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2010-Apr-02, 06:40 PM
Neil deGrasse Tyson — in his ever-ebullient fashion — answers a question about the new NASA budget. and what it means for the future. How much would you pay for the Universe?© nancy for Universe Today, 2010. |Permalink |No comment |Add todel.icio.usPost tags: NASA, Neil deGrasse TysonFeed enhanced by Better Feed from Ozh

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2010-Apr-02, 10:51 PM
This video is just awesome, i hope this spreads through the internet and gains popularity. it is such an important topic. Nei deGrasse Tyson is the man, his books are amazing, his hosting of the tv show Nova is amazing, and any video of him speaking is just perfect.

2010-Apr-02, 11:40 PM
I don't have a problem with a space program, I just think that we as a nation need to pay for it if we are going to have it. Also, it seems that NASA is not the lean, forward thinking organization that got us to the Moon.

has become another government bureaucracy that should be ended. It's seems that it attracts administrators such as France A. Córdova who is no more fit for her present position as president of Purdue University than she was as NASA Chief Scientist. It's time to dismantle NASA and build a strong, lean agency that can lead us into the future of space exploration.

Ronald Brak
2010-Apr-03, 02:27 AM
It has recently been brought to my attention that NASA lies. (See thread on Astronaut Ron Gagan's essay.) I previously thought that parts of NASA just might have been incompetent. An organization that lies cannot be trusted with human lives. As a result NASA should be dismantled or at least changed from its current form and the liers sacked. I understand parts are not corrupt and make great contributions to science, these can be salvaged.

2010-Apr-04, 10:43 PM
Well said, Dr. Tyson!