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2004-Mar-07, 06:09 PM
What has been the development so far in Enterprise season three with this Xindi thing? What has happened? What have we learned?

2004-Mar-08, 05:06 PM
Well, since you're requesting spoilers I won't bother with the spoiler space.

Much. :p

btw, I think I missed a couple eps, so others may feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.

Starting off with the end of Season 2... first we see of the Xindi is when they idiotically show their hand by launching a prototype weapon to kill a couple million people on Earth, doing functionally no military damage but alerting Earth to the threat. They could have waited a year, popped up and annihilated earth with no worries at all. Aboard is the corpse of a Reptilian Xindi. Hints of (reverb) the future!

We find out the Xindi are in the giant plot-device... I mean Expanse. This conveniently disables ships or forces them to do silly things when the plot requires it, but is otherwise generally ignored. After a couple head-fakes we learn that the expanse is created by these giant spheres (not the ones the Xindi are making to smack earth), and some hints that B&B's favorite plot device of time travel is involved with the spheres.

The Xindi have been informed by "Her" that Earth will destroy them. The Reptilians, being the scariest looking, are clearly the most militaristic and eeevil. The aquatic Xindi, being CGI and also rather confined to aquariums, don't show up except in their council sessions. The insectoids, being CGI, don't show up if they can avoid it. The primate Xindi, being primates, are clearly just being misled. They're refining unobtanium... I mean, whatever the stuff to power the weapon is, but after Archer emotes the primate guy sees the light and agrees to help the hoomans.

I actually forget what the fifth race/species/impossibility is. They're the standard human with facial makeup aliens, so I didn't really pay much attention. One of them is Oppenheimer... I mean, the scientist who has moral misgivings about the weapon he is creating. Archer establishes a relationship with him by kidnapping him, mocking up a shuttle, erasing his memory, and pretending that it's five years later and earth is destroyed. Thus they get the location (finally) of where the big weapon is being built by tricking him into revealing it.

After a character episode or two they manage to get to that world. (in the character eps we learn Insectoid Xindi lay eggs with a reverse imprinting plot device, carry them around on ships, adults sacrifice themselves for eggs, and that Denobulans like to fantasize about vulcans) But the plot-device machine kicks in and they can't go in using Enterprise cause of some hand-waving sensor grid thing. (btw, why Enterprise is not annihilated immediately on entering the Expanse by an armada of Xindi is never explained) So, they send in Tripp and Mayweather (who apparently does have a speaking role!) to do recon, which they do, finding that the Giant Happy Fun Ball of Death is actually underwater. I assume the aquatics are involved, but IIRC they didn't show up in the ep. Archer gets a trip to Enterprise J and a future-lesson, which doesn't take so he tries to blow up the Ball o' Death.

For some reason not given the Fun Ball has gone missing, Archer is captured and gets to show how macho he is by mouthing off to the Reptillian guy while in some 15th century wrist shackles. He tries to convince the primate and Oppenheimer that they're being used (by "Her" they unsubtlely reveal) and the Reptilians are up to no good (tm). It appears he's making progress but the Reptilians dispatch 4 ships that spank Enterprise something awful, though not quite destroying her. And that's where we take a 6 week break to get the rest of the season.

Let's see, things I missed... a few Reptilians went into the past on Earth to develop a bioweapon that was mentioned elsewhere. They did this because it was a good place to hide. Except that it's a moronic place to hide since Daniels (the time traveling Fed) would clearly know about it. I think the real reason was to shoot an episode on the cheap in LA.

Andorians show up, try to steal 2nd prototype Ball o' moon smacking, it gets blowed up real good but Enterprise gets some info on it.

They find an alien (presumably from (reverb) the future) in some experiment involving the spheres that looks kind like an amoeba with the flu.

Vulcan zombies. Nothing to do with Xindi, just amusing.

I think that's about it.

So, summary: 5 Xindi species, 2 good but misguided, 1 eeeevil, 2 non-participants (so far). They think Earth is eeeevil, but are being mislead by "Her" to think so. Unless Daniels is misleading Archer, which would be a cool twist but not going to happen. Enterprise (after much searching) finally found happy fun ball of death but is now smacked (never let the vulcan drive), Archer is captured, and things look grim (tm).

2004-Mar-08, 05:21 PM
Just a clarification. "Oppenheimer" is a member of the Primate Xindi species. The other species, the ones that were manufacturing unobtanium and helped out Archer, are Sloth Xindi.

Also, it was revealed that there used to be a sixth Xindi species, Avians. They were apparently made extinct by Xindi interspecies warfare some time ago. In fact, it seems that the Human Threat is the only reason the remaining five Xindi species are working together - apparently, they don't generally get along.

2004-Mar-08, 05:32 PM
Oh, that's right... the sloths. Was a bit thrown by the planet of the apes makeup job on them. ;)

Forgot about the avians bit, too. That must have been one crowded planet they evolved on... :D

2004-Mar-08, 11:22 PM
Aodoi, thanks for the update.
I have completely lost interest in Enterprise, can't say I've watched more than 10 minutes total this season, and from what you say, I have not missed a thing. The writing seems to be on par with Reality TV shows (wait, aren't those unscripted? :D ). Put the old girl out of her misery.

2004-Mar-09, 12:18 AM
Oh, I'm just generally a smart- wait, a wise...guy? (board rules ;)) Don't want to give too wrong an impression with my synopsis, I just like to make cracks about anything I review. :)

It's actually been a bit better this season, in my opinion. Had a few reasonably good episodes, a few decent, and a few stinkers. Nothing outstanding, but there have been entertaining moments.

Though admittedly I mostly watch so I can pick the eps apart. :D

2004-Mar-09, 05:57 PM
Also, the alien from the future doing some scientific experiment in the expanse, belongs to the species that are responsible for the war. The Federation and the Xindi defeat said species (ohh yeah, they're transdimensional or something like that) in the 26th century I believe. Said species saw that future and really didn't like them being defeated, so they concocted this war (which I stated earlier) so they can conquer the expanse in the 26th century. Said species is responsible for all the spheres in the expanse, which in turn are responsible for all the anomalies that happen.

2004-Mar-09, 09:41 PM
I've got to wait six weeks for the next episode? Why's that then? That's just too cruel.

2004-Mar-24, 11:13 AM
May I suggest http://epguides.com/enterprise. All the spoilers you need.

And yes, it's true. You do get to see T'Pol completely nude.

2004-Mar-24, 11:40 AM
And yes, it's true. You do get to see T'Pol completely nude.

True. Now if she'd just turn around.
:o :P

2004-Mar-24, 11:49 AM
And yes, it's true. You do get to see T'Pol completely nude.

True. Now if she'd just turn around.
:o :P

Indeed. Now that is a spoiler! :lol: