View Full Version : Akari far-IR catalog now released

2010-Apr-09, 04:02 AM
Fellow data aficionados will share my pleasure that the Akari team has now released their far-IR catalog (http://darts.isas.jaxa.jp/astro/akari/cas.html), both more sensitive than the 1983 IRAS survey and extending to longer-wavelength bands at 140 and 160 microns. I already learned that there's no more reprocessed AGN radiation than the IRAS limits in the illuminating galaxy of Hanny's Voorwerp, for example.

2010-Apr-10, 07:07 PM

Do you know if anyone is going to cross match it to SDSS?

2010-Apr-11, 07:47 AM
Lots of fun&games possible with SDSS/AKARI mash-ups! One fun thing to cut one's teeth on: "about 25,000 good IRAS sources that are without AKARI counterparts (http://arxiv.org/abs/1003.1130)"