View Full Version : Tough Times Could Be Ahead for Kennedy Space Center

2010-Feb-07, 04:30 AM
The cancellation of the Constellation program compounds an already bleak picture for the Kennedy Space Center and those who work there. 7,000 shuttle workers are expected to lose their jobs by the time the shuttle program comes to an end by late 2010 or early 2011. So far, NASA has not provided an [...]

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2010-Feb-10, 12:45 AM
With the economy in such sorry shape and budget deficits running so high, I think this is a good idea. NASA will have to wait for better times.

2010-Feb-10, 01:19 AM
What's a few thousand less engineering, scientific and technical jobs in a nation where PHDs are already applying by the hundreds for techical openings in obscure locations?

2010-Feb-12, 08:52 AM
no bucks, no Buck Rogers