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2004-Mar-12, 11:41 PM
If you say that 'The Lost City part 2' was another example of the decline of SG1 seen in season seven, then as far as I'm concerned you can crawl into a hole and die!

Character interaction
There was some cool SG1 stuff earlier on. I don't know why nobody thought of the crossword stuff earlier. The Carter/O'Neill thing got heavy at times to the point of rendering the events of 'Chimera' irrelevent. I felt that at the end, it was getting a bit more hurried and as such the Carter/O'Neill bit when O'Neill goes into the stasis chamber seemed a bit forced. I thought at one point Teal'c was going to confess his burning desire for O'Neill. I guess what Peter DeLuise says is true: RDA's just so damn handsome, he can turn anyone's head.

Guest stars
The Kinsey thing has gotten a bit of hand by now. When he was introduced in 'Politics', he was thick headed and arrogant, but he nevertheless had the decent motivation of feeling that the SGC was putting the planet in unnecessary danger, much like certain NID elements earlier on. They have honourable intentions but pursue them in a dishonourable way. But the arc of 'Inauguration' and 'The Lost City' has turned Kinsey into a more one dimensional weasly character, especially with the whole cowardess thing.

The President was good. I liked his comment, "Too much?" after his confrontation with Anubis in the Oval office. Weir was also good and I liked the whole "There may be hope for you" thing with her cracking a joke to O'Neill even if it was a bad one. One powerful bonus, Anubis has been on the pruned danishes.

The serpent guard was obviously going to be treacherous from the start. No surprise there. Knowing it kind of upped the tension though. The fight was good.

Upon seeing the Io planet, I became officially impressed. That was a cool planet. The chair palaces were really cool, but I thought the one on the Io planet was better than the one at Antarctica. It had the cool map of the galaxy thing. The Ancient weapon was cool. It was obviously inspired by the Omega-13.

A lot of money obviously went into it. Will someone please give James Tichenor the mecha-emmy now? The Queen should knight him if he's Canadian.

There were some hokey things. The arrival of the F-302s was cool, but it was a bit of a stupid formation. But of course the whole guided missiles thing was good and they were fired from a great distance at first, although the battle ended up in closer quarters at the end. The shot actually looked a bit like the charge of the Theoden's force against the wolves of Isengard.

The Prometheus was in the heart of the action, but then it was shielding the cargo ship. It was fired upon at a great distance by Anubis's ship which was cool. Those Asgard shields are good. I did have some issue with SGC personnel operating the carrier. They are trained to deal with a stargate not an aircraft carrier.

The idea of having gate symbols be syllables so that an address can form a word was so incredibly clever, it was sheer brilliance. The reference to Atlantis was subtle but it wasn't really given a lot of space. O'Neill's descent into madness was cool. Unlike in 'The Fifth Race', there wasn't so much fear, because they knew what to expect and they had greater concerns.

The tension was huge in the first half, but not so great in the second half as the pacing picked up and things began rushing a bit more. Damn SFC and their requirement for adverts. The show needs more than 42 minutes. Part of the problem was Anubis pussyfooting around with his death and doom. A lot of the tension was due to anticipating that death would come when Anubis arrived, but when he did arrive, I was kind of expecting nukings galore and when that didn't happen I felt more relaxed, which obviously wasn't a good thing. I think they should have had him take out Colorado Springs or Washington DC at least.

I also think the battle became too much of a substitute for plot derived tension in the last parts of the episode.

We still don't know where the Lost City is, only that we know where two outposts are. O'Neill is nearly dead but in suspended animation. Looks like there are a few things to resolve.

Bring on season eight and Stargate: Atlantis!

captain swoop
2004-Mar-15, 11:03 AM
Sorry, it sucked. Stopped watching at the ad break and went to play Call Of Duty instead.

As far as I can see SG-1 finished at the end of season 6 and this lot has been a typical SCI-FI channel cash in. They should have ended it when the story ran out.

2004-Mar-15, 01:10 PM
Off you go then.

captain swoop
2004-Mar-15, 03:45 PM
Off you go then.

Sorry, not dead.

Best thing on TV at the moment is 'Harry Hills TV Burp'

2004-Mar-15, 04:09 PM
Best thing on TV at the moment is 'Harry Hills TV Burp'

Well, there you go then.