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  1. Advocate Space with the ISS Flybys
  2. How do I "inflict" Astronomy!!
  3. Yuri's Night
  4. Broadcasting a feed with scope and people views
  5. Astronomy-Related Activities Map
  6. Citizen Science - Astronomy 3.0
  7. Star walk at summer camp
  8. Sponsor Clear Sky Chart for Sacramento CA
  9. Eyes on the Solar System
  10. Dragon*CON
  11. International Observe the Moon Night
  12. Watch Out Twitterverse, the Moon, Vesta, and Ceres are in you.
  13. Organized Outreach?
  14. A poetry contest used to teach some physics about light
  15. Science Scouts?
  16. Astronomy lectures in Graz (Austria)
  17. Stephen Crothers' style of presentation
  18. Eric Dollard's style of presentation
  19. Astronomy & Space TV Video
  20. Citizen Science User Research
  21. Public Outreaches October 10th -15th
  22. What are the top 10 things to see in the night sky?
  23. Blogs, emagazines and similar resources on astronomy, science, and related topics
  24. Hello and question about podcasting
  25. Passion Film Project Needs Balloonist to Capture Curvature of the Earth
  26. Star Party - Northeast Ohio
  27. Standard..Alerts..text messaging events
  28. The Million Man Event...or some other word for man.
  29. Television..'advertising'.......
  30. Astronomy Education Fundraising
  31. star party videos
  32. Why is there essentially zero work being done by Citizen Scientists (amateurs)?
  33. Reaching wider audiences with funny videos
  34. Are you Sirius???
  35. I might get a good opportunity fore a outreach.
  36. A very important set of podcasts for the ATM
  37. Giant Gap Between What Public, Scientists Think
  38. A nice summary of the history of physics and at the current position
  39. A sad day
  40. Public outreach
  41. I Inflict, hrumph, Share...
  42. NASA Events
  43. Skellig Star Party
  44. Scale Model of the Solar System
  45. Nice little animation to show heliocentricity
  46. Plutomania
  47. CosmoQuest Funding!
  48. Space related Internet Stuff
  49. Astronomy Day - May 14
  50. The public "right to know"
  51. My video series on the Flat Earth is finished
  52. What are Your Plans 1 Year from Today on 8/21/17 ?
  53. What would you want to see in a presentation about black holes?
  54. I just finished my video series on Planet X
  55. Qilak award winner for 2018 is...
  56. Yerkes Observatory Closing?
  57. Tour of Yerkes Observatory - May remain open after U of C leaves
  58. I made a video about Barnard's Star
  59. Simulation of the HD 98800 B system
  60. Call for Citizen Scientists to hunt for brown dwarfs near the Sun
  61. Citizen scientists, keep watch and help make the transiting exoplanets run on time!
  62. Call for Citizen Scientists to... count rocks on the asteroid Bennu?
  63. Dutch observatory celebrates Apollo 11