View Full Version : Where's my Astronomycast swag?

2010-Mar-03, 02:13 PM
Yesterday, I signed registered to go listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson speak at the Lisner Auditorium in D.C. Then, I went to the Astronomy Cast website, and to Cafe Press, looking for an Astronomy Cast shirt to wear to the presentation. There were none to be found! (there was a "Coming soon!" note, but who knows how long that's been there)

It seems to me like this would be a good way to raise funds for Astronomy Cast, as well as get the word out about it. Think about all the listeners going to their next astronomy club meeting, or observing session, or kid's astronomy presentation, or Tyson talk, wearing an Astronomy Cast shirt. It's bound to get some questions from folks that aren't in the know, and far less intrusive than going up to every astronomy person you know and saying, "Hey, do you know about Astronomycast??!"

Here's your next question, and an answer:

Q: Ok, we've decided to have some Astronomy Cast shirts/polos/hats/red flashlights made up. What do we put on them?

A: Let the listeners decide. Have a "contest" where people can submit ideas/artwork for shirt designs, and a voting period where other listeners can pick the best ideas.

(waiting anxiously)