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  1. Exo-Fora
  2. Is RPing allowed on here?
  3. Can anyone help me identify a painting and artist?
  4. Online resources for learning German (or other languages)
  5. Additional forums / discussion boards similar to BAUT?
  6. Canada eliminating penny
  7. If major Industrialized countries switched from Physical money to Electronic Money
  8. [I disapprove of] Diablo II
  9. How long would cash persist?
  10. Heart disease takes the life of 1 in 3 women each year.
  11. Spent fuel rods.
  12. This is a pretty well-managed forum.
  13. A question about architecture
  14. So I Finally Recieved My New ID...
  15. Divided We Stand
  16. KSC: a roadside attraction
  17. Coast Guard and Airforce SAR Question: What's The Realistic "Tertiary" Response...
  18. My desktop just recovered from a crash
  19. Can anyone recommend any 36 note per octave music (sixth tone music)?
  20. Why my daughter sucks at math?
  21. Computer Chokes on Dust.
  22. Desktop vs Laptop
  23. About dollar stores
  24. This "hifi system":
  25. the Jerusalem UFO videos
  26. RIP Gary Moore
  27. Stupid flat pack furniture
  28. Life is Amazing
  29. Junk food may 'lower child's IQ'
  30. Who was the best predictor of technology?
  31. What's in your garage?
  32. Cooper's Hawk diet (puppies?)
  33. Mme. de Pompadour: Puppet for the powerbrokers?
  34. Did you hear about the new wireless device for mid-level flunkies that don't really
  35. Questions About Caloric Expenditures.
  36. Dream Bringing Back Phsyical/Muscle Memory
  37. YES! The Leif Ericson is returning!
  38. Do you think that studies on green energy should be a priority for our generation?
  39. 1 year later
  40. Why Americans hate lawyers. And insurance companies.
  41. Do you prefer sharp blades or dull blades?
  42. Thoughts That Transcend Time
  43. How consistent are estimates of the US M3 money supply?
  44. Cluttered home?
  45. Grammy Awards
  46. nice introductary space movie for 10 year olds
  47. Highest value per mass?
  48. Would it matter if Homo neantherthalensis survives today?
  49. How many people are knowledgeable about Latin?
  50. Astrology Deemed a Science by Indian Court
  51. 'Secret' of Coca Cola
  52. Working on my own 2012 blog
  53. How is internet service billed in countries outside the US?
  54. Pink Floyd's - Publius Enigma
  55. Lowest melting point eutectic alloy?
  56. Battery operated drills, how did we cope without them?
  57. What!? Everybody's Been Good Since The 6th?
  58. Never Thought I'd Say This About An Adult...
  59. The best foods - the local variety.
  60. Science Friday - Ira Flatow
  61. Asian knives vs "French" knives
  62. Birds singing at night...
  63. Riding a motorcycle in Mexico
  64. Buying and selling virtual goods
  65. Would it be possible to build analogues of devices that rely on electricity for their
  66. The royal wedding
  67. Royal Bloodlines [moved from Royal Wedding]
  68. Hello. [astronomical dog names]
  69. Question about the Weather
  70. How do bees have the energy?
  71. I'm back... well at least I think I am :D
  72. The most unusual thing you've ever done at the craziest hour?
  73. Odd question [about depth of space policy discussion]
  74. Things you learn at Dog Park
  75. Is there a term for this kind of bogus reasoning?
  76. YEAH! I'm a Master of Science!
  77. The Next Bubble?
  78. Nightengales bother your sleep?
  79. Half a computer monitor
  80. Need a Cat Whisperer
  81. Exploring Planets.
  82. A theoretical bad situation that could get worse
  83. Today is my Birthday. Made it another year!
  84. The expression "lived in a glass box"
  85. Charlie Sheen///Nibiru
  86. The Lens Experirement (or "I go a little crazy")
  87. Stones and shells collecting?
  88. Very strange flashes in the Night Sky
  89. Self image/esteem
  90. Going after diet soda....aka BIG soda
  91. ABr! Need Your Advice And Input On A Nympharium...
  92. Quality of science articles on wikipedia
  93. Any Numi.. Numis...Coin Collectors here?
  94. Tell me something interesting
  95. What was the best drink of water that you ever had?
  96. Collecting old bottles
  97. The most disproportional battle casualties?
  98. Eggsactly
  99. Moan
  100. SETI
  101. Bach Cello Suites actually written for a different instrument?
  102. Making a school choice, need advice...
  103. Random predictions
  104. I Thought That Strep Vaccine..
  105. New Taste Discovery I Have To Share, (With The Over 21 Crowd)
  106. If BAUT Were A High School, The Yearbook Would Read...
  107. Life on the Cutting Edge
  108. Anyone know Visual Basic for Access?
  109. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a chopping board
  110. OH Man! Boo Is So Sad!
  111. OP versus OPer
  112. I hate being a mutant!
  113. What is more annoying than commercials?
  114. Wow, that was nasty. Magnitude 7.9. . .
  115. How do you reply telemarketers/telephone surveys?
  116. Honestly, is cross-dressing more acceptable for women than men?
  117. The most ubiquitous cold weapon?
  118. Tsunami Warning issued for California and Oregon Coasts (SF Bay area), and Alaksa.
  119. Can you believe this!
  120. Punctuation of "Which reminds me..."
  121. For writers. And readers. The Page 99 test.
  122. Laptop issue - display error?
  123. An incredible story....
  124. For fans of J-horror
  125. Madness...
  126. Many restaurants feature cheap ingredients and relatively high prices
  127. Can a person sell stock in themselves?
  128. Reverse Android hotspot/femto question
  129. My avatar photo
  130. Concerts
  131. Does anyone have any good Sci-Fi 24th century character pictures I could use?
  132. Neat interview with Brian Greene
  133. The problem with posting is...
  134. "Made in China"=inevitability?
