View Full Version : Twins of the Milky Way

2010-Mar-24, 06:11 PM
Based on what we know now - the Milky Way being a barred spiral classified SB(rs)bc II - which are the best Milky Way twins?
What I'd see as one of the best candidates of what our galaxy would look like from the outside is NGC 3953 (http://www.noao.edu/outreach/aop/observers/n3953.html).
Anyone have an even closer resemblance (or better resolved image)?

2010-Mar-24, 07:15 PM
NED now lets you sort on morphological type from the RSA or RC3 lists, and gives 130 galaxies typed as SAB(rs)bc. The ones with the smallest redshifts are Maffei 2 (beats me how such a precise type was assigned), NGC 2903, 3521, 4051, 4088, 4237, and 5005. I expected NGC 7331, but it's listed as SA(a)b. Some of these don't fit my mental image of the Milky Way very well - 2903 has too many nuclear star-forming hot spots, and 4088 is awfully patchy.

2010-Mar-25, 03:47 AM
Thos images make you proud to be a Milky-Wegian :)