View Full Version : Fate of Apollo 13 Crew Might Have Been Much Different Than Originally Thought

2010-Mar-26, 03:50 PM
When the crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft returned to Earth following their aborted moon mission in 1970, no one really knew if the command module would come in at the proper angle to avoid burning up in the atmosphere or even skip off the atmosphere and be bounced out into space. If the CM did skip [...]

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2010-Mar-26, 04:45 PM
Watch this video, narrated by Chaikin, to find out.

Unfortunately I can't watch videos on this computer, nor my own (on the lam). :rolleyes:

2010-Mar-27, 01:38 AM
I think Nancy Atkinson misunderstood the video. The scenario in the video was not the aftermath of a skip off of the atmosphere (in my opinion, skim would be a better choice of a word) in too shallow a reentry. It appeared to me that it was a hypothetical case of failure to do the burn behind the Moon and get back to the return trajectory.

I find it hard to believe that there was any serious uncertainty about the final approach to reentry on this or any of the Apollo missions. The telemetry surely had the trajectory calculated with great accuracy after the final midcourse correction.