
  216. is my ccd dead
  217. laws of universe
  218. Is this possible?
  219. Reference frames in general relativity
  220. Planet Rotation Speeds
  221. How a hammer works on moon?
  222. What's about the moon?
  223. When Betelgeuze explodes as supernova ,will it be visible at midday?
  224. What is the Definition of "Woo Woo"?
  225. When galaxies collide, and SMBH
  226. Speed of light and the Doppler effect
  227. Deformation through relativistic rotation.
  228. The Universe defined?
  229. Cause of Doppler redshift
  230. Moons of terrestrial planets
  231. What happens at the singularity of a BH?
  232. Hypothetical Query
  233. Space Telescopes
  234. is warp drive possible?
  235. returning rays on the earth cause global warming?
  236. Comparison of brightness of a star
  237. In Bound Black Hole - Hypothetical
  238. Tranuranic elements
  239. How many gallons of gasoline in a barrel of oil?
  240. Oceans In Gas Giant Planets??
  241. Torch Orbit Vistas
  242. Flat Earth Society and Apollo to the Moon
  243. Compact stars
  244. if moon covers with mirrors on its surface
  245. Rare earth nyodymium magnets
  246. Plasma
  247. Limit of magnitude of faintest stars in space
  248. Our understanding of the universe?
  249. E=mc^
  250. Rods. New life form or ...?