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2010-Feb-26, 02:25 PM
Thank you for Carne Guisada.


2010-Feb-26, 02:42 PM
I think every country has its version of Carne Guisada [which, by the way, Im a big fan of, and eat once a week]. Id cite the Hungarian goulash as an example.

2010-Feb-26, 02:43 PM
Dear Hungary,

Thank you for the goulash.


(Hungary makes me Hungry!)

2010-Feb-26, 02:46 PM
Should you be (partly) thanking Texas for that? (The carne guisada, not the goulash)

2010-Feb-26, 02:50 PM
PS: Thank you, Texas. Also for the chili.

2010-Feb-26, 02:53 PM
The Irish Stew (http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/irish_beef_stew/) also comes to mind.

2010-Feb-26, 03:03 PM
Guinness beer?

I have to try that. Not that I like Guinness itself, but a lot of the stuff in that recipe looks yummy.

2010-Feb-26, 03:11 PM
Not a big fan of Guinness either, but the resulting flavor is only reminiscent of the beer.

(*) by the way, theres a lot of dishes that add beer to the gravy [as you probably know]. I frequently have beer chicken. Yummy.

2010-Feb-26, 03:22 PM
I love the kind of beer chicken where you shove the beer can up the chicken's... uh... rear end while cooking it.

It's like playing with your food in a disgusting and tasty way.

2010-Feb-26, 03:37 PM
Yum. My favorite, at the moment anyway, is still Tacos al Pastor. Though I'm never upset if I have to settle for a decent mole.

I've never had carne guisada (Mexican beef stew?) but from what I read, it sounds good. Simple, earthy comfort food. That's the impression I got anyway.

2010-Feb-26, 05:06 PM
Carne seca. Practically never find it north of the border and east of Tucson. (It does bear a family resemblance to Cuban ropa vieja, as unappetizing as that name sounds).

2010-Feb-26, 07:52 PM
Dear Turkey, thank you.

2010-Feb-26, 07:57 PM
What I love about Mexican/Tex Mex food: The more disgusting or sloppy it looks, the better it tends to taste!

2010-Feb-26, 08:46 PM
I make the best chicken Enchiladas on the planet and I won a chili cookoff that had eleven participants. :)

2010-Feb-26, 08:52 PM
The neighborhood I grew up in, and live now, was demographically 40% Italian/40% Northern Mexican/Spainard/Portuguesse (That's 80% Catholic BTW)

Started changing about '75. But the Italians and Latins are still a big influence.

And the food!

I have over 2 dozen restarants within a three block radius. Mexican, Basque, Italian, Argentine, Thai, Chilean, Chinese of three different specialties, sea food, dim sum and one that escapes me.

And then the deli's! Italian, Polish, and Russian! Russians have their own deli traditions! Who knew?

No!!!!! I looked up Brother's in Burlingame for this post and they've shut their doors!!!!!

They were the place for East Coast Urban types to get a "descent meal" and remind them of home. All the waitresses sounded like Fran Drescher. Flirt even a little and you'ld get portions that would make the table creak.

I'm sad!

2010-Feb-26, 09:03 PM
Chile relleno burritos (with a smidgen of refried beans and sprinkling of cheese inside). :D

Thank you Italy for spaghetti and pizza.

Thank you England for fish 'n chips.

2010-Feb-26, 09:07 PM
We have a very good, mostly authentic* Mexican place in town here. In fact it's been named one of the best in the state. You'd never guess it by looking at it though.

But their 'chile relleno' left a lot to be desired. The poblanos had very little flavor and the whole thing was sort of soggy.

Everything else I've gotten there has been more than excellent though. Again, their Tacos al Pastor is my favorite. But there's so many other dishes that I like as well.

2010-Feb-26, 09:11 PM
And thanks for Sopa Azteca, Ajo y Pulpo and Guacamole.

2010-Feb-26, 09:35 PM
Bah! I blame Soluslupus and the rest of this thread for really getting me in the mood for Mexican tonight. Alas, the weather has taken a turn for the very ugly; snow picked up, but also with an increase in the gusting winds causing drifting and freezing the roads in a very slippery mess. I'm not sure it's worth venturing out in the elements, amongst the idiots who can't drive in said elements (even though some of the said idiots are ironically driving Honda Elements).

I'll have to see if I can scratch together enough Mexican inspired components to make something at home.