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Monoxide Child
2004-Mar-07, 04:31 AM
Hey, I'm fairly new to astronomy and have had my XT8 for a month and a half (and I'm loving it). But my friend wants to come down and take a gander through it and I dont know what to show him. I know there is the moon, mars, jupiter, and saturn, but what else could I show him? I'm still limited to the 25mm and 10mm eyepeices that came with the XT8, but I still want to show him something cool.

Mokele Mbembe
2004-Mar-07, 05:08 AM
M42 (The Orion Nebula) and M82 (an edge-on spiral galaxy) are both pretty cool... M31 is nice too, but I haven't been able to see it for a long time, as it sets in the winter before I can take my scope out... I don't know how nice it would look in your scope, but it should be interesting at least.

I would also recommend buying some new eyepieces, but since you're limited to wat you have, those objects should be pretty cool anyway...

Kaptain K
2004-Mar-07, 05:11 AM
M45 (the Pleaides, Seven Sisters) an open cluster in Taurus; you should see dozens of blue-white stars. 25mm EP to get the whole cluster.
M44 (Praesepe, the Beehive) in Cancer; another open cluster. Not as compact or bright as M45. 25mm EP to get the whole cluster.
M42 (the Great Nebula) in Orion; reflection nebula illuminated by the Trapezium (four bright stars in a trapezoid shape + other fainter stars). Use the 25mm EP to take in most of the nebula and the 10mm EP to look at the Trapezium.
M35 an open cluster in Gemini. 25mm EP to get the whole cluster.
M41 an open cluster in Canis Major. 25mm EP to get the whole cluster.
M36, M37 and M38 all open clusters in Auriga. 25mm EP to get the whole cluster.
M1 (the Crab nebula) in Taurus; a supernova remnant (SNR) Use the 10mm for this small, faint fuzzy.
Epsilon Lyrae; the "double double" in Lyra. Four almost equally btright stars in two pairs. Start with the 25mm EP and zoom in on each pair with the 10mm EP.

That should get you started.

2004-Mar-07, 05:47 AM
M81 & M82 should be visible in the same field of view for the 25mm eyepiece...those are a nice sight.

M51 and its companion are nice.

Don't forget the Double Cluster in Persus.

Another one of my favorites is NGC457 in Cassiopea...known as the ET Cluster or the Dragonfly Cluster...personally, I see the logo of the Blair Witch Project and call it the Blair With Cluster.

You can download "The List" by Vic Menard. Vic put together this list of what he considers the 400 best deep sky objects. A majority of them are in the range of you telescope. The list is sorted by right ascension.

Be sure so check out some carbon stars if you have never seen one...the color is amazing! And there are plenty on the list.

Vic Menard's List (http://www.angelfire.com/fl/sapringer/images/List.pdf)


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Monoxide Child
2004-Mar-07, 06:47 AM
You guys helped out a LOT! Thanks so much, you are the greatest.