View Full Version : How to solve a problem by changing to an even bigger problem

2010-Mar-01, 09:55 AM
Microsoft's browser choice deal with the European commission is going live. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8537763.stm)

When Windows Update runs, a pop up will prompt users to choose whether they want to select a new browser or stick with IE assuming they have IE as their default.

The way they make it sound in the article, this sounds monstrous. There are 10 kinds of computer user. Those who know how to shop for a browser and those who just use what is there because they don't know any better.

Those who know how to shop for a browser and yet are still using IE are doing so because they prefer IE. It's not a mental affliction. I'm sure they have their reasons. They won't appreciate having their working time invaded by a pop up telling them to think twice about their choice of browser.

Those that don't know any better will just be confused by what they see and potentially a little disturbed by it. They won't want to start installing software they don't know about so will attempt to reselect IE if they can figure it out.

I would like to see the dominance of IE diminished, but this is completely and utterly a messed up way of doing it. Besides, it has been dropping a fair bit lately anyway.