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  1. Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, Random Acts of Kindness, and Pay It Forward Ideas
  2. Things I do instead of sleeping: Smartphone as a sextant
  3. Earliest ever Christmas item
  4. How are doctors paid?
  5. Of interest to Parents - When to grant a child an email address
  6. Which scientists do you follow on twitter?
  7. Chinese snuff bottles. Any collectors here?
  8. Just broke up with my GF
  9. Hmm Dalai Lama....
  10. Remember that stupid blue and gold dress?
  11. Feasibility of the Concept of a 'United Earth'
  12. Here's to Bill!
  13. Are the seeds of hot peppers hot?
  14. Trebuchets gone bad (or just doing their job?)
  15. How do you guys feel about Stereotypes?
  16. Nurse cat comforts others at Polish animal shelter --
  17. Charlie in Dayton
  18. hmmm Graphic Design :/
  19. Should I ask: Is the support for Windows 7 ending soon?
  20. Iobit: another nasty thing to be avoided
  21. What do you do with old textbooks and computer books? Computer experience?
  22. Laserdiscs
  23. Advice please, U.S. (cellphone) SIMs
  24. Train myself to think in complete thoughts?
  25. Team Building Activities?
  26. Places to visit around the world?
  27. Is Age 26 the new 21?
  28. Have you met a Time Traveller?
  29. iPad help please
  30. Silly Dracula questions
  31. Horrible libraries
  32. What to do with an old VHS video camcorder?
  33. Who haven't used Google as a search engine for years?
  34. I think I might be an Alcoholic...
  35. Biggest fears?
  36. Fruit-flavored tobacco.
  37. brake horsepower
  38. Chewing out a supervisor.
  39. Web Design tips
  40. Earthquake in Kathmandu....
  41. Password follies
  42. Reunification Day
  43. The Bootstrap Paradox
  44. Tasker for Android - Any users?
  45. May Day festivities.
  46. May the 4th be with you
  47. Test Driving a Gasoline Powered Car
  48. Let's talk about cacao
  49. Watercress
  50. about a music or song
  51. Anyone good with excel?
  52. Anti-Intellectualism and the "Dumbing Down" of America
  53. Manned Space Exploration is Deeply Disturbing
  54. Funny because it is almost true - The Debunking Comedy Thread
  55. Hmm, this feels right
  56. Retirement: have a plan
  57. Vague question about 'innovation'
  58. Inaccurate question
  59. Rationalizing the Space endeavor
  60. The impact of the baby boomer generation
  61. The Astrophysical Journal
  62. Quantum Mechanics and New Age Quacks
  63. Laws of the internet?
  64. Questions off top my head
  65. Is this really news?
  66. When smartphones go stupid
  67. I'm often feeling tired.
  68. How tall are you?
  69. What's this thing? (Land structure in bay near Galveston, TX)
  70. So I bought a multi-millionaire a gift.
  71. Reasons that honeyberries and saskatoon berries are rare in supermarkets
  72. Bucket Lists and Mustaches: Done, In Progress, or To-Do
  73. Shells, corals, pebbles colllection: negative ecological impacts?
  74. Bank or Credit Union?
  75. My Time Machine
  76. List the best known dolphin species.
  77. John Nash, "The Beautiful Mind", Dead at Age 86
  78. Gender differences among felines
  79. Who else DOESN'T like Greek yogurt?
  80. Need help here
  81. Normalization with Cuba - nonpolitcal topic
  82. Death of a friend - Richard (Find A Grave)
  83. Denim, Jeans, Dungarees.
  84. urgent need
  85. Allergy questions
  86. Do y'all have "tea time" in europe?
  87. Slump...I could use some cheering up.
  88. Anyone know a good file holder site? Also how to I rar /zip things?
  89. Feeling bummed out
  90. Does anyone else suffer from insomnia and racing mind?
  91. are there any experts here on critical scholarship?
  92. How do you pronounce the name "Jerome"?
  93. 1977 Chicago White Sox, " The South Side Hit Men".
  94. I keep losing my....
  95. Your number one fantasy or daydream?
  96. Explicit death threat on pro-science site, what to do?
  97. Emojis: What's old is new again
  98. There's nothing you can do that can't be done
  99. What's one of the funniest or most dangerous mistakes you ever made on a summer job?
  100. RC quadcopter-an aha moment
  101. Trying another "fad" food - gelato.
  102. What are the odds of winning the lottery twice?
  103. The penny and cash in general
  104. So I'm Not Dead Again...
  105. The Glass of Water
  106. Birds' favourite berries by far?
  107. I sometimes don't care if I live
  108. Weather Globe Toy(idea)
  109. Two More Cool New Science Websites You Guys Might Like.
  110. Math problem
  111. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  112. Dried Beans
  113. Other interests.
  114. Maths and Odds
  115. To apostrophe or not to apostrophe, that is the question? (Apologies to Shakespeare)
  116. My Current Gaming Addiction: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  117. Need Advice On Growing Melons.