  135. Ikea=Department store or furniture store?
  136. Bookbinding - tool for trimming pages?
  137. Fun thread: Can science answer my question?
  138. I Live on the West Coast: should I be worried(Radiation)?
  139. Pine wood derby techniques for poor aerodynamics
  140. Long Live the Queen!
  141. Interesting weekend on the road
  142. What did I do... [PC screen problem]
  143. Where's the action?
  144. "Answering bells"
  145. Who cleans the refrigerator in your place of work?
  146. Elizabeth Taylor has passed away - 79
  147. London Spam
  148. You might be an astronomer if.....................
  149. Any Lindt (the chocolate) fans?
  150. Who would consider themselves knowledgeable enough to play "Jeopardy!"
  151. World Building: Geologic plausibility in NW Washington State
  152. The Earth is about to be destroyed what would you do?
  153. How much milk do you drink per day?
  154. Is anyone turning off their lights today for an hour?
  155. Census Day!
  156. Is this enough info to identify a bird?
  157. Creator of Super Glue passes away
  158. In the future, will history be written by the loonies?
  159. Klein bottle opener, and other interesting creations...
  160. Question about Jasmine for the plant people
  161. Meteor Crater
  162. Big Dogs and A Yard Not Used To Them...
  163. Going To Need Help Later In Presenting a Technique To A Real Biologist...
  164. Why Ejukachon is failing.
  165. Any Pharyngulites here?
  166. The best day of the year . . .
  167. Too Hungover...
  168. IAU to Disband by Year's End
  169. Prepaid cellphone service in the US
  170. Rover Success After 6 years on Mars
  171. Moro blood oranges: Overpriced for what they really are?
  172. Cast iron wok for cooking?
  173. Best cure for toothache please....
  174. Beskep's Magical Mythical Tour of Peru
  175. Suggestions for Lit. research paper?
  176. Lets Bicker
  177. All Valuables Removed Tag on automobiles: What do you think?
  178. Best oil for making popcorn
  179. BAUT trivia question
  180. Can Man Live on Beer Alone?
  181. I have got my first ever telescope
  182. Skyline Movie a precursor to future events?
  183. I assume everyone is out celebrating?
  184. Calculator doing something I didn't expect, 48/2(9+3) vs 48/2x(9+3)
  185. Campfire Fruit Swirlers marshmallows
  186. A320, WK2, and SS2
  187. Astronomy Club
  188. Mme. de Pompadour's expenses: Total in current US dollars?
  189. Please recommend a good laptop.
  190. Megalomania motivations
  191. What does "1/number of electrons in this galaxy" mean?
  192. Greenies...sigh.
  193. Is there a word for this definition?
  194. How does Netherland get such high value for agricultural goods?
  195. Happy Yuri Day
  196. Coupon Clipping Services?
  197. A little math problem .. 2 answers ?
  198. NHL Playoffs
  199. Is a 100% paperless office possible?
  200. Ubuntu help request!
  201. Steve Irwins father arrested for protesting coal seam gas.
  202. Oh, this is fun!
  203. budget cuts
  204. Astronomy Instructor Help
  205. English "adjectives"?
  206. Math question (logs?)
  207. Periodic Table of Fictional Elements
  208. Cabon density in air (more math)
  209. Minimum visible smoke concentration
  210. Headphones or loudspeakers for stereo, or both?
  211. The Future according to Google Search results.
  212. Bumblebee Transformer Sighting...
  213. Will flying cars ever happen?
  214. Great thinkers who didn't write well
  215. Any classical music lover here?
  216. Members' Poetry - If you are the author, post it here.
  217. Where is the Oil?
  218. Looking a gift horse in the mouth.
  219. Unexpected family illness
  220. Martian Rock Hounds
  221. Science as religion
  222. MS Excel 2007 help! Cells not highlighting
  223. Is the idea of arcologies a truly feasable one?
  224. Honestly an ignoramus.
  225. What am I seeing?
  226. Are you Ready for the Night sky Knowledge Test?
  227. Osama bin Laden has been killed
  228. The future makes me eager.
  229. Comics!
  230. Bottom of the Sea
  231. Northern Lights in Alaska in May
  232. Canadian Election
  233. "Cutest" reptile?
  234. I'd like to see Prince Harry and Pippa date and marry.
  235. Real experience: Google Chrome sometimes works better than Firefox.
  236. [Shop Class]
  237. Mothers Day
  238. The Commodore 64 is back
  239. Hidden Inflation
  240. Painkillers knocking me for a loop
  241. My hypothesis.
  242. The Apprentice: Here we go again
  243. talking dog.
  244. My hypothesis: thanks for your input
  245. George Bernard Shaw Wrote His Own "Cole Notes".
  246. Terrorist brought to justice
  247. Got my scope working
  248. Since we're still stuck down here on Earth........
  249. Is it possible that the Bible was forged?
  250. where, when those Ivory Towers?