View Full Version : is sentry system the best asteroid risk scale?

thoth II
2010-Jan-29, 03:52 PM
referring to:


is this the best indicator of asteroid impact risk? I notice only one asteroid with torino number 1, and even that isn't that risky. Looking at this scale makes it seem that asteroid risk is so low it isn't worth worrying about. Maybe in a million years an "armageddon" will happen but not in human history:confused:

2010-Jan-29, 04:35 PM
Pretty much. In the near term there are no likely big impacts known.

There is a small chance of something unknown having a bad impact.

What sort of risk scale do you seek? In the long term, certainly there will be potential impacts, so if you go out far enough, you can make it scary, if that's your goal.

What information do you wish to convey by a different scale?

2010-Jan-30, 03:01 AM
There is a real and significant danger... That a impacting event could be the end of humanity... Yes thats real. BUT, as yet we have no knowledge of that event. Not any single candidate has been shown to be on the doomsday path to oblivion... There are other risks... Around the planet a handful of volcanic caldera, just waiting to explode there wrath upon us...
How do you correctly delegate the resource necessary to keep humanity safe. ? I have no idea.
Do we need to be frightened before we act ? Unfortunately...that might be our undoing...