  118. Please Look to Your Right
  119. Dash usage in poetry
  120. Yet Another Thread On Tasty Adult Beverages!
  121. All About Dealcoholized Liquors
  122. Determining the volume of a spill from the size of the puddle
  123. Fireworks - and drones
  124. Can someone list fruits that have become common in the last twenty years or so?
  125. Aerobatic maneuver name
  126. How do they make certain surfaces so glossy & perfect?
  127. When reality checks bounce...
  128. If you could know one person's dreams, who would it be?
  129. Japanese Culture Question
  130. I'm So Sorry I Missed April Fool's Day.
  131. An Unexpected Threat In My Nice New Neighborhood.
  132. Monster fly (With Picture)
  133. European Space program ..'negligence'
  134. Does anyone on here collect antique photos?
  135. Perception about Native American cultures or civilizations
  136. Do you keep a one of sock drawer?/mend holey socks?
  137. Do you like modern architecture?
  138. I Need Some, Ummm, "Medical Information".
  139. Where are you from?
  140. First-aid-kit Essentials?
  141. Odd linguistic quirk- is this common: good, good
  142. The promotion of pluto
  143. The downgrade of pluto
  144. Uploading Questions.
  145. Do you make a point of talking to strangers?
  146. Do you, or have you ever taken a "vacation" from using the internet?
  147. Is the hype justified?
  148. Zach Johnson wins the claret jug
  149. Pet peeves about your pet
  150. Muppets Coming Back - YEEEAAAAHHH!
  151. I just kind of accidentally deleted my cache
  152. Fiat-Chrysler recall - hackers can take control.
  153. That red light means: STOP!
  154. Have you heard of Samarkand?
  155. Cetaceans in captivity
  156. What if there had been no wars ever?
  157. Why are there two versions of Google?
  158. Egg prices - Avia flu impact.
  159. If you could change written English/spelling and or grammar
  160. Is it my imagination or did hotmail suddenly get crappier?
  161. Might a small population of telepaths exist in the human population?
  162. Temperatures in Iran
  163. So They Are Trying To Fix The Way I Think..
  164. Alligator on the menu, dogs on the patio.
  165. Access to drinking fountains
  166. Restoration of old newspapers
  167. Second-guessing the chef
  168. For Swift: an Alaskan Frog
  169. Things I'm too stupid to do" Windows 10 Edition
  170. So My Liposuction In A Bottle Get Rich Quick Scheme Seems To Be A Fail...
  171. Is the internet too bloated?
  172. Lying
  173. A bomber in this small city.
  174. How to say "I'm sorry"
  175. Be Your Way??? (Advertising slogan for fast-food place)
  176. Banning Tor
  177. Something like nosthedony
  178. Humbling documentary about a man who lived in Alaska for 30 years..
  179. Cutting the land line cord
  180. Has anyone ever returned an eBook?
  181. Called for Grand Jury Duty
  182. I Did Something I've Never Did Before Earlier This Month.
  183. Something unexpected and funny you've personally witnessed.
  184. tDCS - depression treatment and cognitive enhancement
  185. Is it actually a common expression?
  186. Is it me, or is e-mail suddenly too complicated?
  187. Is collecting a form of addiction? What do you think?
  188. Does anyone remember the space collectors cards that came in the boxes of tea?
  189. The confusing case for plastic bags (recyclable or garbage)
  190. French fries with breakfast (potato deviancy)!
  191. Twitter question -
  192. Saw This Picture, Had To Caption it.
  193. Automated answerring systems complaint thread
  194. Drones and UFOs
  195. Cameras vs Smart phones for the camera or video function
  196. Will "looP" replace Pool?
  197. I had an epiphany.
  198. Experience with Mediterrean Europe
  199. Twin Pandas Born at National Zoo
  200. Question about an old commercial (any day now)
  201. Satelite phone?
  202. Poppycock and balderdash
  203. Return to Sender
  204. Hallway Protocol
  205. Where there's smoke...
  206. Tempted to give unsolicited advice.
  207. An inability to give up grief- my friend grieving for her mother
  208. Busted picture window.
  209. Military abilities and personal gallantries (or fighting skills)
  210. Trebuchet's annual hurling thread!
  211. Is the Saturn landing story a hoax?
  212. Which foods would you consider "blue"?
  213. I Need To Find An Old Post I Made.
  214. Moon Pigeons.
  215. Dragon*Con 2015
  216. Circulation of air through your home?
  217. Touchless car washes - like or not?
  218. Unsportsmanlike conduct?!!
  219. Premature aging
  220. how can I get back interested into science? plus a little about me
  221. TV's in doctors' offices...why bother?
  222. Most common depictions of dinosaurs?
  223. Anyone know what this audio is?
  224. Personalized license plate quiz
  225. new work as a EE design engineer is not a delight
  226. My computer experience
  227. All Those in favour of Ken G writing a book say "Aye"
  228. My buddy is sick - 14 year old cockatiel
  229. 14-Year-Old Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School
  230. An unexpected shock and fear?
  231. Koom...Bye...Ya...
  232. Chess
  233. The normal meaning of
  234. A prank you didn't play (but wanted to).
  235. A Maker has died.
  236. The Appalachian Trail
  237. Hey Fazor! Ohiio State gets the scare!
  238. Canceling Thanksgiving plans - gossip sure stinks.
  239. That Seatle Seahawk Question.
  240. I guess it is over
  241. Middle-aged kit building
  242. Getting out of an Adobe subscription?
  243. Frogzilla.
  244. Spelling and Grammar
  245. Discussions about security forces (the nature, functions, and the reality)
  246. Giant Power Station near the Sun
  247. UGH! Was Hoping to dodge Hurricane season this year...
  248. Moral Dilemma
  249. Milk of species other than cattles?
  250. Mother nature in bad mood