View Full Version : AI Wars. Who Else Is Playing?

2010-Feb-09, 08:33 PM
Though I sorta wish somebody would take this engine and make a straight up Saberhagan Berserker game.

In my years reffeeing role playing games that setting made for darksome space operas that were easy to keep the players riveted. You definately want to remain circumspect in regions of space known to be areas of berserker activity. Unless of course you have a bad boat and are there to collect bounty. Run supplies and trade goods to remote locations at tremendous profit. Stuff like that.

AI wars seems to overcome a couple of problems with less complicated games in that you can eventually consistantly beat all the computer opponents at highest levels with a good team of players. (You prop each other up when you get tired or pressed).This one might take a while to get to that point. We're still fighting at *weinie level* (4) to get our moves down though. And losing.

2010-Aug-29, 11:58 AM
I have it as well and play it from time to time, though only single player. It's interesting how thinking and planning shifts when the NPC's start coming in waves of 100+ craft and defend systems with 1000+ crafts.
It can feel quite slow in the beginning, but boy! that changes later when the massive battles start.