View Full Version : Opinions about Opticstar DS-335C CCD Camera

2010-Mar-18, 11:55 PM
I'm looking at upgrading my CCD camera from a Meade DSI II to a Opticstar DS-335C CCD Camera .
This camera fits nicely within my budget, but I've never seen many reviews regarding this camera.

Anybody have this camera and would like to share his/her experience with it ?

2010-Mar-19, 03:27 AM
I've seen nothing on it. Specs leave out some things I'd consider important like system noise. Why? Is it high? What's the QE? What's the dark current? No cooling would make that important. Sony's usually pretty good but I'd want to know before paying.

The tiny pixels are best suited to very fast short focal length systems. It would severely oversample most scopes. 7 to 9 microns is more the normal range. With those small pixels, exposure times will be long. It allows only 24 minute images. I'd need at least 30 with that size pixel on an f/5 scope to get even close to sky limited noise levels. Though being uncooled that is likely a moot issue. Longer exposures due to smaller pixels makes dark current more of an issue than with the DSII I'd think. Maybe its read noise is low enough this isn't an issue but that isn't stated.

Given the right scope it would work. Have you checked the field of view on your scope? It would be only very slightly larger than your DSII but would require considerably more exposure time.

Both being uncooled I don't see it as much of an improvement over what you have unless the DSII is significantly undersampling your scope. Even then to me the next step up would be going to a cooled camera not one with smaller pixels.