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2010-Jan-28, 05:21 PM
Anybody see this?

2010-Jan-28, 08:44 PM
Anybody see this?

Here's a little sample of the content so others can decide if they want to go have a look:

In one of the photographs taken by Mikalsen was an "object" that couldn't be identified. Although Mikalsen had taken several images at the same location, just one photo showed a mysterious green parachute-like object hanging with the main aurora.
"It has the typical caustic shape and it is opposite several bright point lights," Fischer observed. "Green color could be caused by lens coatings."

Although more research will need to be done, it certainly seems plausible that Per-Arne Mikalsen serendipitously took a photograph of a satellite flare (possibly an Iridium satellite).

What makes this revelation even more exciting is that we've never seen an auroral reflection from a satellite before (if it's not a lens flare, that is).

2010-Jan-28, 09:33 PM
it looks a little bit like a sprite to me.

This is primarily a description of the Univ. Alaska research into middle and upper atmospheric optical and electrical phenomena.

there are some pictures and other informative stuff..

2010-Jan-29, 08:07 AM
If I am not mistaken sprites and elves are blue or red, I don't think they come in the green variation.
I go for the lense flare idea.
It seems that it traces part of a circle with a dot in the middle, what one would expect for a lense flare, albeit a very interesting one.