View Full Version : Would any water that was on mars have been at all acidic?

2004-Mar-09, 01:00 AM
That seems to be the implication of this article (http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/mars_stinks_040308.html) from space.com

On Earth, rocks with as much salt as this Mars rock either have formed in water or, after formation, have been highly altered by long exposures to water. Jarosite may point to the rock's wet history having been in an acidic lake or an acidic hot springs environment.

Or is it just at particular places?
For example, at the Meridiani Planum site in which the wheeled Opportunity now roves, the robotic field geologist found a very high concentration of sulfur. The chemical form of this sulfur appears to be in magnesium, iron or other sulfate salts.

Either way, they're saying that more investigations need to be done before we start trying to settle there.

I admit though, that this is cool:

Humans on Mars don?t have to look back too far in the space exploration journals to take note of what Apollo moonwalkers encountered.

After bouncing about on the Moon and crawling back into their lunar module, several Apollo astronauts noticed they had tracked back into their home-away-from-home rock and dust particles. In doffing their helmets, the smell was likened to wet ashes in a fireplace, even spent gunpowder from a just fired shotgun. :o

I never knew that...

2004-Mar-09, 03:16 AM
That is rather cool. Not many people can say they've actually sniffed the moon. :wink: