View Full Version : Scientists Find Water Ice Creates the Spokes in Saturn's B Ring

2010-Jan-29, 09:10 PM
The mysterious spokes that sometimes appear in Saturnís largest ring, the B ring, have been unexplained. But new measurements from Cassini's Visual Infrared Mapping spectrometer (VIMS) suggests the radial spokes that sometimes form across the ring are entirely composed of water ice. The existence of the spokes were unexpected and were first observed [...]

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2010-Jan-29, 09:25 PM


Great to know this. :)

2010-Jan-29, 09:36 PM
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so does this mean that the visually darker (or "dusty") "spokes" that were captured on film were more likely to have been the shadows of the "raised" interacting ice particles?

are they still seen to be coincident with the rotation of the magnetic field?

is the phenomenon "mirrored" - ie, both "above" and "below" the ring?