View Full Version : I have an unsual theory..

2004-Mar-04, 10:34 PM
One constant I see throughout the known universe is that there is a balance. Pressure and gravity that prevents the collapse of matter, Matter and Anti-Matter, ect..

So here is my thought.

Once upon a time, the ... void I guess you would call it for lack of a better word, was filled with nothing but energy and completely devoid of matter. This in itself would defy that constant we see today. So something snapped and went BOOM. Shortly thereafter matter started to appear from whatever process that we have yet to understand fully.

So what if, the snap was too much and there was more matter created than there was energy to sustain it and the universe started collapsing. (If I remember right, the universe did at one point begin to collapse, but I donít know for sure)

Then for some reason, the collapse stopped, and now the universe is accelerating outwards due to the gravitational force of the exotic dark matter.

Could all of the above just be the balance act being played out? In a few million years could the universe undergo another change that would cancel out the effects of dark matter and once again stabilize the universe?


Then again, I may have just been reading GLP too much :lol: